Cost of Dentures, Dental Implants, and Basal Implants

dental implant cost

Fixed Dentures Cost

Designing fixed dentures needs a lot of time. It is not feasible to simply mass manufacture them or pick a denture from the shelf as you choose. Therefore, fixed dentures cost is quite expensive and can break your bank.

The expenses for fixed dentures vary, depending upon the patient. Usually, the price of a denture is decided by their category like whether or not they are complete, partial, removable, or fixed. Additionally, it is also related to the types of materials that are used in that specific type of denture. Sometimes, before the denture treatment is started, some patients are required to undergo a treatment that can solve their existing dental issues. As a consequence, their bills multiply. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the higher the number of teeth, the more cost you are going to bear. In order to get high-quality fixed dentures, be prepared to spend as much as $8,000 in the USA.

Dental Implants Cost

In the US, one dental implant can cost as much as $3,000. If we add the crown and abutment too, then you have to pay around $2,000 more. This means, in total, you are going to need more than $5,000! And so far, we have only talked about the average dental implants cost. If you wish to go for bigger and better clinics, you can expect a much higher figure. These figures do not only include the surgery alone but also factor in the expenses for the beginning consultation with the dental surgeon. However, so far, we have only talked about a single tooth. What if you need dental implants for some teeth or all the teeth? In that case you are going to have to add your costs for each of your dental implants. So, is there any flexibility to choose a dental implant? Considering your requirements, you can pick any of them.

Basal Implants Cost

When your treatment for basal implants is done, don’t think that the job is over. You have to consult your dental surgeon and ask him for hygienic advice so your teeth can heal in a short time period. When your healing period is over, you need regular and extensive dental care. It is up to the patient to make sure that the procedure does not get failed. In the USA, basal implants cost can reach as high as $15,000.

How to Get Affordable Dental Services?

While the above-mentioned costs define the high costs in the US, don’t expect Canada, UK, or Australia to be any cheaper. Quality dental services are expensive everywhere, albeit with an exception: India. If you can make a short trip to India, then you can meet one of the best dental surgeons in the world. You should certainly visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, a major name in the Indian dental industry. The team in this clinic not only offers extremely all the latest dental solutions and technique but is also quite affordable.


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