Retd. Air Chief I. H. Latif

For several years now, my wife and I have been to Dr. Irfan Motiwala for dental treatment and have always been most impressed by his great professional expertise. On some occasions the problems have been complex, difficult and clearly serious; but, his expert analysis and exceptionally skillful treatment has always proved successful.

Apart from Dr. Irfan Motiwala’s most impressive professional skill, what has always also appealed to us has been his exemplary patience and his warm and courteous personality. Always very comforting also is to see clearly the state of the art equipment with which the clinic is equipped and the immaculate upkeep of the premises.

Dr. Irfan Motiwala is truly a worthy son of Dr. Abdullah Motiwala, a renowned and widely respected dental surgeon of Hyderabad whom our family and I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing for more than twenty years.

Princess Esra Jah

Princess EsraPrincess Esra Birgin is a princess belonging to the Asaf Jah Dynasty Hyderabad state. She is married to Prince Mukarram Jah.

A testimonial written by her is very honorable for us.

“I would like to thank Dr. Motiwala for his expert dentistry and for looking after us so well.”

Sophie Dufort

COO – Davenport, USA

The best health choice I ever made!

Sophie DufortMy entire childhood was marred by the trauma of going to the dentist. Back then, anesthetic was only used for major procedures, such as root canal treatment and extractions. I remember shaking with fear at the simple mention of a dental procedure. That feeling stayed with me throughout my adult life, as I suffered from horrific pain every time I went to the dentist. This time, not because they weren’t using anesthetic, but because my phobia increased tenfold with every visit to the dentist, translating into physical pain.

I booked my procedure with Dr. Motiwala well in advance. As a matter of fact, almost a year before. That gave me months to think about it, and to vividly imagine the worse scenario possible. So when I stepped foot into Dr. Motiwala’s office, I was petrified. Then a miracle happened. I don’t know how, but Dr. Motiwala managed to convince me that I was going to be alright. His reassuring words, confidence, calm demeanor, acted like the best anti-anxiety pill, so I calmed down, chasing away from my mind all fears. I spent several hours on the dental chair, without any moment of panic.

Dr. Motiwala is very different from other dentists. Not only he has developed the procedure to perfection, but he is clearly passionate about what he does, and that is reflected in everything he does. It is so incredibly hard to find a dentist you can trust. I am glad I found Dr. Motiwala. Also extending a huge thank you to all staff member for their friendliness, professionalism. They all understood that it was not easy for me to take such as huge leap of faith, in a country I didn’t know. I travelled all the way from the United States to India, and I will always be proud of making that decision.

The procedure I underwent was a full mouth restoration using the “Permanent teeth in 3 days” technique, using Pterygoid implants (which avoids sinus lift and bone grafts).

The instant boost of confidence was phenomenal. As a freshly promoted COO working for a nationwide American medical consulting company, I needed the ability to talk to people without covering my mouth in embarrassment, I needed to restore balance in my health, which has been severely affected by my inability to eat properly for years. This has been done in just three days. For that, I will be forever grateful to Dr. Motiwala and his team. You guys rock!



The Best Choice & The Best Results!

I first came to India at the beginning of 2019, to have dental treatment at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic – a full mouth implant. Today, I am back again, for all the good reasons. Not only to revisit Dr. Motiwala and his team but also to bring my best friend (former husband) for his own treatment. Once again, Dr. Motiwala did an outstanding job. The quality of his work is exceptional. My friend can finally smile again, and what a gorgeous smile that is! I would recommend Dr. Motiwala over any other dentist, without any hesitation. The quality he offers is second to none, as he only uses zirconia for his implants, a mineral that is 20 times stronger than porcelain, looks natural, and is beautiful. People I know have spent 20K in the United States to have full mouth dentures and now regret it, when they could have traveled to India to Dr. Motiwala and have the highest quality implants for life. Do not miss this chance, because you are going to live with your choice for the rest of your life. Dr. Motiwala’s clinic is a state-of-the-art facility, with professional and knowledgeable staff, immaculate, going above and beyond to make patients feel happy about their decision. This is a heartfelt recommendation because I know that my decision to have my treatment done at this best dental implant clinic has changed my life for the best.

Dennis Daniels

Sarasota, Florida

Dennis DanielsAfter a year of researching implants and seeing the cost and procedures from the USA, Mexico and Costa Rica, I found Dr. Motiwala’s website in India. They had a very informative web page and offered a much better procedure without sinus lifts and a much shorter time frame than anywhere else. Also Dr. Motiwala was giving Zirconium bridges that seemed to be the future of bridge work. No one else offered zirconium. His procedure was only 10 days VS. months and repeated trips by others. When the procedure was determined to be the best then I looked at his price which was a fraction of the cost elsewhere. They have a great relationship with a 5 star Radisson hotel package that gives meals, transportation and laundry that can’t be beat. The stay there was wonderful as were the staff. No need of mine was overlooked and always was with a smile. I had my Pre-tests done at Olive hospital where the driver walked me in and out in only 20 minutes like I was royalty.

The staff at his clinic are caring and wonderful. My teeth are Hollywood now and I would tell anyone, come to India you won’t regret it. You will leave with new friends and a perfect smile.



It’s been 4.5 years since I received my full mouth dental implant procedure here at Dr. Motiwala dental clinic. Its been an amazing experience that I will always be thankful for Dr. Motiwala is the best and only choice when considering any dental procedures. I have had no problem and only compliments regarding my perfect New Smile! I can eat anything and feel confident no problems will occur. This clinic is simply the best of the best with no one coming even close to the expertise and artistic job. Well done. The whole staff her from Ms. Tasneem from everyone have a dedication to providing a world class job and experience that can’t be beat anywhere by anyone. I am so glad I made this clinic and India my choice for my procedures.

William and Eliana Preece

New Zealand


Dr. Motiwala is my local dentist and I live in New Zealand. I would travel to another planet to have him work on my teeth. My wife and I had immediate-loaded implants and Zirconia crowns back in 2012 and can only express how happy and fortunate we are to have had them done by Dr. Motiwala.

He is not only a technical master but an artist in his craft. I recommend him to anyone with teeth and more especially anyone without teeth. His clinic is run meticulously by professional staff and is so friendly that going to the dentist is a pleasure. Highly recommended.

Boyce Harisson

New Zealand


I came back here after an initial visit in 2013 to get additional work done. My dentist in New Zealand was supportive of my decision to come here. My treatment here was of the highest standard as it was on my previous visit. I have had a full mouth restoration which included single-piece implants, a root canal followed by 29 NexxZr zirconia crowns (metal free). I would recommend Dr. Motiwala unreservedly.

John Foster

Bristol, UK


Hi, Dr. Motiwala and team,

This month marks 10 years since I visited your surgery in 2013!! Wow.

All good with no problems. Thank you for 10 years of mandibular bliss.

Marian Grochowski (Mark Wit)



Ex-engineer, now pensioner aged 83. I want to say: never too late to get a new TORN MILL WHEEL for good health.

After my own extensive research in Australia and Poland and disappointments from visits to dentists accidentally I met a happy customer of Dr. Motiwala. Emails, phones, and at the end of May 2023 I landed in Hyderabad India. It took only five days to get 5 implants, one pterygoid implant, 28 zirconia crowns, removal of 2 wisdom teeth, and NO bone grafting. Excellent workmanship and very professional staff! Thank you, Dr. Motiwala. You and your team are incredible. Words cannot convey how you are able to change people’s lives. Short and concise: I had full mouth restoration (zirconia crowns) with few dental implants in 5 days in a single visit to India. God bless the best place with immediate and permanent solutions for dental. PS Many warm words to the International Coordinator Mrs. Farah for her patience, understanding, and guiding me to and in India

Ian Domville (B.Ch.D)

Dentist, UK

Ian DomvilleAs a qualified dentist from the UK with a great deal of knowledge in the dental tourism industry I felt confident that my overall experience put me in an strong position when researching the dental implant market for myself.

After a prolonged period carrying out my due diligence I arranged my visit to Dr Motiwala’s clinic. I chose Dr Motiwala for a number of reasons:

  • He was approachable. He made himself available on the phone to answer my questions.
  • He had a great deal of experience and a huge number of completed cases behind him dating back over 14 years.
  • The procedures that Dr. Motiwala offers avoid the necessity for time-consuming bone grafts and sinus lifts.
  • Completed treatment was offered in one visit rather than a number of visits over a prolonged period of months.
  • Because of the above, I could avoid wearing dentures as a temporary measure.
  • There was an impressive list of verifications on his website.
  • The overall cost even when factoring in travel and hotel was more than competitive.

The attention I received from Dr. Motiwala and his team was superb and his skill was only matched by the artistry of his dental technician. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the result.

The entire experience, from contacting the clinic and communicating with Tasneem, the International patient coordinator, to my arrival and treatment was flawless.

I chose to stay in the 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel. The surgery has a great relationship with the hotel and a special rate negotiated on behalf of patients. The staff was very understanding and they are used to dealing with “dentally compromised guest-patients”. It was also good to meet other people from around the world staying in the hotel who were at various stages of their treatment.

Once again, many thanks to Dr. Motiwala and his team for their excellent and skilled treatment.

Anne Marie White

Norwich, UK

Anne WhiteHaving suffered severe bone loss, I was informed that unless I underwent a sinus lift or bone graft I would not be able to have dental implants. After investigating sinus lifts and bone grafts I was sure I did not wish to go down either of those paths.

I spent a bit of time on Google searching for alternatives to bone grafts and sinus lifts as I was absolutely convinced that in this day and age with all the technology we have at our disposal there must be an alternative and that’s when I found Dr. Motiwala’s website. As I was reading through the testimonials, I became convinced if anyone could help me it would be this Doctor.

I sent off my OPG via his website and within a day or two, I received a reply confirming that he could indeed sort my oral problems out without me having to go through a sinus lift or bone graft using Pterygoid implants. I was offered an appointment in September which I was delighted to attend and complete the treatment of full mouth dental implants that I had. Yes, with such a big job, there was a certain level of discomfort but at the end of it all I am so happy with the outcome that whatever discomfort I experienced as far as I am concerned has been well worth it and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Motiwala, to anyone who is advised by their dentist their case is hopeless without sinus lifts or bone grafts.

Eric Rush

Rugby Player – Auckland, New Zealand

Eric RushDoc,

Thank you so much for your professionalism and A1 service. Your father taught you very well when he said do not compromise on quality. You are an artist and I say Sukhria(Thank you) many times over.

To your staff Tasneem, Rabia and the boys I could not have asked for more.

Doc, It was a great pleasure to meet your children as well.

Thanks for the memories.

Arohanui & Kia Kaha

Jodie Kolby

Tennessee, USA


Jodie KolbyThis is my second visit after 2 years. I had full mouth extractions and a bone graft performed in the USA and the doctor had failed to remove a large root tip. This resulted in an infection. So I had full mouth dental implants at Dr. Motiwala’s office and all my implants were very well fused to the bone. Once I returned home, I followed the instructions given by Dr. Motiwala which included the use of a waterpik and brushing at least 2 times a day or after every meal, wearing of splints every night and no chewing (soft food only) for 4 months. After 4 months I was able to chew normally except for nuts which required 9 months before attempting. I am here today after 2 years to change my bridges to the new Nexx Zr, zirconia bridges as they are very strong and will not chip or crack. I recommend that anyone needing to improve their smile, contact his office immediately to schedule an appointment. The overall quality of work performed by Dr. Motiwala is outstanding! You will be amazed at how affordable the services really are. In the USA, the cost of similar work is so much more expensive. The staff here are incredibly friendly and accommodating. I want to send a big Thank You to both Tasneem and Fareeda who went above and beyond to help me with my travel arrangements. The office can also help you with scheduling any sightseeing plans while here in Hyderabad. I am so happy with the results I received. I just can’t stop smiling. If you have ever thought of transforming your smile, please contact the office of Dr. Motiwala and schedule your appointment as soon as possible. You will be so glad you did.

Robyn Vuleta

New Zealand

Robyn VuletaI had decided after many years of horrible teeth to have them pulled out. When looking on the internet for a suitable alternative, I came across Dr. Irfan Motiwala’s website. I had looked from around the world, Dr. Motiwala was the most comprehensive and informative so my decision was made very easy and I decided on implants.

We contacted the surgery and Tasneem got things rolling. I arrived on a Sunday, had the examination on Monday and my teeth out and implant in on the Tuesday. My new teeth were fitted on yesterday. Everything went very well and Dr. Irfan was amazing.

My new teeth are wonderful and I am now able to smile with new confidence. The clinic was well up to expectations; it is very modern and comfortable. The staffs were wonderful with their support for me. Thank you Dr. Irfan Motiwala for your fine work all done with professionalism and cheerful. And the fine conversations we had.



It has now been 6 years since my new teeth were fitted. I am extremely pleased with the results, they still look so good. Dr Motiwala and his team did a great job and I would still recommend them highly.

Daryl Craven

Victoria, Australia

daryl cravenWhen I first considered the idea of dental implants I began an exhaustive search on what options were available and where they were located. I took my time in an effort to find the best possible, cost effective solution where I felt happy and confident. My research kept leading me to Dr Motiwala in Hyderabad, India and I am so glad it did.

It is huge leap of faith to consider any form of dental implant treatment and this is especially so when considering going to a place many thousands of kilometres from home. My initial correspondence and phone contact with Tasneem (International Co-ordinator) immediately allayed any fears and put my mind at ease. Tasneem is a professional who is extremely well organised and has excellent communication skills. She constantly kept me in the communication loop and was quick to notify of my appointment schedule and variations if any.

Tasneem even co-ordinated my hotel accommodation and liaised with hotel staff to ensure all my needs were met and that I was comfortable. She is an absolute gem and helped make my stay and treatment a most enjoyable one.

I can only describe Dr Motiwala as a hard working and dedicated man whose attention to detail and perfection is unmatched when compared to my previous experiences with dental professionals. The whole experience was a quality controlled process which I could easily tell had been borne from the many procedures he has undertaken over many years. I had a full mouth restoration (both upper and lower) and suffered only very MINOR discomfort( which may lasted no more than 12 hours after my initial treatment). It was performed with great precision and care and, as I previously said, was basically pain-free. Dr Motiwala thorough with his recommendations/explanations and dedication to ensure that my treatment gave me the best possible look and feel.

I am ecstatic with result that Dr Motiwala was able to achieve for me. I honestly could not be any happier – I got the exact result that I was after. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Motiwala, his staff and his clinic to anyone wishing to get the best dental implant treatment, support and aftercare possible. They are the best!

The accommodation and service provided by the Minerva Grand in Banjara Hills was also of the most highest standard. A very good place to stay.



Dr. Motiwala and his staff are the most professional and caring people in the dental industry I have experienced. I have had implants done with Dr. Motiwala in 2013 with Permanent teeth in 3 days technique and I have had no problems at all till this day. I highly recommend his clinic for a thorough and professional job.

Emmanuel Federico

Social Anthropologist – Thailand

Emmanuel FedericoI have no teeth of my own anymore, in my upper jaw, and therefore have to wear artificial teeth. The use of a removable denture prosthesis however I have always experienced as: “good-for-nothing”; chewing properly with a removable denture is impossible and the constant food piling up under the prosthesis frequently results in a prosthesis lying crosswise in the mouth. Furthermore, during sneezing, coughing, and laughing, the prosthesis now and then leaps out of your mouth unintentionally; funny for the people that are watching it, embarrassing for the one that is creeping over the floor in search of his denture. This is why I wanted to have the artificial teeth that I wear fixed to my jaw bone by implants. In that, my chewing function is restored and the explained nuisances averted. Bôn, to inform myself about the costs of such a renovation, and the techniques that are used nowadays, I ‘Googled’ for: “Full Mouth Rehabilitation” (worldwide).

It seemed that the costs of an implants treatment, i.e. a FMR[1], roughly range (worldwide) from USD 15,000 to USD 100,000, or more (exceptions apart). The FMR treatments in Thailand and India are the cheapest ones, and cost respectively USD 35,000-40,000 (TH), and USD 15,000-20,000, or less (IND). Prices are anno May 2013. Knowing this, I focused on treatments in Thailand and India. I consulted various websites and then made up my mind to go to IND for my treatment – i.e. to the DMC[2] in Hyderabad. The treatments in TH are conventional (read: outdated) compared to the treatment at the DMC, and primarily focused on appearance. The treatment at the DMC in India stands out, as the latest techniques are applied. In addition, the work ethic of the DMC surgeon and his staff is similar to the Swiss/German work ethic: “aiming at the best possible end-result” (good chewing function, attractive smile appearance), along the mindset: “what can I do for my client?” This combination is uncommon in TH, is my experience.

