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Princess Esra Jah
Princess Esra Birgin is a princess belonging to the Asaf Jah Dynasty Hyderabad
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Retd.Air Chief I. H.Latif
For several years now, my wife and I have been to Dr. Irfan Motiwala...
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Joanna DiMarco (Lindenhurst, New York)
I have always taken pride in my smile and have always...
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Dennis Daniels (Sarasota, Florida)
After a year of researching implants and seeing the...
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Robyn Vuleta (New Zealand)
I had decided after many years of horrible teeth to have them pulled out...
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Sonia Mooi (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Hi, I’m SONIA from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia....
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Emmanuel Federico (Social Anthropologist - Thailand)
I have no teeth of my own anymore, in my upper jaw....
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Joe Bettencourt - Gatineau Québec (Canada)
Hello, my name is Joe Bettencourt from Gatineau...
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Lee Yee (Centreville, VA)
For years, I have been searching for a viable solution for my whole mouth....
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Mahesh Patel (Twickeham, London U K.)
I looked on Motiwala Dental Clinic online and looking....
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Teeth bleaching
There are a couple of excellent ways to whiten your teeth.
You can use the dentist-supervised tooth whitening technique, with the custom-made tray, where we provide you with the materials and you perform the treatment yourself at home.
If you want faster results, you can use the power whitening technique in the office. We will do most of the work for you, and you will leave the office with teeth that are several shades lighter.
We use the ZooM2 tooth whitening system from Discus Dental. In one appointment, your teeth can be dramatically whiter.
» Laser assisted bleaching is state of the art, with best results. It is a 45 min procedure, fast and very effective.
How ZooM2 tooth whitening is done?
It's a simple process. Here are some pictures to show you how it works:
Teeth Bleaching Procedures
Step 1:

We place a retractor to hold your lips away from your teeth, and we'll place a napkin to cover your lips. We place a coating over your gums to protect them, and then the Zoom whitening gel is placed on your teeth.
Teeth Bleaching Procedures
Step 2:

You sit under the Zoom light for a 15 minutes. Then you're done and ready to enjoy your beautiful white smile!
We will then give you a set of custom made clear trays to continue the whitening process at home. Otherwise, the brightness will fade away. Wear the trays with the bleaching gel for a certain period of time each day, and your teeth will be permanently lighter.

While bleaching is a permanent treatment, your teeth do tend to continue to pick up stains from food and drink throughout your life. Save your trays and your left-over gel, and about once a year use them to touch up your teeth to maintain that beautiful white appearance.
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