Dental Implant Success Stories

At Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, we take pride in standing with our patients who display utmost satisfaction and happiness on their decision of full mouth restoration in India with us. These videos of full mouth dental implants testimonials shared by our clients from UK, USA, Australia and others parts of the world not only express their joy of having the happy smiles back, but also encourage us to deliver the best treatment and client service to everyone looking for long-term and lasting relief from dental issues.

Our patients come with varying types of dental conditions ranging from failed dental treatment, loose dentures, broken and fragmented teeth, missing teeth, dental injuries, poor smile, problem while eating, and many other unique conditions. We have successfully dealt with such specific issues and have offered personalized treatment to each one of our patients in the least possible time. We understand how challenging it could be for our patients if they end up having post-surgery complications back in their country. A revisit to international location can be daunting. That is why, we make sure to complete the entire procedure in just one visit saving a lot of cost on travel for our valuable patients.

These patient reviews not only cover patients expressing their experience of Permanent Teeth in 3 Days, All on 4, full mouth dental restoration, smile design, and other treatment procedures, but also their experience of visiting a new place, the friendly conduct of the clinic staffs, the travel and accommodation experience and other end-to-end details about their dental tourism in India.

In most of these treatment procedures, we have used the technique of single piece basal implant with Zirconia bridges that went well giving a natural look to the patients. The Nexxzr zirconia is one of the most popular brands that spells quality and reliability to be used in the most sophisticated procedures like dental implants where functionality and aesthetic, both matters a lot. Also, as illustrated in the testimonials, the use of single piece basal implant or the pterygoid implant has been specifically preferred by our patients due to its intact anchoring and strength to bear the bridges without any risk of getting loose or break. Pterygoid implant, in particular, have polished surface that eliminates the chances of infection or peri-implantitis.

Since, we are using the single-piece basal implants, we are able to offer the entire full mouth implant surgery to our patients in one go, unlike other procedures where the patient needs to revisit the dental clinic after 4 or 6 months to get the bridges placed. The surgeries are done flawlessly while achieving the desired results in due time. All the details of the procedure, cost, and time frame are communicated to the patients beforehand so that they get enough time to think and take their decision.

The success stories of our patients are a valuable resource to us and an encouragement to others who wish to gain back their confidence with a healthy dental makeover.

Real Patient Success Stories