In line with my findings and decision, I went to Hyderabad. The treatment that I received at the DMC was less inconvenient than many other standard dental treatments I ever had; minor pain and few discomforts. The total treatment was completed in 1 visit of 9 consecutive working days. I am very satisfied with the treatment that exceeded my expectations; and the teeth look great. I appreciated best the high quality of the treatment and its outcome, the completion of the treatment within 1 visit, the work ethic of the DMC surgeon and his dedicated staff, and the tailoring of the DMC services to the individual patient. This treatment can compete with every other dental implant treatment in the world, is my opinion, and probably should be rated as one of the best treatments available, at the moment. Said in one word: Remarkable!


[1] Full Mouth Rehabilitation is defined here as the replacement of a full adult set of teeth by a full arch bridge on implants in the upper jaw + a full arch bridge on implants in the lower jaw [full mouth rehabilitation in fact is the complete repair of dental concerns, and the tidy up or replacement of teeth aiming at a good chewing function and a beautiful smile appearance]

[2] DMC: “Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center” in Hyderabad, India, staffed by Dr.Motiwala (Oral & Maxillo-facial surgeon and Certified implantologist) and his dedicated team.



Since age7 on, I use Dental splints, crowns, bridges, and prostheses. Due to “Amelogenesis lmperfecta”, my teeth deteriorated easily; they were often painful, were difficult to keep clean and were over-sensitive to Dental Caries. In 2013, after extensive serving the internet, I went to the “DMC” for treatment of my Upper Jaw. Dr.Motiwala placed implants in the Upper Jaw and on the implants a Full Arch bridge. I have used that bridge for 4years now, and I am very very satisfied with its function and looks.

The DMC provides Full Mouth Rehabilitation in one visit, but I choose another approach in 2013. I then visited the DMC for an Upper Jaw Full Arch Implant procedure treatment only. I did not have the money for a Full Mouth Rehabilitation, and most of my teeth in the lower jaw still functioned acceptable. It was to be foreseen however, that the lower jaw had to be treated in the nearby future.

The moment to complete my Full Mouth Rehabilitation arrived in mid-2017. Dr.Motiwala is a Certified Implantologist who is educated in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, and he has a wide and varied experience in plastic reconstructive surgery of the jaws. This theoretical and practical knowledge, in combination with his work ethics is unique for an implantologist. His methods and treatments are far in advance of what any Dentist or Dental Implant Clinic can provide, is my belief (exceptions apart).

In respect to Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Dr.Motiwala demands perfection of himself, and he works with genuine “Passion”. His hand-movements are gentle and fast, have great precision and expertise, and he is killed with a pleasant manner that is calming. Praise also to the Artistry of the Dental Lab Technician; I am wearing a Masterpiece that also secures a Hollywood smile! You wished that other professionals were this dedicated to their work as Dr.Motiwala and his Dental Lab Technician are; you feel treated like Royalty.

I truly believe that DMC is one of the best clinics anywhere in the world for this kind of treatment (Full Mouth Rehabilitation).The awesome results of my treatments in 2013 and 2017. Surpassed my expectations, are second ton one I believe, and the prices I have paid were in line with the original quotes and very acceptable compared to costs world wide. I return to Thailand with a feeling of Gratitude to Dr.Motiwala, the Dental Lab Technician, all the staff members, and to Mrs. Tasneem, for their kindness, and for their pleasant and professional input. Thanks also to the drivers of the DMC.

Mahesh Patel

Twickenham, London, UK

Update from the patient 5 years post treatment

Hi! To all of those who would like to have a bright and healthy life, you start with what keeps you nourished and alive, food and water. The place that begins the process is the mouth and teeth form a fundamental requirement.

As such I had my teeth which were in a very bad state replaced with Implants so I had full mouth implants done. At Motiwala dental clinic at Hyderabad for which I had given a rave review some 5 years back.

Today 7th March 2019 is my third visit just for a check-up and must say I am so happy and pleased that Dr. Irfan was impressed with how well I have maintained them, I have precisely followed all the instructions especially of Waterpik.

Looking after your mouth and teeth keep you healthy. Finally my utmost gratitude to Dr.Irfan who is a genius in this field not to forget mentioning all the other staff who are so friendly that you don’t feel like you have come for a treatment.

Many Thanks again to all at Motiwala Clinic

Diane Hearst

Massage Therapist – California, USA


My name is Diane and I am from California, USA. I learned of Dr. Motiwala and his Permanent teeth in 3 days technique through online research in 2012. After looking into his practice and comparing it to what was available to me in the U.S., I determined that seeking his assistance in correcting my dental problems was the best course of action for me.

My visit to Dr. Motiwala’s clinic was one of the most profound experiences I’ve had. What he is doing for patients with difficult dental situations is amazing. Using the latest information and technology, he continues to impact the dental industry. His staff is professional and helpful. Their kindness will always be one of my fondest memories of my experience here.

The Permanent Teeth in 3 days was life-changing for me. The ability to chew and enjoy food again was wonderful. The one-piece basal implants are truly the best way to go.

I recently returned to Dr. Motiwala for help with a clenching problem I had. I was promptly offered a plan for this and also an upgrade to Zirconia. The privilege of having Dr. Motiwala and his staff’s assistance in this situation was just as impactful as my first experience here.

My new teeth are remarkable. My smile is quite beautiful if it doesn’t sound too conceited to say so.

I will always be thankful for the assistance and guidance I have received from Dr. Motiwala and highly recommend him and his clinic to anyone with dental problems.

Sonia Mooi

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Sonia MooiHi, I’m SONIA from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I did my full mouth implant in Dr. Motiwala clinic (Hyderabad) in 2012. The magic touch Of Dr. Irfan Motiwala made my dream come through. I’m a smoker for over 20 years. I did many inquiries regarding teeth implants in my country. All the doctors will advise me not to do teeth implant, will cause me a lot of complication. Anyway teeth implant costs a bomb in my country. Even though you have a lot of pennies but you can’t do teeth implant. This is what my doctor told me.

I’m lucky people, tend to meet lucky people, lucky thing will happen to me. Oh yes, I started surfing the net around all over the world, countries like China, Vietnam, US, Thailand…… India etc.

It took me nearly a year, lucky I’m, I managed to see Dr. Motiwala’s website. The trademark of Dr. Motiwala is too good to believe, No Sinus lift needed, no Bone Graft needed – “PERMANENT TEETH FIXED IN THREE DAYS”.

When I told all my friends, all bull at me and remind to not do get cheated. For me, after I have make the enquiry, within few hours, the coordinator Ms. Tasneem called me from India, Wow; very effective. I couldn’t find such a speedy service in my country. I love you Ms Tasneem. I save on my time, save up my time, my suffering,.. it’s really meant a lot to me. With the expertise of Dr. Motiwala. The transformation from “Impossible to Possible,” You are great, Dr. Irfan Motiwala, thousand, million thank you, thank you and thank you so much to you. I had a full mouth teeth implant only in three days’ Amaze!!!

Thank you to make sure that my teeth implant will look perfect and have a beautiful smile.

Thank you to Dr. Motiwala’s team, as made my Hyderabad trip extraordinary. Come to India with a full mouth and ugly lousy teeth (denture) so back to Malaysia with wonderful and beautiful teeth “Fullest beautiful smile.”

Amazing trip in Hyderabad. Making a decision to do my full mouth teeth implant in Dr. Motiwala clinic is my best and the only ultimate choice in my life.

Sonia / Kuala Lumpur

Thuy Huynh

Columbus, USA


ThuyDr. Motiwala and his staff are the greatest. I received a full mouth restoration in October 2017. It was done in 3 days with no bone graft and no sinus lift. The results were wonderful. I’ve received so many compliments from family and friends on how real my teeth looked. I no longer had to deal with loose dentures and messy glue. I have returned to Dr. Motiwala’s office in August 2018 for a follow up a small adjustment. The service from his office was unchanged from the year before. A wonderful A+++ experience.



Ligita BalodeI would like to say many thanks to Dr. Motiwala & Staff. Happy with my smile & the results are fantastic.

I recommend in my country Latvia to all my friends & family this clinic.

I trusted Dr. Motiwala’s opinion & what he suggested for my dental treatment. I got the smile needed & the correction of bite done. I did my full mouth restoration done with single-piece basal implants.

Before this surgery, I was very scared but now that it is done I realized it is normal & no pain & felt very comfortable.



Happy with my smile & the results are fantastic.

Karina L.

Anaesthetic Nurse – Queensland, Australia

Karina PickhamI decided to come to Dr. Motiwala in Hyderabad after I discovered I needed a dental makeover. I needed a full-mouth restoration. In Australia, the prices for this kind of procedure are extremely high. There is no way I could ever afford to obtain this treatment there.

I studied hard and long on the internet for the right place at the right price. I didn’t just want a quick, cheap fix either. I wanted the work to be carried out professionally in which all the correct aseptic principles were used so that the job would be done to meet all the standards required by the dental board, so I would not have any problems down the track.

I contacted many patients pre-operatively that Dr. Motiwala had done the treatment on. Everyone that I contacted was extremely happy with their dental makeover. They told me Dr. Motiwala was an artist, a perfectionist, they had no pain at all ever during the procedure. I saw their pics and decided he was the doctor for me.

I contacted Tasneem who is wonderful and answered every question promptly for me. Tasneem booked my hotel, booked my appointment times and transfer times for driver from hotel pick up and drop off. She is a beautiful woman, who is very caring, kind and compassionate.

During my treatment with Dr. Motiwala, I found my whole experience AMAZING!!

I couldn’t believe how quickly, but professionally the work was done here. I had not one bit of pain, true story!

The extractions and implants were all done in one day. I had temporary teeth for 2 days while my beautiful zirconia crowns were being made. That took a bit of tweaking because Dr. Motiwala wanted them to fit my mouth perfectly. I had some bone loss, but that was not a problem. I love the fact that you do not need bone grafting or sinus lifts here with Dr. Motiwala. The work is majorly less invasive and that’s what I love. Straight out and straight in, and professionally done, win, win for me. Dr. Motiwala is a brilliant dental surgeon, I work in the operating theatres and watched closely at all the standards of care and interventions used here, and in my eyes, it met all the professional standards that are used to pass the code of practice 100%. The clinic here also has its own in-house labs where all the teeth are made. They do all your x-rays and scans in the clinic and take a medical history pre and post op.

I cannot recommend Dr. Motiwala highly enough. He is diligent, meticulous and has a high level of care. He is a lovely man who has a wonderful personality and he wants you to be happy 100% before you leave the clinic.

I am very happy with my outcome. Thank you to Dr. Motiwala and his wonderful team of assistants.



My teeth are still great . I am healing well.

Kevin Jackson

Entrepreneur from Derby, UK

Dental reviewsAfter abusing my dental hygiene for a great number of tears in my youth, at the age of 40ish my teeth started to fall out.

After having a partial lower denture fitted this was added to later with an upper denture. I hated this as it felt as though I had an unusual, uncomfortable thing in my mouth and as a result, I started to investigate implants. My UK dentist was quoting a very very large sum for full mouth rehabilitation so I shopped around in UK, and all were quoting tens of thousands of pounds for implant treatment.

I found Dr. Motiwala’s clinic by searching for dental implants in India, and initiated contact. After discussing the options with the clinic, I was able to speak to a number of international patients, and all said how amazing the service was, with little or no pain and fantastic results.

My visit to the Hyderabad Clinic in June 2017 was all managed by Tasneem and the team.

The fitting of the Implants was entirely painless and only mild discomfort in the next few days. Only 5 days after my first consultation, I am sitting writing this with beautiful, 3D printed teeth. I can safely say I Love my new smile.

Food tastes better and I am no longer afraid of the teeth / Denture falling out during meals.

The entire process was brilliant and the whole team – Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem, Deepak, Ashwaq, Fatima are first class.

I would have no hesitation to recommend to anyone seeking full mouth rehabilitation.

Simply a first class job. Thank you!!




A year and a half after my treatment, and I wanted to give an update on how my teeth are, and what I have experienced.

I wore the splints for 4 months after my treatment to allow the implants to heal, and since then I have worn them overnight as I grind my teeth when asleep.

Many people have commented how great my teeth look, and are very surprised if I tell them that they are implants.

I can eat anything, soft or hard, and they actually feel like they are my own teeth.

I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala’s clinic for its high-quality service, and have spoken to many people who are looking to come to Hyderabad to tell them of my excellent experience.

Basheer Kolia

South Africa

After some research on full mouth restoration for myself and my wife, I narrowed down my search to two clinics, Dentzz in Mumbai and Dr. Motiwala in Hyderabad. After discussions between the two clinics and getting the finer details of the actual treatment, I was given the opportunity to talk to Dr. Motiwala personally not once but twice and this really convinced me that Dr. Motiwala was my choice. My wife and I decided to make the trip. The treatment was done very professionally and with a very soft touch. Dr. Motiwala is a perfectionist and takes great pride in his work. We need to also compliment his wonderful staff and their efficient service always with a smile. Lastly, I cannot forget to thank Tasneem for all her efforts in making all of this possible. I will definitely recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone requiring similar treatment. I have a middle name for Dr. Motiwala ‘CCC’ cool, calm and collected at all times.



I came to Dr. Motiwala from South Africa in 2017 after learning of his Permanent teeth in 3 days technique. I required implants and crowns on my upper and lower jaws. I also opted for the one-piece basal implants as these would be the better long term solution. My procedure was completed successfully and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Dr. Motiwala’s procedure to anyone interested. The whole process from initial contact to completion of the procedure was very professionally handled and I have no regrets.


Georgia, USA

I have been struggling with “bad” teeth for over 10 years. All of my teeth had crowns and two years ago the uppers needed all new crowns so I had them extracted and four implants placed with a snap-on denture. What a mistake. They were so unnatural I couldn’t stand them. Six months ago my dentist told me that the bottom crowns were also failing and needed replacing. One evening I was “googling” and ran across Dr. Motiwala’s website. It was so informative that I had to do some additional inquiring.

I emailed his international co-ordinator, Tasneem, a copy of my latest panoramic x-ray and several days later received a plan for treatment. I had many questions so I emailed her with a list and several days later received a call from her. Tasneem was so helpful but there were a few questions that she deferred to Dr. Motiwala. After finishing her call, I immediately received a call from Dr. Motiwala. He was so patient and answered all of my questions satisfactorily. Also, I had requested that all of my replacement teeth be made of zirconia. The treatment plan submitted included only the porcelain fused to metal for the upper jaw. The doctor told me that he felt that in my case these would be stronger than zirconia. The difference in price was less using porcelain rather than zirconia. At that point, I knew the doctor had the best interest of his patients in mind. Traveling to India for me seemed rather scary. The flight time for me was 24 hours. I was also concerned about my personal safety. Tasneem assured me that it was very safe where the dental office is located. I was met at the airport and was taken to the suggested four-star hotel, Fortune Park. Based on firsthand experience I would never drive in Hyderabad. The drivers are crazy compared to American standards.

The good thing is that I was driven everywhere. The hotel as part of the package also provides roundtrip transportation to and from the dental clinic so it is very convenient. Tasneem also arranged for a sightseeing excursion. At all times I felt very safe even when I ventured out in the evening. What was even better was the tremendous caring staff at the clinic. They made you feel at ease. I can’t say enough about Dr. Motiwala. He is an artist and a perfectionist. It is obvious that he has done thousands of total mouth restorations because he knows precisely what to do. He is a very patient man. He would stop and ask me if I was okay. I was in the dental chair for about five hours straight and that was not easy but his attitude made it quite tolerable. I also needed root canals and gum surgery which his specialists performed. At no time did I experience pain. Even after the anesthetic wore off I had very little discomfort and no swelling despite the placement of implants. Would I experience this adventure again? YES, YES, YES!!! If I need further work in the future I am heading back to Hyderabad to the Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center despite the 24-hour flight. Thanks to you Dr. Motiwala and your staff!



It was nine months ago that I traveled to India to be treated by Dr. Motiwala. My total mouth restoration was an outstanding success. I ended up with implants placed in my upper jaw with a full one-piece PFM bridge placed on the implants. The crowns in my lower jaw were replaced with zirconia crowns. In addition to the crowns, I had root canals and laser gum surgery on the lower jaw. It is hard to believe but I had very little discomfort and absolutely no swelling. I have followed Dr. Motiwala’s instructions and faithfully use a Waterpik to clean my new teeth every day. I am now able to eat without any restrictions. Eating apples and corn on the cob pose no problems. My new teeth shred any type of meat with ease. I am often complimented on my teeth. My teeth feel comfortable and look natural. When picking the color shade I wanted to select the whitest shade but fortunately, Dr. Motiwala guided my selection to pick a more natural color. Dr. Motiwala and his staff were friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Their professionalism was outstanding. The equipment in the dental office was much better and hi-tech than most dental offices in the United States. Tasneem, Dr. Motiwala’s international coordinator, was very helpful in scheduling local transportation and reserving hotel accommodations. With her help, I felt safe at all times. My only regret is that I didn’t make the trip to Dr. Motiwala’s office years ago. I am so happy with my new teeth. Thank You Dr. Motiwala!!

