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Routine dentistry is important in making sure that one is as far away as possible from serious dental problems, which can lead to tooth loss (or other complications) if left untreated.

While being a specialty clinic for dental implants and cosmetic procedures, we have a team of specialist to cater to routine dentistry. As such we are able to handle full mouth rehabilitation cases within a week.

Single sitting root canal: At our center, our endodontist complete root canal treatment in a single sitting. It is possible because of experience and cutting-edge technology like digital x rays, endomax handpiece, and RootZX apeximeter.

Dental scaling and air polishing are dental hygiene treatments used to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar. A dental hygienist will usually be the one to oversee the dental scaling and polishing treatments, which will result in whiter teeth, gum disease prevention, and fresher breath.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions – The extraction of wisdom teeth (or third molars) is needed in cases when there is not enough room for the teeth (or tooth) to fully erupt from under the gum line. When there is not enough room for the wisdom tooth to grow out of the gum line in a straight manner, it erupts in an abnormal manner – and becomes impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth may lead to pain and swelling, and can even become infected – which is the reason for the need for extraction.

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