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Dwight Schweitzer (Florida)
We in America all too often have had the illusion that we are the best at...
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William Preece (Auckland)
For 20 years, my wife and I have suffered with severe tooth problem due to the...
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Eliana Preece (Auckland)
Dr. Suhela worked on my teeth as part of a large week long program with...
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Georgina Hodgson (France)
I came from France four days ago, tired depressed the few remaining teeth...
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Michael Bates (Ohio,USA)
I arrived at Dr.Motiwala’s office with significant dental trauma to several...
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Princess Esra Jah
Princess Esra Birgin is a princess belonging to the Asaf Jah Dynasty Hyderabad
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Idris H. Latif
For several years now, my wife and I have been to Dr. Irfan Motiwala for dental...
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Dr. Mushtaq Palejwala
It gives me great pleasure to express my appreciation for the excellent work...
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Mrs. Anju Poddar
When I sit on the dental chair with Dr. Irfan looking after me he instills a lot...
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Atchyuta (Achut)
I was pleasantly surprised to see a clean and well appointed clinic...
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International Patients
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  Soft tissue grafts - Gingival graft and Connective tissue graft
Soft tissue grafts have been used to cover gingival recession defects but of late they have very fruitful application in dental implants. They are being used for building up bone defects in anterior region for esthetic reasons.
  The Free Gingival Graft
The Free Gingival Graft is a procedure where a thin piece of gum tissue is removed from the roof of the patient's mouth and transplanted to another site in order to create thick tough tissue or "attached gingiva".
The Sub-Epithelial Connective Tissue Graft ("Sub-Epi Graft")
Soft Tissue Graft
A connective tissue graft is harvested from palatal area and placed below the gum. The healing is much superior to free grafts.
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