Stephen Campbell

Sheffield, UK


Stephen CampbellI am very pleased to say that the work I have had done is absolutely amazing, Dr.Motiwala and his team are friendly, professional and also very assuring as it has taken me many months and lots of research to pluck up the coverage to actually make contact with Dr.Motiwala’s clinic. All the staff were helpful and any questions and queries I had were answered and I was reassured to my satisfaction. I had lots of research into having implants for quite a few years but the method and operations needed made me sure that I would not go through with this, until I came across Dr.Motiwala’s Clinic in India, not only were his methods non-invasive, no operations were required like bone graft or sinus lift, the whole experience and result is life changing for me and I will be forever grateful to Dr.Motiwala and his team.

Thank you all.

Pramod Dhulked

New Jersey, USA

Dental Implants ReviewsI, Pramod Dhulkhed, Currently residing in New Jersey USA and working as tech lead for a leading health care industry for IT support.

Few years back I had major teeth issues with shaking teeth and dentures. I decided to go for permanent solution and started researching for appropriate options and luckily found Dr. Motiwala on the website. His treatment offerings are single piece basal implants with zirconia crowns metal free and duration will be max 7 days in a single trip! I had my full mouth restoration from Dr. Motiwala in 2017 and till today I do not have absolutely no issues and never have to worry about my teeth health.

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Motiwala for excellent treatment. Dr. Motiwala’s supporting team is very professional and made me very comfortable. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Motiwala with my network who are with dental issues and seek permanent solution. Thanks again to Dr. Motiwala and his very supportive professional team.

Hugh Mckay

Bridport, United Kingdom


Best wishes for 2023 to all at the clinic. It is now 6 years since I had full mouth dental implants and I have not had any problems. I daily use the water flosser and toothbrush as advised.

Tatiana Alekseeva

Admin, Lowther’s Tax Advisory Company – Auckland, New Zealand

Full Mouth Dental Implant TestimonialsA friend of mine has found Dr. Motiwala’s clinic by simply GOOGLE browsing. It was 8 years ago and she contacted the clinic, went to do a huge dental job – a lot of extractions, 12 implants and a full mouth of crowns. Extremely happy since!!!! She told me her story about teeth extraction and IMMEDIATE load of 12 implants – all done during ONE day! Nobody believed it and me too! It took me 5 years to process it in my mind and finally I contacted the clinic and bought tickets to Hyderabad. Unfortunately Covid started and I couldn’t go. Meanwhile I’ve lost my bridge and had to wear a denture for three years which I hated. Anyway three years gone and I’m in Dr. Motiwala’s hands now. During 6 days all dental work is completed – 2 extractions, 5 basal implants, 16 zirconia crowns, mind you – extractions and implants were done during ONE day! That’s what Dr. Motiwala calls IMMEDIATE LOADING Technique. And NO bone grafting!!! No pain! I woke up in the morning the next day after my treatment – I couldn’t believe – there was no swollen face and no pain! I video called my husband straight away and made him frightened, crying but crying because I was soooo happy!!!!! To be honest – I still don’t understand how it is possible after such an invasion! How is it possible that all other dentists in New Zealand said the treatment will take at list 18 month and not possible to install any implants without bone grafting when Dr. Motiwala said to me he had done two sinus lifts only during all his career?! I guess Dr. Motiwala is simply a genius who is God blessed with gold hands! His clinic is very advanced and well equipped. The staff is extremely friendly , professional, gentle, caring and very supportive! I don’t even mention the cost – everybody can see it on the clinic’s website. No hidden costs, it’s very clear and absolutely incomparable! Despite the fact that it took me eight years to get it done – I still call my journey “SHORT ROAD TO MY HOLLYWOOD SMILE!”. My genuine advice to everyone in need – don’t have any doubt, don’t think twice, just trust Dr. Motiwala and his team, come and do it!

Rao S. Rallapalli

San Ramon, USA

Dental Implant TestimonialsMy Full Mouth Restoration Experience with Dr.Irfan Ali Motiwala, Hyderabad. I had known for a long time that I needed major dental treatment, so I have reasonable chewing capability, and less importantly, for cosmetic reasons. It is well known that the treatment for full mouth restoration for implant-supported permanent teeth is. It is only prohibitively costly—up to $50,000—and, more significantly, very time-consuming and may take up to 1 year or more, depending on the need for bone grafting and maybe a sinus lift. So when my extensive research led me to the basal implant technology extensively practiced by Dr. Motiwala and, to be fair, by many other dental implantalogists predominantly in India, which enables immediate placement of permanent teeth in implants within a matter of days, I couldn’t believe it at first. Further independent research, a review of case studies well documented on the doctor’s very informative website, and talking directly with a couple of his previous patients who successfully got full mouth restoration with implant-supported permanent teeth in just around 10 days gave me enough confidence to pursue this solution more seriously. This was in sharp contrast with the very expensive and time-consuming traditional methods practiced in the USA by three different reputed implantologists. When I specifically brought up basal implants, a couple of them suggested they were not aware, and one said rightly that the American Dental Association does not approve of this technology and may even be banned in the USA.

So, I had to take a leap of faith and consult with Dr. Motiwala in person by visiting India. Before that, I had a telephonic consultation after he had a chance to review my detailed X-rays. A couple of days after we landed in India, accompanied by my wife, my brother, and his wife, we had an in-person consultation for detailed discussion. Dr. Motiwala, whom we met, turned out to be the gentle expert that we had assessed him to be. So I had no hesitation to entrust my major dental treatment to Dr. Motiwala and his superb professional team. A fortnight after the major procedure and almost a week after getting my permanent teeth and a brand new smile, I am thrilled and excited that I made the right decision.

I am grateful to Dr. Motiwala and his support team for a job well done using a single-piece basal implant, all within 10 days and in a single visit to Hyderabad. I have no hesitation in recommending this procedure and this team to anyone in a similar situation who may be considering full mouth restoration. It is safe, done in less than 2 weeks, and in a single visit.

Narender Kurapati

Florida, USA

My name is Narender Kurapati. I came from Florida, USA, exclusively for getting full mouth implants by Dr. Motiwala. I am fortunate to get my “3-day Full Mouth Dental Implants” from Dr. Irfan Motiwala. Dr. Motiwala does possess a strong commitment to the quality of his work, attention to detail, and proven ability.

I am happy and amazed by the final results of my permanent teeth in such a short period of time without the conventional bone grafts, sinus lift, months of waiting period for sore gums healing, loaded permanent teeth which in few cases are to be removed at least every year for cleaning with frequent visits to the dentist.

The whole process of getting 3-day permanent teeth was smooth, and I thank Dr. Motiwala for his services. I totally agree with good reviews on drmotiwala.com website and encourage people to seek Dr. Motiwala’s help in getting permanent teeth in 3 days and be happy.

Petra Stoeveken

New Zealand

Full Mouth Dental Implant TestimonialsHi my name is Petra Stoeveken, I am German but live in New Zealand since 5 years. As I knew that dental care in New Zealand is bad I got all my teeth done before we left Germany. But now bridges began to fall out and I needed implants. I had three conventional implants in New Zealand done – it was a huge and long process with full anesthesia – I haven’t asked for this but this is how they do it. Also in New Zealand you need to go to two dentists – one that does the implants and another one that does the crowns and abutments. Problems with these implants started straight away – I was in massive pain from day 1 and struggled with ongoing infections and peri-implantitis and needed a gum graft on two of my implants because the gum disappeared and it was very painful. Now I was in need of more implants – as a four teeth bridge fell out. Due to the bone loss and my bad experience I wasn’t suited for conventional implants anymore. I researched if there are other types of implants and found basal implants. After some research on Dr. Ihde’s work I came across Dr. Motiwala in India. I learnt that he was trained at one of Dr. Ihde’s clinics in Europe and that he also is a facial surgeon. It was a long process before I was able to come but the team was very helpful and supported me in every way and was always very quick to answer all of my questions. Even Dr. Motiwala spoke to me on the phone on a weekend to answer my questions. This sets the clinic apart from other clinics I had contacted with very slow response and not enough information for me. The treatment was very professional and I felt in safe hands all the time. Although I was a bit nervous because of my previous experience, I am really happy now that I came here. Dr. Motiwala is very exact and passionate in everything he does and tries to find the best solutions that work for you. I am very happy with the results and now one day after the zirconia crowns were fixed I don’t have any pain so this is very good. I will definitely come back when it’s time to get my other teeth done.

Dipak & Narmada Chaudasama



This is our second visit for dental treatment with Dr. Motiwala having had initial implants seven years ago. The treatment went very well and we are pleased with the results. Dr. Motiwala has a very capable team of professionals who manage the whole process for you from the time you land in Hyderabad to the time you leave. We have no hesitation in recommending this clinic to anyone.

Our thanks to all from Dipak and Narmada.

Robyn Britton

Housekeeping Resort Manager – Darwin, Australia

Full mouth restoration costHighly Recommended!

I am from Darwin, Australia. I needed a lot of dental work as I was missing all of my molars on the right side and the front of my teeth were uneven, crowded, chipped and stained. I knew that the process for dental implants in Australia was a long drawn out affair, comprising of bone grafts and sinus lifts. I researched for many months, and decided that the techniques of Dr. Motiwala’s Permanent Teeth in 3 Days TM seemed like the obvious way to go, from a time and financial perspective. I have had extractions and implants with Zirconia bridges done so overall it was a full mouth restoration. I found the whole treatment process to be very smooth and very very professional. I love my new teeth and can thoroughly recommend Dr. Motiwala and his team.

Paul Jackson Strickler

BS, MA, Ph.D. – University of North Carolina, USA

Full mouth restoration in IndiaMy name is Paul Jackson Strickler – I am 75 years old. I have 4 beautiful children and 3 grandchildren and I currently live in Little River. I grew up in the state of Virginia and was educated in North Carolina. I hold a BS, MA, Ph.D. from the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, N.C. I spent my life in the field of Education. I have been a Teacher, as Administrator and a University Professor. I also serviced in the USME.

Personally, at 75 I have been in good health most of my life. The one thing that I had issues with, was my teeth. I had been thinking about dental work in India for some time. I had a friend that recommended this implant clinic to me. I decided to come to India and have a medical vacation, and get a totally new smile.

I have had A full mouth restoration, with implants and crowns. Dr. M was Excellent! And his staff have been caring, concerned for my health, Professional, well educated in what they do. I will be ever grateful to them for giving me a much better life for the future. May God Bless Them all!!

Lyudmila Grigoryev

Janitorial Business Owner – Missouri, USA

Lyudmila GrigoryevMy dental journey to Dr. Motiwala.

Over many years, I had many difficulties with my teeth. My teeth were weak and it was necessary that many of my teeth needed to be extracted. After that, doctor told me it was a good idea to get dentures. I had dentures for 7 years before I started to consider getting implants.

My daughter and her husband came to Dr. Motiwala many years ago and recommended that I go to Dr. Motiwala and have treatment completed here. The communication and the process was very easy and all of the staff were supportive in the process of setting up the appointment.

After our Journey from USA to India, we had support from the dental clinic for hotel, food and medicines. We had no concern with our stay here. My treatment included the extraction of 7 teeth and implants for all top and bottom teeth without any need for sinus lift or bone graft and placement of Zirconia crowns. The main treatment only took 3 days to put in permanent teeth. These implants were one piece basal implants and have many benefits compared to the other dental procedures. The cost here is very reasonable and significantly less than in USA. In US, it was approx. USD$45000 that is 80% savings.

I am very satisfied with all procedures, with my stay in India, and everything that we experienced during our stay here. I strongly recommend Dr. Motiwala.

Lyn Verschuuren

Queensland, Australia

Teeth Restoration done!

I came to Dr. Motiwala more to keep my husband company and for a check-up and clean. I knew I had one filling to be replaced but found out I needed 2 implants and 6 crowns. I had wisdom teeth removed 10 years ago and they took a back molar out also but my previous dentist never explained I needed it. So, I ended up getting much more done that I anticipated. But overall it was a good experience and done in under the 10 days we came for. Dr. Motiwala is a very kind man and takes your feelings into account. All the staff were very friendly and welcoming each day. The facilities were top notch and also Tasneem recommended hotels to us. The Hyatt Place was amazing and they cooked us soft food as needed. Our driver Hanan was always prompt and on our days off we hired him to show us around tourist areas at very reasonable prices. I couldn’t believe Dr. Motiwala was so quick with my implants and all was done so quickly and pain free during the procedure. That amazed me the most. I love the zirconia crowns. They look fantastic and Dr. Motiwala checked colouring to make sure they suited my natural surrounding teeth. I would highly recommend Dr. Motiwala’s clinic to anyone wanting a positive experience at a dental clinic.

Bruce Verschuuren

Queensland, Australia

Bruce VerschuurenPermanent Teeth in 3 days!

Like most people, I too have put off dental care work for many years as I have not always had the greatest experience with them. However, my teeth got to a point where if I didn’t do something soon, I’d have none left. I didn’t really know where to go or what to do. Fortunately for me, a family member who also needed urgent dental care did a massive amount of research and came across Dr. Motiwala’s clinic. She came back with nothing but glowing reviews about her time here. When comparing Dr. Motiwala and his expertise to other clinics in India and other countries, I felt more comfortable in coming to see him. In the time that I first contacted the clinic via email to being here personally, the dental treatment that I received and the after care, I have nothing but praise for Dr. Motiwala and his staff right through to the hotels that he recommended and even the personal driver who cared for my needs. In the end full mouth restoration done – A tremendous amount of work that I could not imagine experiencing back in Australia or even affording. One + a half weeks later, I have a great set of teeth with no pain and its been a great experience that I thought I’d never say when it comes to having any type of dental work done. I would strongly recommend Dr. Motiwala and his staff to anyone needing any type of dental work from minor to major. You will not be disappointed. The professionalism in having everything here in one place, more or less being treated by one dentist will put your mind at ease.

Hector Quinones

Sydney, Australia

Hector QuinonesWhat a great decision!

During my adolescent years, never took care of my teeth, specially my molars, bit by bit I lost all of them, so I was wearing dentures all my adult life, till even my dentures did not have a place to hold on and on top of that it was very hard to eat and enjoy my food.

It was getting critical to find a solution to my problem, I visited my local dentist but he did not have the answer, the technology is there but is not to the reach of common people. It was then that a family of a good friend had just arrived from Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic In Hyderabad (India) and adviced me to contact them.

After contacting the Clinic and requesting a quote, I made the decision and had a full mouth restoration with no sinus lift and no bone grafting and with a smile makeover that make me look like a movie star.

On top of that the treatment was painless and Dr. Motiwala and team are the most professional that I have experienced.

I congratulate myself for taking this decision and of course Dr. Motiwala.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and service.

Linton Horsfield

Retired Teacher – Ballarat, Australia

Garth HorsfieldAfter years of eating difficulty, it was suggested that multiple conventional implants or an “All on 4” procedure would be needed. The cost and length of time involved would be considerable. A complicating factor was my age and the possible need for additional sinus lift and bone graft. The treatment offered by Dr. Motiwala was much more attractive, offering a full mouth restoration, without extra bone work and all in a short space of time. It seemed to me that the one piece and Pterygoid implants offered a simpler and much stronger and trouble free solution. I AM DELIGHTED WITH THE RESULTS OF MY TREATMENT and appreciative of the friendly support offered by all the staff at this advanced dental facility. My mouth is now most comfortable and I certainly have a much more engaging smile. I would be prepared to discuss my treatment if desired and can be contacted at linton.h@westnet.com.au.

Garth Horsfield

Artist – Melbourne, Australia

Linton HorsfieldAfter hearing about Dr. Motiwala from a friend who had already done extensive research and already had a full mouth reconstruction with him herself, I decided to visit Hyderabad and see Dr. Motiwala for my own problems… I was a smoker (now quitting) and had two front teeth that were in terrible shape and some bad staining and also a large cavity in my rear molar. The only options in Australia were to remove the teeth and pay for an ungainly plate, or to risk using older forms of implants, which as well as costing the earth, had no long term prospect of working. I’m so happy now with 17 beautiful zirconia crowns, an expert root canal and crown on my rear tooth and two basal implants at the front. Dr. Motiwala is extremely professional and apart from the needles I didn’t feel a thing. He also spent substantial time readjusting my bite, so my whole mouth feels brand new and I can use all my teeth. All for the cost of one single implant at home. Plus I got to see some amazing sights in Hyderabad. This can definitely change your life, and now I’m relearning how to smile, after so long covering my mouth.

