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Princess Esra Jah
Princess Esra Birgin is a princess belonging to the Asaf Jah Dynasty Hyderabad
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Retd.Air Chief I. H.Latif
For several years now, my wife and I have been to Dr. Irfan Motiwala...
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Joanna DiMarco (Lindenhurst, New York)
I have always taken pride in my smile and have always...
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Dennis Daniels (Sarasota, Florida)
After a year of researching implants and seeing the...
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Robyn Vuleta (New Zealand)
I had decided after many years of horrible teeth to have them pulled out...
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Sonia Mooi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Hi, I’m SONIA from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia....
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Emmanuel Federico (Social Anthropologist - Thailand)
I have no teeth of my own anymore, in my upper jaw....
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Joe Bettencourt - Gatineau Québec (Canada)
Hello, my name is Joe Bettencourt from Gatineau...
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Lee Yee (Centreville, VA)
For years, I have been searching for a viable solution for my whole mouth....
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Mahesh Patel (Twickeham, London U K.)
I looked on Motiwala Dental Clinic online and looking....
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Our Team
1 DR. A.R. MOTIWALA B.D.S (BOM) Dental Surgeon
2 DR. IRFAN A. MOTIWALA M.D.S, Diplomate ICOI (USA) Implantologist  Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon
3 DR. M SURESH M.D.S Orthodontist
4 DR. SUHAS M.D.S Orthodontist
5 DR. G.V. REDDY M.D.S Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgeon
6 DR. SIVA SRINIVAS M.D.S Endodontist
7 DR. RAMAKRISHNA M.D.S Endodontist
8 DR. VIJAY PRASAD K. M.D.S Periodontist
10 DR. NAZIA AMEER M.D.S Periodontist
11 DR. VIKRAM RAJ M.D.S Prosthodontist
12 DR. RAJESH M.D.S Pedodontist
13 DR. GEETHA B.D.S Dental Surgeon
14 DR. ASRA B.D.S Dental Surgeon
15 Ms. SHABANA D.H. Dental Hygienist
16 Ms. RABIA D.H. Dental Hygienist
17 Ms. AMREEN D.H. Dental Hygienist
18 Ms. SABIHA D.H. Dental Hygienist
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