Philip Gould


Philip GouldAbove and beyond!

I had 2 friends that visited the doctor for treatment 7 years ago and was amazed by the success. They still to this day have no problems and has been a great improvement in their life’s. I decided to reach out to the doctor as I am having mechanical problems and the aesthetic way fading.

I took pictures with my phone which gave the doctor an idea of what would need to be done; I received an estimate for this.

The dental service was outstanding. The Doctor’s team are friendly and professional. All standard of cleanliness are exemplary and equipment is top notch. The time, expertise, level of care, knowledge, and perfectionism by the Dr. Motiwala was more than I could have imagined. He wanted you to leave here with the best possible outcome and I believe that’s what any patient would get!

Be prepared for a life-changing event that is done with minimal discomfort and in a timely and pleasant way. For someone with a phobia of dentists in general and who came here and got full mouth dental implants with Zirconia crowns. This is the place to do this.

Devin Meloy

Aurora, USA

full mouth dental implant reviewsIt has been such a pleasant experience!

The Long Road to a Beautiful Smile.

My name is Leigh Ann and I am the mother of Devin. Devin was born missing 17 adult teeth. As a result, he was a 24-year-old man with a mouth full of baby teeth. The few adult teeth that he did have were misshaped. He was very self-conscious and rarely smiled.

Unfortunately, insurance in the U.S. will not cover full-mouth implants in Devin’s specific circumstances. It was going to cost around $50,000 out of pocket, which would involve braces, a sinus lift, and bone grafting in addition to the implants. This would take 2-3 years to complete.

I decided to do some research online to see if there were cheaper and less time-consuming alternatives. As I was googling and researching, I stumbled upon Dr. Motiwala’s website. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had hit the lottery. When I was reading about Dr. Motiwala’s procedure and the fact that he does full mouth implants in 3 days without a sinus lift or bone grafts for 1/5 of the price, I thought it was too good to be true. I read further about how Dr. Motiwala uses single-piece basal implants, Pterygoid implants that go into the basal bone. I watched the videos on his website that show how the procedure is done. Finally, I watched the testimonies of Dr. Motiwala’s former patients and how happy they were with their implants. At that point, I was sold! My son and I started making plans to go to India!

Upon contacting Dr. Motiwala’s clinic, they were very helpful. They made the process of getting prepared for the trip very easy, including guidance on getting an Indian Visa and booking the hotel for us. Upon arriving in Hyderabad, the clinic’s personal driver was there waiting for us. He was our driver for the entire two weeks, taking us to and from the clinic. He also took us shopping and to run errands, or wherever else we needed to go. He was very accommodating.

When we arrived at the clinic, we met with the International Coordinator who explained the specific procedures that my son was going to have done. She provided all of the necessary medications that my son would need, including antibiotics and pain medicine. She also helped the payment process to go smoothly.

Dr. Motiwala and his entire staff are wonderful. They are all perfectionists. On the first day, Devin was in the dental chair for five hours. The procedure involved teeth extractions and immediate loading of single-piece dental implants. Towards the end of my son’s procedure, they would not put the final crowns on until they were absolutely satisfied, and my son and I were absolutely satisfied with every detail of the crowns. As an added bonus, the implants are guaranteed for life.

I am so happy that we chose to come to India to Dr. Motiwala’s clinic. It has been such a pleasant experience, and my son gets to go home with beautiful teeth! I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone that is in need of a full mouth restoration.

Tenzin R. Thonden

Seattle, Washington, USA

Dental Implant ReviewsThe dentist was amazing with such attention to detail.

Just finished my full teeth restoration at Dr. Motiwala, and the results were amazing. We came here about 2 weeks ago.

Dr. Deepti was amazing with such attention to detail. Dr. Tejaeswar did my root canal and was very light with his hand. I always hated root canals, but 3 root canals just went with Breeze.

Dr. Motiwala did my mom and mine implants. My mom has full-mouth dental implants without sinus lift and bone graft procedures. We had no problems but just minor pain which is usual. Fareeda was amazing, she was just AWESOME.

Vince May

Architect – New Zealand

Full Mouth Dental Implant ReviewsMy New Teeth!

We looked at many options before coming to Dr. Motiwala’s clinic, we looked at different countries and techniques. We decided on pterygoid implants as it meant that we could complete the surgery on one visit. In New Zealand we were told that it would take up to 2 years and I would require bone grafts, and extensive surgery as I had suffered a lot of bone loss in my jaw.

Our service here is what I would call efficient and precise, you must be prepared to sit in a chair for long periods as the treatment rolls from one stage to the other very quickly, but each stage is carried out to perfection.

No matter how long it takes, this is tiring and comforting at the same time. I had full mouth rehabilitation with 7 implants in the upper jaw and 10 implants in the lower jaw with a full set of 28 crowns.

I recommend Dr. Motiwala if you want Great quality!

Steve Martin

Facilities Superintendent – Perth, Western Australia

full mouth dental implant reviewsNo turning Back!

4 weeks before finding Dr Motiwala I had 2 abscesses in my teeth that nearly put me in hospital and my local dentist said that I had to have 3 teeth removed and that I risked losing more teeth in the coming years. As I was in a public role and couldn’t be toothless, I looked at implants in Australia and after the consultation I was informed that the cost for the top alone would be approximately $60,000 AUD and I also had lower teeth that required attention. The start to finish of the procedure in Australia was approximately 6 months and I was required to undergo bone grafts which was one of the factors for looking into Dr. Motiwala’s unique implant procedure.

My partners children recommended Dr. Motiwala and I trusted their comments and booked our journey over a 4-week period and arrived in India on the 5th of November where we were greeted by Dr. Motiwala’s driver at the airport and taken to our hotel (Radisson Blu) that was organized by Dr.Motiwala’s team. The same day we were picked up went for the initial consultation and Dr.Motiwala commenced my implant surgery the following day.

I chose to have a full mouth of Implants from Dr.Motiwala’s clinic as there was no need for bone grafting and a sinus lift was not required as they used Basel and Pterygold implants.

I was scared coming into the clinic but each step was explained clearly and surprisingly there was little pain during all of the procedures. What I really liked was that Dr. Motiwala was a perfectionist and he was not 100% happy he would make sure he got it right. (I didn’t think there was an issue.)

Well in 3 days I now have teeth that I can now show people and truly smile. I hid my teeth for 25 years and now I don’t need to be embarrassed anymore.

Thank you to Dr. Motiwala and his team for giving me back my smile and being friendly and supportive throughout this journey.

India wouldn’t have been my first destination after Covid 19 has held us back from traveling but WOW India has been a great experience and one I will not forget in a hurry.

I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend anyone do the same.

Anyone looking for teeth implants or any dental work please don’t look past Dr. Motiwala’s clinic you won’t be disappointed.

Ramesh Krishnamurti

Software Consultant – USA

My experience with dental correction in India.

Foremost, I am, indeed, glad to declare, I had a dental issue, since, it has been well taken care, at the time I am narrating my experience.

I had an issue with one of the lower front teeth and it had to be removed, since it was broken internally.

Ever since it was removed, it created a conspicuous gap, when the mouth is open for any activity. I wanted this to be corrected. While examining during the regular visits, it was also identified that there are more on the similar path of decay and would need to follow suit, in a short while. The dentist did suggest that implantation is surely the permanent way to approach, and I also, learnt that it is quite expensive.

So, the decision to go for implantation and smile design seem to be the meaningful and appropriate path towards solving it.

I live in US, and also learnt that it is quite expensive for to afford it. Since I also visit once in 2 years to India, and learnt that the techniques are quite advanced, I wanted to get this task accomplished in India.

My experience with Dr. Motiwala’s clinic (in Hyderabad – India) to get this task accomplished ended up being the most important/correct decision I took. The clinical treatments and the hospitality expressed to me was commendable. I was quite satisfied with the explanations provided to keep the patient informed. The whole staff were cordial, friendly, and helpful.

Without a shred of doubt, I would recommend this clinic to anybody who seeks to undergo similar treatment.


Business Support – Brisbane, Australia

I had lost 6 teeth previously and so had 5 existing implants done from my previous dentist. My front tooth was pulled 2 months ago. I came from Australia to Dr. Motiwala clinic to get my front tooth implant done and my previous 5 implants bridged. The results are amazing. I am extremely happy with the results. The whole process has been a wonderful experience and very professional. Dr. Motiwala ensured my bite was perfected and took the time to ensure this. I was surprised that I had no pain after the procedure or the following day. Highly recommended.

S. Tsykina

Accountant – Auckland, New Zealand

Svetalana TsykinaI was searching for a suitable dental treatment for myself for a number of years. I needed bone grafting, several trips overseas and quite a large amount of money. Some dentists advised that if I don’t have any issues with current bridges just to leave it. I was not satisfied with my smile because of my teeth colour and shape. I had no confidence when talking to people.

I have a relative who recommended Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Clinic as she had Pterygoid implants done here a few years ago and was totally happy with her dental work so I decided to come too.

Dr. Motiwala is one of a kind specialist, very professional, hard-working, strives for the best results for his customers. Choosing him was the best decision I made. The job I undertook was a full-mouth restoration with Pretygoid implants and smile makeover. No bone grafting was needed in my case and the whole job was done in one visit over 2 weeks.

The team was very helpful. Tasneem kindly provided all the information I needed before departing my country and during my stay in Hyderabad. The communication was great during the whole treatment. The staff is very kind and polite, thank you very much for your hospitality team.

I wish Dr. Irfan Motiwala all the best.

Friedrich L.

Eng.Telecommunications – Upper Austria, Austria

Dental Patient ReviewsIt doesn’t matter in which national or international dental forum you do your research, if you look for the most affordable and highest quality treatment in the world, sooner or later you will definitely stumble over Dr. Motiwala’s Dental clinic in Hyderabad and just like in my own review here, you’ll find a lot of praise.

His former Google+ homepage totally convinced me that this is the guy I wanna contact for possible treatment. And after having talk with Tasneem, and the Doc himself – he even called me back, from HYD/India and patiently answered ALL my questions, something not even the local Docs in Europe, especially in Hungary were not able to, as you know, time is money, and this saying is more valid for a Dentist than for anyone else in the world, okay, maybe a lawyer too). But not so for Dr. Motiwala. Everyone should give him a try, and I am pretty sure he’ll convince you too, and will win your trust in no time at all. And boy, how right all the people were, who praised him for all the good experience. Cuz now I’m one of them too.

So here’s how my treatment went: Based on my emailed digital x-ray, it only took a few days and I received a pretty precise cost estimate for having the best treatment possible, then started collecting the needed amount of money, asked for possible treatment dates, chose the best fitting one, booked the hotel (with the kindly offered assistance of Tasneem) and of course my final flight ticket. From the very first second on walking out of customs gate at Hyderabad airport, I felt treated like a VIP. A private chauffeur was awaiting me for my (late) arrival and he safely took me to my hotel and from there on everything so continued like a charm, means everything happened at a grade of precision, I wouldn’t have believed that this would really be possible!

After getting the usual work done on day one (X-rays, blood samples, a precise inspection of the mouth to have the best possible live checkup done, etc) the Doc himself started his Magic. On day two, after I chose to go for 4 extra implants for my upper front teeth, which were too short to safely carry crowns (could have gone with a cheaper option of having root canal/post and core instead) he started to extract what didn’t belong in my mouth anymore, like broken teeth, broken and “forgotten” roots (all left by the sloppy “home” dentist who completely ruined half of my molars, 21year ago). Dr. Motiwala’s motions were more like the movement of a ballerina, all his moves done with such ease, this Doc literally breathed “LIFELONG PRO” all over the place, what felt like so much more than just lifelong experience. There was no pain involved at all! What a magician! Same for the drillings he had to do, for setting the implants: No pain, no fear was involved at all, cuz I felt so taken care of, simply nothing was worrying me at all! I felt so safe in the Docs hands, I still cannot believe: I cannot repeat myself often enough. And never, not at one single time, did the Doc give me the impression of hurrying! You can choose your favored color, I went for most natural white possible which was what I had 20 years ago.

Soon I saw my new teeth for the very first time in my life, and they simply looked amazing. So it totally made sense when someone called Dr. Motiwala the Michelangelo of Smile Design! I could now leave with a finished full-mouth restoration with translucent Zirconia crowns and everyone who saw me was stunned by the quality of work the Doc has been able to deliver once more.

I can full-heartedly recommend Dr. Motiwala to everyone who is looking for the best quality treatment available, for a comparatively low amount of money, some even would call it “for a budget”.

Great person as a human, great person as a lifelong Pro, a great guy with a big loving heart for the desperate needs of his patients, not giving up on you until you are fully satisfied with his works: this is Dr. Ali Irfan Motiwala! Will be grateful forever.

Samantha R.

Gold Coast, Australia

Samantha R.After years of failing teeth it came to a point of no return as at this point many of my teeth were failing and breaking. I have had a quote in Australia for thousands and thousands of dollars which was just out of my reach, so my journey began. I looked at many clinics in India and other countries. I decided on Dr. Motiwala as I liked the idea of basal implants as they were less invasive and seemed like a fantastic concept. Also Dr. Motiwala is a specialist in implants and also oral and maxillofacial surgeon so I took the leap of faith and travelled alone. From the minute I landed at the airport everything was taken care of. I was picked up and taken to the hotel. I was very nervous at the start of my treatment but it was all the best I have ever had in my life. I had full mouth restoration with Zirconia crowns without sinus lift and bone graft. Dr. Motiwala is a truly genuine, caring individual who only wants the best and he is a perfectionist. I could not be happier with the outcome all done in 7 days. All the staff are lovely and Tasneem is a gem.

Ah See Koo

Business Owner – Japan

Ah See KooI am from Japan and came to Dr. Motiwala for extensive dental treatment. Thank you very much Dr. Motiwala and team, Ms. Tasneem and Ms. Sonia (ex-patient). Before I came here, I consulted dentists from Malaysia, China, and Japan and they all said it will take a long time. Dentists recommended bone grafts and wait for a year to heal, and then do the implants but there was no guarantee for implants to be successful. So it would take multiple visits and the cost was exorbitant.

I had a lot of phobia with any surgery that involved pain but fortunately, I was in good hands with Dr. Motiwala and felt very comfortable and gentle with his bedside manner. I had my full mouth restoration without bone grafts and with single-piece basal implants. This has been possible in a single trip, saving a lot of money and time.

I feel very happy and very lucky to get teeth implants fixed by Dr. Motiwala who is a world-class dentist. I have got this beautiful smile at a very affordable price which was not possible anywhere. It’s just so amazing!

Adrian king

Melbourne, Australia

I contacted Dr. Motiwala’s office in 2017 and finally saved the money to go India for treatment in 2019. Local dentists will advise against it but having had the treatment, I would say that you would get no better treatment.

I had my first appointment and was amazed at the facilities and cleanliness. I was put to at ease.

I had full mouth dental implants treatment. I was amazed at the pain management. It took a few days before I got my permanent teeth but I am extremely happy with the results. For those considering having Dr. Motiwala to do permanent implants, I would have no hesitation in going for it. I have my smile back and my confidence.

Victor Glavenko

Victoria, Australia

I got my smile makeover with Permanent teeth in 3 days done. The dedication, high professionalism and the ability to quickly make decisions critical for the treatment shown by Doctor Motiwala filled me with deepest respect to him. I am so satisfied with my new smile and am very thankful to the doctor and everyone else involved. Still feels like magic!

Gratitude to the whole team of true professionals, special thanks to Ms. Tasneem for organising smooth international trip.

Nedy Papas

California, USA

I am from California, USA.

I had my full mouth implants done by Dr. Motiwala. After the procedure was explained thoroughly, I had the extensive procedure, the pulling of the unsightly teeth and application of the implants & no bone grafts. It was over for about 4 to 5 hours. I was sore of course the first and second day but was slowly improving and with follow ups., it made me happier each day & I would say its worth it.

The Permanent teeth in 3 days performed by Dr. Motiwala was an amazing procedure, that I will highly recommend to anyone who would like to have Permanent teeth and beautiful smile. He worked several times to ensure that my smile be beautiful and now I have it.

To Dr. Motiwala and the staff I would like to say thank you for the hard and excellent job.

Ronald Rogaliner


Ronald RogalinerMy experience with my full mouth restoration with Dr. Motiwala’s Dental Clinic was seamless right from my first contact for a quote, Tasneem’s guidance from visa to Hotel accommodations to transportation, to the treatment.

Upon arrival at the airport I was met by their driver and transported to the hotel. On the way to hotel I was given an envelope from Tasneem welcoming me to India including my treatment schedule and pre-op meds. The treatment took about a week from consultation to final fitting. Dr. Motiwala and his staff made me feel very comfortable during my treatment.

Dr. Motiwala’s expertise with the basal implant technique produced great results.

His work ethic and attention to detail is amazing. Follow up care was laid out in great detail. They really care and are concerned about their patients. I have been back home in the USA now for a week smiling and thinking about my journey to India and the friends I have made along the way.

In closing, the decision to have this treatment was one of the best I have made!



I had 7 implants done in the UK about 8 years ago. The implants fell out one by one. The first one fell out within a week. By the time I arrived at Dr. Motiwala I was in immense pain and was unable to perform my job. The pain was caused by an over denture over the few implants which were left which I used to attach to my gums using dental glue – aargh!! What a terrible messy business it was for many years.

I live in the UK and I noted that the dentist charge 1800 pound for an implant. I also noted that it was very expensive for 4 or 7 implants to hold about 12 teeth. I was concerned about this procedure as I felt it was a lot of teeth on 4 to 7 crowns.

I realised that I might have huge problems as my implants fell out and there was loss of bone.

I found Dr. Motiwala 2 years ago and now I had full upper jaw basal dental implants without sinus lift and bone grafts. In the UK I noted that this was not possible as bone grafting was stressed with a prolonged period of treatment.

Dr. Motiwala is a perfectionist who is dedicated to his work – a true born dentist and professional. His staff are dedicated, well trained, very professional and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.

I feel that he goes above and beyond to ensure a good job is done and he does not stop until he is satisfied that his job is perfect.

Tasneem and Fareeda are wonderful women and we shared many a laugh and they settled me when I was scared .

I also felt comfortable and relaxed whilst waiting in reception, sharing stories and laughter with the other patients about our road to Dr. Motiwala as well as our inherent dental problems, including our dislike for denture glues.

I can honestly say that I feel that Dr. Motiwala rates as a world-leading dentist. I am of the opinion that he has honed his craft over the years in order to deliver the absolute best service.

I can highly recommend Dr. Motiwala and can say with all honesty: You will get everything.

Lots of love, positive energy and best wishes for a bright future.

Bruce Lovett

Western Australia

Bruce LovettHe has given me back my smile and confidence which I was led to believe would not be able to be accomplished in Australia. The professional service and caring approach Dr. Motiwala provided was exceptional, I had my full mouth basal implants with Zirconia crowns. His knowledge and expertise in what he does is quite remarkable. No problem is too difficult for him.

Techniques are way more advanced than available in Australia.

Thank you.

Mike Bisbing


Mike BisbingA rescue with great result!

I am from the United States and as I had a hopeless case, a US dentist could not be found nor convinced to take my case to my satisfaction. I came to Dr. Motiwala on the recommendation of a work colleague, a former patient who was happy with Dr. Motiwala’s work. My treatment was full mouth rehabilitation.

The great advantage of Permanent teeth in three days is a rescue of otherwise hopeless cases unrepairable by most countries’ dentists. Teeth in three days cannot be done by anyone as the technique requires innovative materials and hardware, expertise and above all experience. Basal implants are more robust with superior holding capabilities and provide, in my opinion, deeper bone anchoring and in turn excellent bridge support.

USA dentists do not perform teeth in three days nor do they recommend immediate loading as the consensus is that if the implant moves in three months it will fail.

Zirconia bridges offered by Dr. Motiwala are superior quality, lighter weight and offer jewel-like appearance when one smiles.


Pittsburg, USA

I am very picky. I do not trust anyone. All my research and my experience have proven that Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem and the clinic staff:

  • Use the highest standards of dental practice and care (there is no reason for concern about the dental practice standards utilized at the clinic)
  • Honest, forthright
  • Integrity

Traveling, the hotel and Hyderabad itself were very secure.

In the U.S. I was quoted $35,000+ USD for a two-part implant system. It would have involved multiple bone grafts, sinus lifts, and the total time required was stated as 2 – 3 years. The two-part implant system would not have provided the same cosmetic result as the Ihde system used by Dr. Motiwala.

More importantly to me is that the one-piece basal implant slows down the amount of bone loss as compared to the two-part system quoted in the U.S. In that system, I would have received only 4 implants on the top and bottom.

I have had full mouth dental implants with Zirconia bridges under the technique of Permanent teeth of 3 days. In my case, the system has provided me the most natural appearing teeth that is possible with the current state of implant technology. In fact, I had not expected the final result to be as appealing as it has turned out.


Jacksonville, USA

I am from Florida, USA. My dentist wanted to only redo my all on four procedure with a new prosthetic, that was made of substandard quality. Here, at Dr. Motiwala’s, I received 8 additional implants along with zirconia teeth. The price I spent here in India is incomparable to the price in the USA and the quality here is 3 to 4 times better in comparison. In all, I received full-mouth restoration that was well worth the travel. Permanent teeth in 3 days by Dr. Motiwala is a great choice and should be considered by anyone in need of implants. The use of basal implants made the procedure more efficient and less time consuming. The facility here was very clean by all means of sanitary conditions. I would also like to thank the staff for being so useful and knowledgeable in their efforts. The staff went out of their way to ensure my comfort and utmost care. Dr. Motiwala is a great doctor by all means of dentistry. He showed his knowledge and skills to be of the highest standards and specifications. If anyone is in need of implants, they would be serving themselves to allow Dr. Motiwala to perform the procedure of 3-day implants. Its been pleasure as a patient and I would definitely come if I ever needed his service. Dr. Motiwala is an Implantologist of the now and surely the future.

Ram Singal, P.E.

Professional Civil Engineer, New York, USA
Founder and International Director, 7 Billion Acts of Goodness

Dental Implants TestimonialsFinally, I have a Happy Smile!

I came To Dr. Motiwala after long-drawn thinking because I thought he is expensive. I decided to go to another doctor in Ahmedabad for the same single implant Basal implant with metal-ceramic caps. However, I regretted going to that doctor as most of the implants failed and developed infections.

Dr. Motiwala performed the following treatment.

In the first sitting, he reviewed the condition of the implants upon taking an in-house OPG x-ray.

In the second sitting, his dentist removed all the existing caps. Some bad implants also came out.

In the third sitting Dr. Motiwala removed all the failed implants first. However, the remaining implants were also not very stable. So we mutually agreed to remove all the existing multi-unit implants.

I needed three months to heal the wounds and build up the bones. So they installed temporary dentures.

After about 4 months, full mouth single piece Basal implants were installed in a single sitting. Metal-free Zirconia bridges were installed after 3 days. It took total of 5 days to complete the entire process.

I most admired Dr. Motiwala for the following reasons:

  • They have an on-site laboratory to do the Zirconia bridge metal free. This way, they could control the operation easily.
  • All the medicine needed were also provided at the office. I even was able to get the water pic at their place. So I did not need to go through any hassle of going to medical stores etc.
  • Dr. Motiwala himself installed the implants and closely supervised the installation of the caps and did the final bite adjustment himself.
  • The really pleasant experience was post-operation instructions on how to protect the implants and care for the new teeth.
  • Dr. Motiwala will not stop working until every little detail has been taken care of.

Overall, I had a great experience dealing with Dr. Motiwala and his staff particularly Dr. Deepti and Ms. Farida for providing dental services and administrative duties. Choosing Dr. Motiwala for doing the full-mouth dental work was the best decision I made after struggling with so many dentists. I will highly recommend my friends and contact people to get work done by Motiwala.

Gismondo Steve

Sydney, Australia

This journey started 25 years ago after I lost my baby eye teeth at the age of 45 and went through many months wearing braces to pull down the impacted eye teeth (canines). But was unsuccessful and eventually had to extract the canines under the recommendation of the dentist at that time, due to bone deterioration. Bone grafting is a consequence and further procedures due to conflicting advice until I found out about basal implants and started making inquiries. I read an article about Dr. Motiwala and looked into the procedure which he incorporates and started my journey which has ended up in the greatest satisfaction and journey which has involved the most up-to-date procedures unavailable in Australia even in this day and age.

I have been most impressed by the technology used in the clinic, as good as if not better as any that I have seen in Sydney. Dr. Motiwala is extremely proficient and expertly performed the procedures involving extractions, implants, crowns, and especially to the details in the bridgework which was meticulous.

Dr. Motiwala and his staff have been extremely observant of my conditions and of other procedures required which no one has previously picked up on rectified, leaving me 100% satisfied with the final results, and believe me from past experiences there is no other dental surgeon nor staff better qualified in these procedures.

Espy D’Souza

Teacher – UAE

It is possible to look younger!

My name is Espy D’souza, I am from Goa, India. Presently residing and working as an expat in the United Arab Emirates. For a long time, I can only recall having terrible problems with my teeth and the different dentists I took treatments with, which helped me only for a period of time. Until my friend recommended Dr. Motiwala. Thankfully, I took her advice and decided to make my 10-day visit to Hyderabad.

During my stay, I can only say that the entire experience was smooth, pleasant and fast. I came here for a full mouth rehabilitation; which Dr. Motiwala completed in just 8 days and I am pleased to travel back to Dubai now not only with a broad smile but also looking much younger.

One-piece basal implants have made me feel as if I have brand new teeth in my mouth, and with good dental care I can enjoy the new permanent teeth for a lifetime, which means I will have no more problems in the future.

Rodney and Robyn Crow


I and my wife are from Australia. We have had full mouth reconstruction in 2017 using single piece basal implants at Dr. Motiwala dental clinic in Hyderabad. We now have fantastic teeth and are very thankful to Dr. Motiwala his excellent care attention to detail & his kind & gentle approach. We would also like to thank Dr. Motiwala’s team especially Tasneem for arranging our accommodation & transfers. We both now have full confident smiles & we would recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone looking to have great dental care at an affordable price. Prices in Australia are truly ridiculous you will understand just how ridiculous after you have seen the tremendous work that Dr. Motiwala does.

Anthony Watters

Western Australia

Antony WattersThe time finally came where I had to do something about my teeth. For years they were deteriorating because of enamel loss.

I took to the internet in search of possible solutions and almost immediately came upon Dr. Motiwala’s web site. I kept looking at other dental sites, but time after time returned to Dr. Motiwala’s site. Perhaps this was because of the number of satisfied client testimonials from all corners of the world.

Decision made, I contacted the clinic and heard back immediately from Tasneem. What followed was a series of WhatsApp conversations with both Tasneem and Dr. Motiwala. An initial quote was given to me based on a panoramic X-Ray and photos of my teeth. I traveled to Hyderabad in January 2019 to start treatment. On arrival at the clinic, a more thorough consultation was carried out to make sure the initial assessment was correct.

I had a full mouth restoration of crowns and veneers with two implants. The process was quite painless, although at times uncomfortable as you would expect. It turns out keeping your mouth wide open for a number of hours is not an easy task.

Dr. Motiwala is nothing short of a perfectionist. From the initial fitting of the crowns to final adjustments made to get a better bite, he was fastidious. In fact, the whole clinic staff was friendly and professional.

I met a number of other international and local clients at the clinic on most days I was there. It is remarkable how similar our stories were and how happy we were with our treatments. In short, this has been the best decision I’ve made and the outcome is fantastic. I am more than happy with the result.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions at tony.watters@outlook.com.

A. Compton


Anita Compton1 year later your reputation goes before you!

Your reputation Dr. Motiwala was extolled by an enthusiastic patient

I heard about Dr. Motiwala through Vicky a woman I met while staying at the Radisson Blu hotel with friends in 2017. She extolled Dr. Motiwala’s skills and his surgery. I asked for his details just in case.

I had conventional implants done in Hungary in 2008 but wanted more bottom teeth where there were gaps. I was also worried about contracting endocarditis because one tooth had an underground infection.

Is Dr. Motiwala’s system of teeth in 3 days better than conventional implants. That is debatable and there are widespread differences in opinion amongst the dentists globally. I have had full mouth restoration with single piece dental implants and zirconia crowns.

Psychologically it is good for patients because teeth can be placed after surgery. However, patients should be aware that while these new implants look wonderful and give you an attractive mouth and glorious instant smile, they take time -months & embed and lodge in the mouth. You have to be gentle with yourself eating soft foods for at least 3 months and you cannot bite things. Your teeth look great.

The benefits are instant – No metal is used in your mouth apart from titanium which fuses with the bone and gums. Thank you Dr. Motiwala – a year later – for your work.

Andrei P.

Scientist – Brisbane, Australia

Andrei and SvetlanaI did my full mouth restoration. I was really impressed by the skill and the attitude of Doctor Motiwala and the staff of his clinic. They definitely exceeded all expectations and I will certainly recommend the doctor to my friends who have similar dental issues. Thank you very much!

Svetlana T.

Scientist – Brisbane, Australia

I got my smile makeover with Permanent teeth in 3 days done. The dedication, high professionalism and the ability to quickly make decisions critical for the treatment shown by Doctor Motiwala filled me with deepest respect to him. I am so satisfied with my new smile and am very thankful to the doctor and everyone else involved. Still feels like magic!

Kimball Abrams


Gabriel Davis


Glenn Watson

CEO – Queensland, Australia

Glenn WatsonI researched for two years for the best form of treatment and all my searches and referrals suggested Dr. Motiwala and his team in Hyderabad to be the best in the World at this form of treatment. I had a full mouth restoration and I am incredibly happy with the entire process from lead up discussions through to the actual treatment and final result. The entire team have been incredibly professional and the most important thing was I got the result I was praying for.

Please feel free to contact me at any time on glenn@bmaeventgroup.com.au if you would like to discuss my recent experience.

Sue Howell

Clinical Social Work Therapist – South Carolina, USA

Dental Implant patient testimonials“Thank God for an answer”

I researched many places in and out of the States. All options would take too long, involving bone grafts and I could not afford the best implants available in the U.S. My dentist told me to be careful going out of the States due to FDA requirements. After doing research and investigation, Dr. Motiwala and speaking with the ex-patient I was ready to go. It took a while to convince my son but he eventually accompanied me on this trip to have full mouth implants restoration. No sinus lift or bone grafts needed. The teeth are beautiful. And the Pterygoid implants are remarkable. The explanation for the one-piece implant Vs the one used in US convinced me. Tasneem and all staff were professional, kind and skilled. Dr. Motiwala is part artist, part scientist, part genius and part man who loves his work and is a master.

I highly recommend this doctor and his staff. For particulars, please feel free to contact me at socialworksue@yahoo.com

Dr. Robert Sweeney


Dental Implant patient reviews“JUST DO IT!”

I am a chiropractor from the US. I absolutely made the right move to come to Dr. Motiwala. I have seen many of my own patients have difficulties with dental implants, such as waiting months and even years to get the permanent teeth in, failed grafts, and I commonly see poor aesthetics such as mismatched teeth. For me I couldn’t afford to wait that long and have an unnatural looking smile.

It was important for me to turn around fast to the high-quality implants, and the advanced techniques used by Dr. Motiwala and his staff. For me I wanted the one piece for stability and aesthetics. I chose this clinic for the number of successful implants he has done, and the in-house lab, off which I can now say firsthand they have made fine tuned changes within an hour, as opposed to weeks or months which is typical.

After coming to Hyderabad, and meeting Dr. Motiwala and his staff, the experience has been exceptional. I’m personally not the easiest dental patient I can admit, but Dr. Motiwala and his staff have treated me with professionalism and compassion. They are perfectionists which is what you want for flawless restorations. Highly recommend it.

Earl Kallemeyn


Terry Kirby

United Kingdom

Jon Riley

Musician from Leicestershire, UK

Jon Riley

Years of neglect and a fear of dentists had led me to being unable to smile, eat properly and always be conscious of my image due to the state of my teeth. Dentists in the UK had told me that immediate implants were not an option due to bone loss unless I first committed to a bone graft/sinus lift which would take a period of many months. Some were offering an “all on four” solution, neither option was what I wanted.

After nearly two years of researching the internet looking for other implant solutions I kept coming back to the web site of the Dr. Motiwala Clinic. The website offered permanent teeth in only 3 days and by using Pterygoid implants, stated that bone grafts and sinus lifts would not be required and the end result would be as near as possible to me having a full set of natural teeth.

Conversations with Dr. Motiwala and his co-ordinator Tasneem followed and these always resulted in all of my questions being answered satisfactorily and so, although slightly nervous, I travelled on my own to Hyderabad from the UK.

After various scans and X-rays using their own latest in house equipment it was confirmed that I could have full mouth rehabilitation without issues and so the following day the procedure was carried out by Dr. Motiwala and his team over approximately 5 hours. During this time I felt no pain during extractions and the placing of implants, I had total confidence in the professional team led Dr. Motiwala. I have not needed any further pain killers since that day.

I had the “first fix” of my new teeth and although I thought that everything was perfect Dr. Motiwala decided that things could be “more perfect” and he re-scheduled another appointment for the following day for slight alterations. The next day I walked from the clinic with a full set of new teeth and a very large smile!

Today having had my final visit to the clinic I am now the owner of wonderful looking teeth and I am loving learning to smile again for the first time in many years. (the staff at my hotel have commented that I look 10 years younger!!)

Hyderabad is a great city and all of the people that I have met have been delightful. I have felt perfectly safe all of the time during my stay and have also taken the opportunity to visit some of the wonderful places there are to see in this city.

I truly believe that the Dr. Motiwala clinic is one of the best clinics anywhere in the world for this type of work.

Dr. Motiwala is an absolute perfectionist and as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon the work that he carries out is far in advance of what any standard dental implant clinic will provide and all of his team at the clinic are fantastic. The work done has surpassed all of my expectations, is second to none and the price I have paid is what I was originally quoted.

Email id : jonrileyuk@gmail.com

Elizabeth Stewarts


Hugh McKay & James McKay

United Kingdom

Anne Crow

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Anne CrowFor many years, I have had ongoing problems with my teeth. In spite having private health insurance in my home country the cost of dentistry was continually on the rise. However, the amount of exclusions the health fund imposed was on the increase. It did not seem to matter which dentist I saw, the planned procedures always differed. No two dentists ever seemed to agree on a way forward. The only thing they seemed to agree on was large cost with many months of long painful procedures. It is clear to me that the standard of dentistry in my home country is clearly inferior to that available here in Hyderabad.

Twelve months prior to me coming to Dr. Motiwala, my brother-in-law and his wife both came here for significant dental procedures ant it was their positive experience. That was the recommendation for me to dismiss my apprehension and travel half way around the world for dentistry. In all honesty “Nobody” likes going to the dentist. But in this case, it borders on “pleasure”. Dr. Motiwala and his team are all professionals and make the entire process as seamless as possible. I truly believe that this experience will change my life in a more positive way than any experience I have in the past. Possibly right up there with the births of each of my three children.

To me Dr. Motiwala is a “Michael Angelo” of Dentistry.

Thank you all!

Lucinda and Martin

Queensland, Australia

Dental Implants ReviewsI am Lucinda and my husband and I started on a journey to teeth makeover. It happened that we started this journey in Australia but as we expected and as known to all of us the treatment quote was very expensive. We then started to look outside Australia for other teeth makeovers. .

We were very vigilant with our research and then made a decision to go to Thailand. We got our teeth checked with the dentist after reaching Thailand and got our treatment quotes, we realised the the prices were much similar to Australian price which was one of our primary concerns. We also felt that the hygiene there was not up to the expected standards as some of the x-ray equipment was not working properly, which made us decide not to have a teeth makeover in Thailand. We were now back to square, so as to where we get our teeth done?.

We went back to our home in Australia and started the research all over to find a proper place to get our teeth checked and done, which is when we found Dr. Motiwala’s clinic coming up, which said he specialised in implantology and we learned that the implants are called basal implants which engage the basal cortex of the jaw bone. Our further research about this has given the insights that this implant technology is a state of art. .

Thats how we ended up in Dr. Motiwalas clinic. Dr. Motiwala’s practice is spotless. The team at his practice are very kind and always ensure the patient’s comfort. I felt very comfortable and the pain management principle is high on their list of priorities. I had minimal pain when I had 3 implants and 23 crowns, full smile makeover. On the other side, my husband Martin had full mouth implants. We both could not be happier with our new smiles..

We would like to thank Dr. Motiwala and his team along with the lab technicians, the international co-ordinators for a smooth transition from the visit to the treatment. The clinic also has an inhouse dental lab where the teeth are done. The entire procedure has taken three visits for me, and the driver was also arranged for us. We did not have to think about anything, it was all taken care of. If you would like any more information about coming to Hyderabad, India to get your teeth fixed, Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the clinic as we have given all the information needed.

Dale Elliot


Farisha Tikaram

Dubai, UAE

Lucia Gaier


Lucia GaierI have been to many dentists and never been happy with their opinions. I have found Dr. Motiwala on the internet. I have come to India not knowing what to expect but after the treatment, I am so happy and I recommend with no reservation Dr. Motiwala. I have had full mouth restoration without any sinus lift or bone graft using single piece basal implants. The doctor is a genius. Thank you to all the staff and especially to Ms.Tasneem.

Rodney Crow


Nadia P.

New Zealand

Addy Thornton

Washington, USA

My issues started 1½ years ago when I started having medical problems. I was also noticing neurological changes. I was shuffling my feet and tripping while ascending the stairs. My regular dentist did not tell me I had three root canal infections! it took a visit to an integrative dentist in Seattle who took a CBCT scan and a recommendation to have 8 of the 11 root canals removed with prosthetic replacement amounting to $16,000 (approx). I also was having Lt TMJ pain. I had my teeth removed in Mexico by another integrative dentist following the Dr. Huggins approach; he recommended that all root canal teeth be extracted. This was late May 2018. Fitted with temporary partials I grieved the removal of all 11 teeth. I spoke with Tasneem a few times. Spoke with Dr. Motiwala twice over the summer. He recommended I chew exclusively on my right side that it would take up to a year for my left TMJ to be connected. During this time I saw a TMJ specialist in Poulsbo, WA who conducted an MRI indicating my disc moving interiorly whenever I opened my mouth. Symptoms alongwith TMJ pain were also left sided headaches and semi-pain particularly when talking. With not chewing on my left side, I reduced my headaches by 60 % but was still having many issues SCM.

Coming to India and meeting Dr. Motiwala had a bit of a lecture about removing of all my root canals. But retrospect I have completely resolved left sided breast pain and the neurological problems with the remaining medical issues. I may have thought this could not be ruled out by the other root canals. So some $ more, but peace of mind. I LOVE INDIA.

I felt very well cared for in this clinic. The implant surgery was relatively painless. I was more bothered by the ensuing headache. My only issue was the implant posts, once contoured into spikes cut into my cheeks but that was relieved by gauze. Probably was a bit of a problem child. I was adamant that I wanted to keep all of my biological top teeth despite Dr. Motiwala’s recommendations that my mouth would be more structurally strong with a bridge. Dr. Motiwala complied with my insistence from where I am sitting now, he did a great job including matching teeth colour (One shade lighter to accommodate the bleaching of my teeth later) so I am grateful to Dr. Motiwala for being flexible accommodating me.

Side note: I really liked the staff and the ambience. I would return in a heartbeat but God willing I never have to.

Andy Low


Andy LowI am Andy from Singapore. Due to my poor dental care, I was wearing dentures and had been looking for implants. So I researched internet and come across Dr. Motiwala. It was too good to be true that implants can be done in 3 days. So after talking to Tasneem and Dr. Motiwala I decided to come to his clinic.

After arriving, hotel and transportation was arranged by Tasneem.

I had full mouth dental implants with Zirconia bridges done. After implants everything was great. Dr. Motiwala is very professional and dedicated in his job. I have a great smile now and feel grateful and thankful to Dr. Motiwala and his team here. No sinus lift and bone graft needed. No pain before and after treatment. I would strongly recommend anyone who need to do implants to come here and see Dr. Motiwala.

Thank you again! Wish Dr. Motiwala & his team all the best.

Vicki Watson

Lanzarote, Spain

Vicki Anne WatsonFor too many years, I had postponed having my much needed dental work carried out.

I always found something else to spend my hard earned money on my own business, bills, home improvements etc etc.

When my teeth became very sensitive and after losing a tooth which I was very conscious of, I decided that it was time (long overdue!) to have the work done. The next problem to face me was where, to have it carried out. When I started exploring the possibilities; I was shocked at how expensive it would be and also how long it would take. An implant would cost me 1500 Euro and take at least 3-6 months to be done. A crown would cost me 500 Euro. The prices and time scale were prohibitive. So I started to search the internet for a dentist abroad. I had visited India as a tourist 17 years previously, so that’s where I researched because I could enjoy an interesting holiday at the same time.

Dr. Motiwala was the second dentist I found in India. I was impressed by the clinic’s comprehensive website which had a video of its modem state of the art clinic and it was pristine!!

The website’s information addressed many issues and answered my questions. I was far more confident with Dr. Motiwala and his clinic than the previous one I had found in Delhi. The patient testimonials and YouTube videos plus comments on face book only reinforced my initial positive impression. For me the qualifications, experience, competency were of the utmost importance. Plus as an Ex-nurse and midwife hygiene was also a major concern priority for me.

With Dr. Motiwala , I felt I was getting all of the above and I was very confident in my choice.

After deciding to go ahead the rest was extremely easy. I contacted Tasneem the International co-ordinator who seamlessly guided me through the booking process, sent me valuable information regarding visa’s, hotel’s etc. I arrived at the Radisson Blu hotel and met Dr. Motiwala and his team the next day. All of my amazing first class dental work was successfully completed by 1st Feb ’17.

It would have been a little earlier but Dr. Motiwala was not happy with the impressions at a couple of my teeth & insisted those be done again – that is normal for this perfectionist.

My friends at home are amazed, I am not amazed just extremely, grateful and cannot thank Dr. Motiwala and his team enough.


Andover, Great Britain

I have had a full mouth restoration without a sinus lift or bone grafting.

I would like to thank Dr. Motiwala and his whole team for the support during my stay and will have no hesitation in recommending them to colleagues, friends and family.

My story is typical slow deterioration of my teeth of 10 years resulting in a choice between implants or dentures. I started my research primarily looking for an expert with significant experience while the importance of price was a secondary consideration. Thankfully, I found Dr. Motiwala and his team and the whole experience and outcome have been better than expected. I was amazed by the attention to detail as well as the technical skills involved. Dr. Motiwala is an artist in dentistry.

I am happy to discuss my experience with others and can be contacted on sherry@dayus.org.

Natalia Danilova

Brisbane, Australia

I had a recurring appointment with the dentists starting from very early age. The problem was not helped my being a long time smoker. I quit smoking when I was 49 years old. Now I am 57 years old.

My mouth was filled with crowns (metal-ceramic) and bridges and couple of holes (3 holes).

Something should have been done particularly when my 3 rd root under the crown had cracked. Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic was highly recommended by my friends who were using their services in 2013. Both had full mouth rehabilitation and were very happy when I last talked to them at the beginning of February of 2018.

I had full mouth restoration with zirconia crowns and using Pterygoid implants for the back teeth without sinus lift / bone grafts. For the bottom jaw, upon checking up, Dr. Motiwala decided to keep majority of my bottom teeth, just extracting 2 as they were loose. I had to have root canals, implants and zirconia crowns. The bite was also corrected. Especially the gap between front teeth of upper and lower jaws.

I found all staff, Tasneem and especially Dr. Motiwala extremely attentive. Doctor worked to get it just right. I am very happy with my new teeth. Hope I will enjoy my food texture after 4 months. My husband has called my teeth exquisite saying they never looked so good.

My sincere gratitude

Irene R.

Tipperary, Ireland

Dental Implants testimonialsI had been having problems with my bridge work and loose teeth. It was time to do something as I was losing my teeth. I had gone to local dentists and was not happy or confident in their ability. After hearing of Dr. Motiwala from a friend who had been here, so I did some research, contacted clinic and decided it was for me.

Dr. Motiwala is very gentle and efficient. He explains everything and immediately you are confident in his abilities. All staff are very kind and caring.

I had a full mouth restoration. At all stages, I was kept informed and my opinion of appearance taken into account.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Motiwala and his clinic.

Our driver also looked after us in a friendly, safe manner which added to our experience in Hyderabad.

Patience S.

Tipperary, Ireland

Dentist testimonialsCame to support my sister and ended up having a full mouth restoration as I was so impressed.

It is lovely to have no denture after 55 years. The treatment was excellent and the services too.

Dr. Motiwala was reassuring, made me feel at ease. All the staff were kind and friendly.

Our taxi driver was kind and informative about local history and added to a great experience.

I would have no problem recommending Dr. Motiwala clinic and the whole experience.

Pai Teao

Trainer & Assessor – Gold Coast, Australia

Pai TeaoAfter many years of contemplating and researching on where to get this procedure done, I finally came across the website of Dr. Motiwala. The reason for getting this done was to restore the functionality of my teeth and replace missing teeth as well. Before making my decision to see Dr. Motiwala I had seen specialists in Australia but found that it would cost a considerable amount of money and time to get done what I wanted. Finally made the decision to go to India and never looked back, was the best decision I made, because of the following:

  • The initial consultation with Tasneem was second to none.
  • Pickup from airport and travel to and from the clinic by the designated driver was awesome.
  • The clinic staff from the receptionist, technicians to the dental assistants were helpful and cared to my every need.
  • Last but not least, Dr. Motiwala a perfectionist in his own right and cannot thank him enough. Thank you so much.
  • The procedure I received was a full smile makeover which consisted of extractions, implants, bridges and crowns.
  • My smile never looked better. Thank you again to Dr. Motiwala and his staff.

Yakub Vagh

Perth, Western Australia

After much research, I finally made up my mind to have my dental treatment with Dr. Irfan Ali Motiwala. I have a missing front tooth and 8 back teeth missing. I had been using a denture for the front tooth and just could not stand wearing it. My bite was quite low as the denture was taken by only one or two teeth. From the beginning, my correspondence started with Ms. Tasneem who answered all my questions promptly – emails and WhatsApp. She provided me with costs, hotel accommodation, even a driver to pick up from the airport and transfers to and from surgery & hotel. My smile makeover consisted of 4 implants on upper jaw and 4 implants on lower jaw. Also had 17 crowns. Dr. Motiwala and his team have treated me excellently. Dr. Motiwala’s patience and attention to detail impressed me most. The staff always smile and are most courteous. Overall so far, I cannot fault my experience at this Practice. I was made to feel most comfortable from start to finish. I would highly recommend anyone to this Practice without any doubt whatsoever. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Colin Moore

NSW, Australia

I came here because of dissatisfaction with another dentist from Mumbai (poor communication about the procedure they had performed on me). I chose Dr. Motiwala as I liked that he did the Permanent teeth in 3 days method and because of the communication from his assistant, Tasneem and from Dr. Motiwala was very good. Hence, my trust levels were greater. The result was a very nice set of new incisors, canines and molar tooth. I was satisfied and happy with his attention to detail and desire to get the best possible outcome for the full mouth restoration. I was also pleased that the driver who took me to & from the clinic was helpful and friendly. As I was on my own in a foreign country, I was thankful that he could show me some tourist sights.

Guy Griffiths

United Kingdom

Visiting the dentist has never been an experience that I look forward to. Unfortunately due to years of erosion the visits became far too regular for my liking. I therefore decided that a full mouth restoration was needed. Following a period of investigation, India offered the best value. Now I needed to to find a dentist. One name stood out Dr. Motiwala. I can recommend this practice 100% professional, thorough, honest and a new smile. Thank you so much.

Cheryl Bell

Logan, Australia

Cheryl BellI have had a full mouth rehabilitation. Bridges top and bottom.

I was led to Dr. Motiwala by a friend who had visited. I have been wanting to have extensive dental work done for many years. Starting a family of five of five children, I found it hard to spend extra money on my dental work. I wanted the best. Dr. Motiwala came highly recommended by a friend. So I had no hesitation in starting the process with this clinic.

I have found Dr. Motiwala to be exceptional and also his staff. Professional without fault and very caring and thoughtful.

I am extremely blessed with the end result. I have no hesitation in recommending this clinic for all your dental needs.


Nashville, USA

I was told by dentists in the U.S that I was not a candidate for implants. I was given traditional dentures and I was not happy with them. I found Dr. Motiwala online and was unable to find any negative reviews. Everyone had nothing but positive reviews.

After submitting my x-ray I was told I was the candidate for full mouth implants. I was so happy to hear this news! I now have a full set of beautiful white teeth. Dr. Motiwala gave me the Hollywood smile, I always dreamed of.

Sharon Wright

Melbourne, Australia

I made the decision to have my implants done by Dr. Motiwala in July 2018 as my husband had had full mouth restoration implants successfully in 2015 and was very happy.

I had few implants done and also ended up having a smile makeover with few root canals and crowns. I was very pleased with the results and also impressed with the level of professionalism at the Dr’s Office. Everyone was very helpful and made sure we were very comfortable keeping us refreshed with offers of coffee and juice. Sometimes it was easy to forget you were in a foreign country.

I was given all relevant medications for the management of pain and after a few days the pain was minimal.

All in all the experience has been a positive one. We have been in India for 2 weeks and got to have a small holiday as well.

I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Motiwala for their dental requirements and would also highly recommend staying at the Radisson Blu as we were very well looked after as patients of Dr. Motiwala.

Richard Marten

Perth, Australia

Richard MartenI came to India because my teeth were very worn down over the years. I am 55 years old and a smoker for many years.

I researched treatments and decided on Dr. Motiwala after he rang me personally and explained many dentists use old technology. Dr. Motiwala uses latest one-piece implant treatment & modern equipments. Some pain at the first is experienced but only few days which recovers with pain-killers.

Dr. Motiwala’s work was everything I hoped for and I am receiving praise on how good my teeth look now. I also spoke to patients who had their teeth done here 4 years ago and had no issues at all. Dr. Motiwala is a kind, understanding person and all his staff are very helpful as well.

I highly recommend treatment here.

Joseph Osga

Pierson, Florida

Joe OsgaOver the last 15 years, I have had many painful and expensive dental experiences trying to save my teeth from perio disease with no positive results. I was told all they could do was to follow the “Gold Standard” of flap surgery, sinus lifts, bone augmentation etc., all resulting in much pain, time and experience. I chose to not believe these were the only solutions.

After discovering, Dr. Motiwala on the Internet Oct 2017, I learned his amazing techniques and chose to make an appointment to get a total mouth reconstruct with new teeth which required implants and all teeth crowned. All this was completed in 3 days with another 3 days for follow up adjustments so from start to finish & it took 9 days and the only pain and experience was really just a bit of discomfort while adjusting the crowns for a perfect fit. Truly the only positive dental experience over the last 20 years.

Dr. Motiwala is a craftsman on the dental area. I have given him the much named “Leonardo Dr. Motiwala” the artist of the dental world.

The tag line of his letterhead says it all ” Making Excellence standard”.

Adriano Mattoni

Conservation Biologist – Culver, USA

Adriano MattoniAfter coming to Bangkok, I had almost committed to all on 4! When I researched India, discovered Dr. Motiwala and I am glad I did. After explaining his technique, it made sense as a superior method V/s all on 4 only. I received 16 implants, giving better adhesion for less money than all on 4 and for less than in US. Dr. Motiwala is very attentive to detail and all his work done here sure matters sense. Staff are very friendly. Hyderabad is a very affordable place to visit with a ton of history.

The work done is good, feels good, tooth good, the price I got to vacation in India, Thailand, and Cambodia, get my horrible teeth replaced and saved, So that said hats off to Dr. Motiwala and thank you very much.

Blessing & Peace.

Andrew Cullen

Gold Coast, Australia

Andrew CullenI was recommended to come to Dr. Motiwala from a good friend in Australia. I required a tooth removal & implants & crowns. In Australia, I was advised to get a bone graft and treatment over 6 months. I did not want to do this procedure. Dr. Motiwala advised this is not necessary & could complete my treatment in 5 days and no return surgery.

The treatment plan, accommodation & travel was very easy & looked after. The staff was very professional & caring, no issue. After 4 days, my treatment was complete & I am very happy. Dr. Motiwala & staff are very professional & he is a perfectionist.

Thank you very much.

Stephen Kennedy

Manchester, UK

Stephen KennedyI came across Dr. Motiwala clinic a few years ago on the internet. I looked at the site and decided this was the place for me to go in order to have my dental work done. I came for “full mouth restoration”. Work included extractions, root removal, implants and crowns without bone graft.

You would not be human if you were not a little concerned about travelling thousands of miles and having this work done. From day one, the staff and the doctor help you through the treatment. I did not feel any pain from any of the treatment. During or after the medication that you are supplied with, obviously does its job.

The work from start to finish was all done in a week. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Motiwala to anybody.

It is a life changing experience for me to be able to talk to people and not worry about my teeth.

Neil McLean

Gold Coast, Australia

Neil McleanI am extremely pleased with every aspect of Dr. Motiwala experience.

Having a mouthful of ‘Pearly-Whites’ has been on my bucket list for over 20 years.

To see the finished product is a total joy for me.

There is no doubt that my new look has already changed my life significantly. Hiding my teeth because they were in such poor condition actually takes a great deal of energy. Now a beaming smile with natural looking teeth takes no effort at all.

If there was a satisfaction scale of 1-10, it would score a 10.

Finally, compliments to Dr. Motiwala’s team of people. Everything about the experience has been highly professional.

Thank you Thank you Thank you in total gratitude.

Tom Adam Ireland

Macon, USA

Tom AdamI came here because it was the best and cheapest offering for dental implants. I looked many places and researched several other destinations including Thailand and South America. But Dr. Motiwala was the best. The implants from an engineering standpoint were solid and better designed than the normal implant available in the US.

The pain was the major selling point and I am able to see 80 % on what I have would have spent on the insurance and the time frame was saved on from several months to just a few days. The staff s very professional and attentive. The procedure was simple and remarkably painless. I am very satisfied with the result and even after a day I can hardly tell the difference between implants and my natural teeth, I would highly recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone seeking dental implants.</

Andrei Belkin

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Andrei BelkinI found out about Dr. Motiwala’s clinic on the internet. I saw it had good reviews and that Dr. Motiwala does really complicated and unique implant treatments. This really is the case in less than 2 weeks.

Dr. Motiwala has performed full mouth dental implants, virtually pain free. I would like to thank Dr. Motiwala, Tasneem & Deepak and other members of the team from bottom of my heart for such excellent work. Thank you very much.

Jenna Walford

Lecturer – Bunbury, Western Australia

Jenna Walford“Making Excellence standard” – Could not find a more fitting statement.

Australian dentist suggested traditional implants at starting costs of $80,000 hence my research into overseas options.

Decided to come to India for full mouth restoration and daughter’s smile makeover , specifically to see Dr. Motiwala because of his technique and reviews I had seen on the internet. The communication between Dr. Motiwala, his staff and emails proved to be the deciding factor that confirmed my decision.

Dr. Motiwala is a dental genius who is patient, listens to all your questions and is fanatical at creating masterpieces- great sense of humour too!

All dental assistants, admin and other staff members are a credit to this wonderful work. All are caring patience and ever so tolerant of those (like me) who are (were) extremely nervous. Gentle natures who take your comfort and well being to heart.

Treatment was pain free -Yes I didn’t believe it either but honestly, pain free it was.

Cannot praise Dr. Motiwala enough – honestly he is amazing and has a heart of a lion and the skills that many dentists aspire too.

Vincent Jones

Scotland, UK

Vincent JonesFor the past 25 years I have been wearing full set dentures, both upper and lower jaw. In the time that I have been wearing them, I have suffered many years of discomfort and pain, not to mention the impact on my confidence. Whether eating, sneezing, coughing or even laughing, there was always a disaster waiting to happen.

I was always self aware of my smile, which all too often resulted in exposing more plastic, which was also embarrassing.

About 18 months ago, and having finally decided that I did not wish to have to endure dentures for the rest of my life, I began researching via the internet to hopefully find a solution.

I began by making a list of all the negatives that wearing dentures had on me, and as you would imagine, this ended up being a long list. Secondly, I made another list, with all the benefits I would hope to have if I could find an acceptable alternative to wearing dentures. This list was even longer!

After researching many sites both in Europe and the rest of the world, Dr. Motiwala came top of the list every time. The treatment that was on offer, the highest level of expertise, and the support from Dr. Motiwala and his team could not be matched.

After much deliberation, I booked my flights and arrived in Hyderabad on April 10th, 2017. For a full mouth reconstruction, my consultation was scheduled for 10.00.am that day. From the C.T. scan, it was clear that there was very little bone both in the upper and lower jaw, additionally there was more bone loss to the left side of my jaw, causing a slightly crooked bite and smile.

I had upper and lower implants put in place the following day, and over the next few days, Dr. Motiwala worked on correcting the issue with the amount of bone loss, as well as compensating for the bone deficiency on my left side. On Saturday, I left the clinic with a full set of fantastic teeth, and a smile I forgot I had!!

Dr. Motiwala, Sir, you are a genius, my most grateful thanks. To Tasneem and the rest of the team, your help and assistance is very much appreciated, thank you for your fantastic support.

If anyone is considering having treatment at Dr. Motiwala clinic, please feel free to contact me at vincejones1@aol.com Hopefully I can answer any questions you may have.

Bruce L.

Retd. Environment Scientist – Peregian Beach, Australia

Bruce LlyodAfter a diligent search, I found a reference to Dr. Motiwala, his websites, and Facebook page. This was as easy as googling “dental implants”. I researched the techniques used by Dr. Motiwala and found journal articles supporting his approach. The technique originated in Switzerland and seemed to be well supported by other research. Dr. Motiwala is one of only a few Implantologists to receive the title of Diplomate, a title only given out to Implantologists who have performed a large number of successful implants. This title recognises the experience of the Implantologist.

To satisfy myself, I read through the testimonials and contacted past patients. Their responses were positive and all were pleased with the outcomes. This gave me the confidence to come to a foreign country to have the procedure done.

Back home, a full mouth rehabilitation is incredibly expensive. Dr. Motiwala’s costs were much more manageable, so I decided to have the procedure done and have a holiday as well. I was given Pterygoid Implants with no bone grafts or sinus lifts. The treatment was completed in 10 days, including two extra days spent in Hyderabad “just in case”. This is so much quicker than the times quoted in Australia and other countries. The whole procedure was pain free with the pain management regime implemented.

Antibiotics were used to control the possibility of infection and the procedure was carried out in very controlled aseptic conditions.

The knowledge and skill of Dr. Motiwala is apparent when the procedure is underway. He also takes his time to get the teeth just right and the bite just perfect. A true perfectionist.

A few days later I came away with a new set of teeth and could not be happier.

Karen Johnston

Portland, USA

I have been plagued with dental problems all of my life. When I was 4 years old, I knocked my front baby teeth up into my gums. It took a very long time for them to come back out and when they did, they would not fall out naturally. After ex-rays, it showed that the roots had grown around my permanent teeth. At the age of 10, they put me too sleep to remove my upper teeth so my permanent teeth could come down. When they finally did, they were severally disfigured with brown marks and I had an exaggerated over jet. I had them crowned, the first time, when I was a young teenager. After several years of wearing these crowns, my gums were receding and my teeth started appearing longer. My bottom teeth kept hitting under my top teeth, which created a “roller coaster” effect, and kept all of my bottom teeth loose. I eventually had to have the bottom 4 teeth removed and replaced with a bridge. After several failed root canals and another bridge on the side of my mouth, I had already spent over $25,000.00 and my teeth were still terrible shape….with several teeth that had to be pulled….I was eating on one side of my mouth, using only a few teeth. The teeth under my bridge started decaying down to the gumline and infection had set in on my upper crowns. I was desperate. I was determined not to wear dentures, so I started researching diligently….for a few months…Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, and several other locations. I then came upon Dr. Motiwala’s website and started reading the testimonials.

From the first day of contacting them, Tasneem was ON IT. She called me several times, sent me more written and videotaped testimonials and put my mind and heart at ease. She helped with the estimated cost and the travel and hotel arrangements. She is a bright light that shines everytime you are in her company.

Dr. Motiwala is the best dentist I have been to, hands down. He is kind, patient, numerous and an artist. I had a full mouth implantation….and I am serious when I say that it was only mildly painful for one day. His technicians are also very professional and gifted, I am sure because of the mentorship of Dr. Motiwala.

I am extremely happy with my healthy smile and my experience with this clinic. I thank them, from the bottom of my heart.

I strongly urge you to come to Hyderabad if you are considering implants. On a side note, I would recommend going to see Fort Golkonda…..it’s magical.

D. Grant

NSW, Australia

For a long time, I have been concerned about the future of my teeth. I had a quote from my family dentist for 2 implants, a bone graft and sinus lift with a bridge of 3 teeth. It was very expensive.

The hardest part is determining what you want done in your mouth, a partial makeover to save money or a full makeover that fixes everything. Kept looking on the internet and found Dr. Motiwala in India, he does restoration from 1 implant to full mouth restorations.

I received a quote from Dr. Motiwala. I also received quotes from two other clinics in India. I rejected both because when I asked questions I replied, “we will quote you properly when you come to our clinic in India”.

I chose Dr. Motiwala because:-

The quote was presented in a way I could understand it.

The pricing was reasonable.

There were no bone grafts or sinus lifts required. And Dr. Motiwala does Tuberopterygoid implants as well.

My correspondence with Tasneem has been very good. What really made the difference is that Dr. Motiwala rang me, I had questions prepared. But there was really only one question I needed answering, “Who was going to do the implants”, Dr. Motiwala replied, I do all the implants. Decision made.

Arrived in India. Stayed for 11 days. India is a very interesting country. Met Dr. Motiwala and Tasneem. Dr. Motiwala’s extractions are just like extractions at your local dentist. The worst part is the needle but they deaden the gum before to reduce the pain.

The implants go in without any trouble. You finish the day with a temporary bridge. There was no pain after the anesthetic wore off. A little bit of discomfort only.

Bridges and crowns are made up and tried in place on the second and third day. Dr. Motiwala had extensive discussions ith the technician about my bridges. Final fitting is on the third day by Dr. Motiwala. Any adjustments are done by Dr. Motiwala and he ensured my bite and smile are perfect. Minor work such as de-scaling, ultra-sonic cleaning and impressions are done by other staff in the clinic. Dr. Motiwala does everything else.

If I had any questions, I found Dr. Motiwala is happy to discuss the procedure and answer any questions. As you go through the process you get a realization of the work ethic and dedication of Dr. Motiwala. I have had a full-mouth restoration of 28 teeth and it is cheaper than my family dentist for 3 teeth and that includes airfare, hotel accommodation.

I believe Dr. Motiwala has an amazing unique skill doing the “immediate loading in three days” implant procedure. I am happy to recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone.

Damian P.

Physical Therapist – New Jersey, USA

What took me so long?

I do love to admit, I am a very apprehensive patient when it comes to dental work due to that and lack of dental insurance, I have neglected my teeth for a very long time.

Finally, I have decided to do something about them. A local dentist in the U.S.A. told me that extensive work on my mouth will take about a year to complete and will be very expensive, I was even offered a loan to pay for the cost, interest free for a year with 5 years to pay it off.

I had decided to look on the internet. Initially, I had found “all on 4” websites all over the world, more research showed that those implants tend to fail, due to the stress put on them, when I finally found Dr. Motiwala, I had to pause! everything can be done in 2 weeks? No bone graft or sinus lift? Is that even possible?? More research. Kept coming back to Dr. Motiwala website. All the testimonials I saw where everyone was very happy. A great deal of explanation on the website, pictures – before and after – to prove it, so I have finally decided – it is time, and Dr. Motiwala is the one.

Scheduling was very easy, from pick up from the airport, to initial consultation and work that needed to be done-everyone was very pleasant and professional. Dr. Motiwala is there to answer all your questions. Despite the need for an extensive work, I only had pain (brief one too) after the necessary extractions- prescribed meds taking care of it.

My final smile is amazing- I am waiting for my family to see it- I am sure that they will be in awe.

Ms. Tasneem will be there if you need any assistance – from booking hotel, scheduling your sightseeing.

It was a great pleasure to be a patient here. Cost is reasonable-especially compared to dentists in U.S.A.

My only question is: why have I waited so long? You can trust Dr. Motiwala and his staff- you will not regret it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Motiwala and his staff when it comes to any dental needs.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask Ms. Tasneem for my email. I will be very happy to answer any questions.

Pls do not hesitate to call Dr. Motiwala’s clinic. They will answer all of your questions.

Alyson Langley

University Research Fellow – Nottingnham, UK

Visiting Dr.Motiwala’s clinic was the best thing I have done for my dental care and confidence.

I have had problems with my teeth and gums for over 3 years and have lost more teeth in this time than I have in the previous 45 years. The teeth that I have lost were perfect(no cavities, although a little stained)which troubled me greatly. During this time I was troubled greatly with sinusitis (or so I was told). After seeing my dentist I was told that there was nothing they could do and I would have to accept that I would be using dentures. However I did find a place in the U.K. that specialized in Implants, but the cost was very high. A very good friend (of Indian origin suggested I look at the dentists in India). She told me about how good they were and how advanced their surgeries had become. I spent many nights (on google, youtube, facebook etc.) researching what could be done with my teeth and where it could be done. Dr. Motiwala was one of the small handful of implant specialists that I found. He had only positive reviews, and Trip advisor gave him a 5/5, and so my treatment started. My treatment involved implants, one of which was a Tubero Pterygoid Implant, due to bone loss from years of teeth abuse(smoking, drinking and bad oral hygiene) along with six crowns which made looking after my gums easier (the crowned teeth were either crooked or missing, allowing food and tartar to get lodged in areas that my toothbrush could not reach). The treatment was fast and well performed by all Dr. Motiwala’s team, with minimal pain and advice and aftercare was invaluable. I am very pleased with the results especially concerning my “sinusitis “, as it turns out that badly infected tooth at the back of my mouth was causing my sinus problems and by replacing this tooth with an implant problem is now solved). I am forever grateful to Dr. Motiwala and his whole team. Thank-you.

Alfred David Blue

Seattle, Washington

Thank-you for your professional manner, service, and technology. I have experienced dental problems throughout my lifetime and spent countless hours in the U.S dental offices not to mention the ten thousands of dollars with limited results. When I was just twelve years old, I was hit in my face with a baseball bat and the damage to my teeth was horrific.

As you can imagine as a young athlete, student, colleague and eventually an adult operating his own business, I was challenged to present a healthy and successful image to my clients and the public while speaking.

Today, as of this writing on April 30th, 2016 I am proud to smile and not be intimidated by a camera or photograph. I am thankful to have researched dental Implants online. Your website is helpful and determining a positive dental solution even though I had to travel for two days each direction and flying over twelve thousand miles port to port.


Anthropologist – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am not new to dental implants. Got my first two implants, in my lower jaw,13 years ago and four more implants in my right and left upper jaw 9 years ago. I have a history of periodontitis. Last year two implants in the upper jaws had to be removed due to peri-implantitis. Since, I have been searching to find a solution that would avoid sinus-lifts and not leave me with a removable denture.

I found Dr. Motiwala’s website and his novel approach to implantology, and after ample consideration decided to go for it.

Dr. Motiwala performed a high quality job. His hands are gentle, fast and move with great expertise and precision. Utmost care is taken for the comfort of the patient; elaborate explanations are given in response to questions and all the procedures are explained with great patience; pain management is absolutely superb: I hardly experienced any pain, neither during nor after the treatments.

I am leaving Hyderabad with a mouth full of beautiful teeth that hopefully will last. Above all however I am leaving with a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude to Dr. Motiwala and his team, and Mrs. Tasneem, for their quality care and making my treatment and stay such a rewarding experience.

Mark Davis

Teacher – Center Harbor, NH, USA

I was told by my dentist that I would lose my teeth, I have had dental issues all my life because dentures were not a solution for me I began to research Implants. The two-year journey had me explore Mexico, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Thailand, and India. Most clinics offered “all on 4” or “all on 6” which was not acceptable. My first consideration was finding a specialist, second was a one-visit process (basal implants) and third was cost and Dr. Motiwala dental clinic fit all of my needs. Dr. Motiwala called me at home and after a 30-minute conversation, I realized this man was a specialist I was looking for. All my communication with Ms. Tasneem the International Co-ordinator demonstrated professionalism and convinced me to book a flight and scheduled a visit with Dr. Motiwala.

I found dentists in India who were less expensive but my teeth are my investment. I wanted the best. Now my treatment is finished and I am very satisfied. Dr. Motiwala is a man with high words and ethical standards. After seeing me he told me that he could save my teeth. I had root canals, implants plus crowns reducing my dental bill by 50 %. He could have easily done implants for my upper and lower jaw and earned more money but he is a doctor first and foremost. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Motiwala and it is without reservation that I recommend him to any and all who need dental services. I found the staff to be professional, thoughtful and helpful.

The reviews on Dr.Motiwala are very good and after seeing what he did for me – was well deserved.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Motiwala.
Believe it!



My visit to your clinic in 2016 was life changing. I had 6 root canals, 2 implants and 24 zirconia crowns. Friends continue to compliment me on my smile and are shocked when I tell them that all the work done was painless. I continue to tell others of your professionalism hoping they will put themselves in your good hands.

You made a wonderful change in my life and I just wanted to say, “Thank You”, once again.

Gabriele D.

From Germany, residing in Dubai

Gabriele DavisI came across to see Dr. Motiwala to have Implants set to support Zirconia crowns for my upper and lower jaw after a severe bone loss. I had denture on the upper jaw and partial on the lower jaw. It was very difficult for me to live with them and for this reason, I am most grateful that Dr. Motiwala helped me, was able to put immediate load-bearing Implants to support the Zirconia crowns. I have chosen Zirconia as I am very allergic to metal and read Zirconia is so very bio compatible, now as I have my new teeth I love them (After getting used to the new me).

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Motiwala and his team and thank all of the team for their patience and help.

I can surely recommend this clinic to everybody and I am sure you will not be disappointed. I wish the very best to Dr.Motiwala and his team.

Dwight Shaver

Manager – Louisiana, USA

Hi! Several years ago I had my upper back teeth removed (on both sides) for the purpose of having a partial denture placed. I had long term problems with my teeth due to tetracycline treatments which I had as a child. The Tetracycline had caused many issues with my dental health, excessive cavities, yellowing of teeth and very brittle tooth enamel because those molars continued to chip and break, I tried the partial option. Well, that did not work! The partial options would not stay in place no matter what kind of denture adhesive I tried. 2 years later I decided to try a sinus lift or bone grafting procedure. Eight months later I had x-rays and that expensive treatment did not work either. Not to mention, it was very painful and uncomfortable, so now I was becoming very anxious and I should say quite embarrassed about only having six front teeth on the top. I began researching other options which were very limited. Zygomatic implants were the initial discovery I made but I soon discovered that the success rate of those implants was not very good. I read many dental journal studies online and became even more disheartened after reading about Zygomatic implants. Not only was the success rate a problem but the second molar was not given and you have to believe me, I was tired of chewing everything with my front teeth. One day, about a year ago I was searching the internet to see if anything else could be done for my situation. I had no back teeth, my front teeth were chipping because of severe bone loss and failed bone graft, I was almost out of options. I then saw the website of Dr.Motiwala, describing in detail a new treatment called TuberoPterygoid implants. This treatment was impossible to find in the United States as well as extremely expensive but Dr.Motiwala’s method and pricing really stood out to me. I am so glad I found them! He and his staff were extremely helpful and gracious. He works as an artist in front of his canvas. After arranging my x-ray and a few simple blood tests were ready to go, Tasneem the wonderful International Co-ordinator was helpful and thorough with her work from arrival to departure. The treatment was easy with just a little discomfort and the results are amazing! Tasneem was so helpful in arranging airport transfer, hotel reservations, and clinic transportations. Please go to Dr.Motiwala If you are searching for quality and personalized care, you won’t regret it. Read the testimonials and you’ll see many people who have been blessed by meeting Dr.Motiwala.


Steven Jenkins

Teacher in Abu Dhabi, UAE – From USA

I learned about Dr.Motiwala through the internet as I was searching for a specialized Implantologist. I am from the U.S.A. but currently, live and teach in Abu Dhabi. I chose Dr.Motiwala after researching his web link. I was impressed by the experience and information on the website, therefore, I made an inquiry and I received a quick response back from Tasneem that showed how Dr.Motiwala would approach my treatment. After speaking with both of them on the phone, I felt confident to move forward. I received a full mouth rehabilitation of implants, crowns and root canal. My treatment experience was exceptional and the outcome was fantastic. Dr.Motiwala is a scientist and an artist. He knows his craft. He studied my case intensely so I felt he was giving me an individual ideal treatment plan. He strives for excellence and achieves it, he demonstrated patience, sensitivity and professionalism throughout, his work ethic and is beyond compare. I have already referred him to other patients and I have the opportunity to refer more.

Wish you a continued success Dr.Motiwala!

Juha Palonen

Hospitality Manager – Tasmania, Australia

I live in Tasmania in Australia but I am born in Finland Northern Europe. I wanted to find a place where I could get all my dental concerns addressed in a relatively short time and after doing my research online I found Dr.Motiwala’s website and became quickly convinced by his genuine passion and professionalism. All the things I read and headed about him were very positive and so I took a huge step and contacted Tasneem and here I am now within less than 10 days with all my dental issues addressed (Implants etc.). I am so happy that I took this step. Dr.Motiwala is everything I hoped him to be even more. The level of treatment has exceeded my expectations, I have met many wonderful people I will miss so many of them but never thought I would miss my dentist, thank you! Dr.Motiwala and all your team, I will be eternally grateful for all that you have done for me. Please feel free to contact me for any information. Thank- you once again.

Robert Mark Hembrow

Director, Actor – Gold Coast, Australia

Robert HembrowThis was the most brilliant trip and treatment I could have ever wished for .I arrived from Australia 10 days ago to see Dr. Motiwala and his excellent work gave me a “new life” after 8 root canals, 14 implants and then 28 crowns.

No where in the world could this have happened with such good work, kind team and wonderful treatment.

Dr. Motiwala has been excellent and I am so grateful .I can smile again and go back to work in Australia in Film and Television with confidence and happiness.

Mrs. Tasneem guided and helped me with arrangements, accommodation, transport and organizing me to appointments with Dr.Motiwala and his wonderful team and assistants. Thank you Tasneem and all at the Taj Banjara Hotel. I met many international patients while I was in Hyderabad and all were so so happy with his work and kindness.

I thank the Doctor, his team and all for their wonderful work, friendship and kindness.

Dr. Motiwala is I believe the best in the world at this work and I would highly recommend him to everyone all over the world.

‘Thank you’ Dr. Irfan Motiwala Forever!! Love and Best Wishes.

Earl Kallemeyn

New York, USA

My Name is Earl Kallemeyn. As a letterpress printer, I am not a stranger to precision work, where my presses are sensitive to ‘001’and the eye and emotion of my clients is sensitive to ‘0001’.I was not familiar with the technique of Pterygoid Implants before coming to Dr. Motiwala, but having completed the treatment I would say it was done at a level of technical expertise and skill at the top. In my case I received a full set of teeth even though other dentists had said sinus lifts were necessary. They were not necessary, and my treatment was finished in eight days. Although my main concern as a senior is functionality, I also received what the clinic calls Smile Designing, what my friends in fashion would call the look. This will help me appear more professional and healthy, which in my case is especially beneficial as a senior. At this point, having just completed the treatment, I am looking forward with anticipation to what my life will be like with my new full set of teeth. Thank you Dr. Motiwala and Tasneem for a good experience at the clinic and the logistics around the treatment.

Mario Mendez

MD, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology, UCLA School of Medicine – California, USA

Dr.Motiwala and staff were extremely courteous and responsive to my dental needs. The arrangements were fairly efficient and the care was considerate. I particularly appreciated Tasneem and her co-ordination of my consultation and visits.

As far as the dental work itself, Dr.Motiwala was meticulous and very professional. If he felt that something was not exactly right he would ponder it and resolve to redo and make it as perfect as possible.

I can highly recommend Dr.Motiwala and staff. In sum, he is an excellent dentist.

Doris Shaw

Retired Nurse – Florida, USA

I had dental problems for a long time and “wasted” a lot of money trying to keep my teeth and enjoy eating food. I had missing teeth, failed crowns, root canals, extractions and finally a complete upper denture. I went from discomfort to pain and finally knew I had to do something.

I researched the cost of implants, knowing it was not affordable to have the work done in the USA. I checked Costa Rica, Philippines and Dubai. When I reached Dr Motiwala’s website I was immediately drawn to it. I sent an inquiry and heard back very quickly from Tasneem who is the heart beat of the Clinic. She is the gal who answered all the questions, makes the arrangements for hotel accommodations and even helped alleviate my fears of flying and travelling by myself.

I had a full mouth rehabilitation. The whole procedure for extractions, implant placement, removing old crowns and placing temporary crowns took 4 hours. In the US, I was told I needed a sinus lift and bone grafts. That was to take a little over a year. Dr. Motiwala has such concern for patient comfort and is a perfectionist. You won’t leave until you love your smile and are happy. He won’t stop perfecting his work till it reaches 99.9 %. 3 days later I had permanent crowns. 10 days later, I was heading back home with a Hollywood Smile. I had a very positive experience with the whole trip and am so very happy for finding Dr. Motiwala’s Clinic. Anyone thinking of having any kind of work done, please don’t hesitate, call or write Tasneem, you will not regret it.

Jennifer K.

Scottsdale, Arizona

I have just completed a full Mouth restoration at Dr. Motiwala’s Clinic. I am extremely pleased with the results. The experience has been a positive and life changing one. After struggling with my dental health for many years, I sought dental implants. I came here after getting consultations in both the U.S.A. and nearby Mexico. Each dentist had differing opinions on the option available, including Alveolar Surgery, Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting, and two dentists who stated that I was not a candidate for Implants and that Dentures were my only option. Refusing to accept this as a reality for my age (and also having worked in the medical field for my career) I did my due diligence and researched a solution. After finding Dr. Motiwala’s Clinic online, I contacted their office and scheduled an appointment via his international coordinator Tasneem. She walked me through the process, schedule, and travel requirements. I came to India by myself and can say that I was made to feel welcome by the staff. The office is clean and modern, with everything needed for Dental Surgery. Tasneem and Rabia were able to manage my expectations for the procedure and all of the staff is very organized and professional. Their communication is clear and the process was so smooth for me and others I saw while here. After meeting Dr. Motiwala to discuss my treatment plan, it was clear that he had a solution for me. During the procedure, was methodical in his approach and communicated well. I was expecting pain even with anesthetic because I was used to that with previous dentists when Dr. Motiwala told me he had already placed 7 of the Implants I was almost in disbelief because I did not feel any pain. He is very skilled with a pleasant manner that is very calming. I was hoping to restore functional smile but was also concerned about aesthetics. He understood this and was able to balance the artistic aspect along with his expertise to achieve an excellent result. Something I originally did not know was possible. Considering my bone loss and condition, it was the best decision to reach across borders. You could go around the world and likely not find more than a handful of dentists who have done the volume as well as the complexity of cases.

I can see now that Dr.Motiwalas Clinic is dedicated to improving the lives of so many in such an important but overlooked area of medical care. Dr. Motiwala is at the top of his game and that is what I wanted a professional to deliver an awesome result! Thank you.

All the best in health happiness, now and in the coming future.

Patricia Hadley

West Midlands, UK

Patricia HadleyAfter consultation in the UK with dental surgeons, I was lead to believe that there was only ongoing extensive treatment available to me. I researched the internet for “Dental Implants” and the only positive site I came across Dr. Motiwala. His experience and testimonials gave me confidence and hope! I emailed Tasneem and she made all the arrangements.

My treatment included extractions, implants and crowns. I am 100 % satisfied and very pleased with the results.

Dr. Motiwala is a genius! A very kind and gentle man and all the team are excellent. I would recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone.

Dean Taylor

Timaru, New Zealand

Dean TaylorI have had full mouth restoration at Dr. Motiwala’s office. I am so very pleased with the results. After 2 years with no top teeth, and getting quotes in New Zealand for Implants, I then looked at overseas options. I found Dr. Motiwala on the internet and started emailing backward and forward. I even got a phone call from them. They were so easy to deal with, accommodation, driver, nothing was a problem. I am so happy with the finished look, you couldn’t tell that they are implants at all. I thank the team here at Dr. Motiwala for their care and attention. You guys are AWESOME.

Debra J.

Designer – Columbus, Georgia, USA

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Motiwala. I have a beautiful full set of teeth that I never possibly believed. All the staff here has been wonderful. My entire life I have experienced only bad teeth since I was a young teenager. I had all crowns when I was 22 and have had 10 root canals and 2 (four) teeth bridges which were failing. I have had bone and gum infection, root planning and scaling twice, all in the effort to save my teeth. I am 62 now & the idea of false teeth was too depressing to contemplate. My research led me to Dr.Motiwala and his procedures with the BOI & TuberoPterygoid implants which made it possible for me to have the full procedures done in 5 hours!!! No sinus lift! I am truly astounded at the quickness & skill of Dr.Motiwala. His wife is a skilled dentist with a perfect eye of an artist. My best compliments to the staff. I must add to trust the doctor & his wife fully. Their skill is “INCREDIBLE”.

Steven B. Reznick

Dayton, OH, USA

I came from Dayton, Ohio with a dream. An issue had surfaced that demanded expert care and the time, money, and risk in the USA were going be extreme. I went online to research implantology and several regions popped up including India. I checked a number of facilities but one name kept coming up, Motiwala. After enquiring with a very helpful co-ordinator, I started planning my voyage. The staff is expert and the doctor’s reputation is well earned. From the first day, they made every effort to work with me. I had several behaviors that made things tough but the doctor was patient and found ways to succeed. From information and plan to execute the work was first rate. I only wish professionals in the USA were this dedicated to the work. I would strongly urge anyone in need to make the trip. It is a journey but to get the best in life takes work. This and the people are the best. I will always be grateful.

Karen P.

New Mexico, USA

Karen PI began researching dental implant in the States for many months before I actually went on the internet to check for international clinic, due to cost in the States. I began with Dental Implants India and Dr. Motiwala clinic came up. It was immediately apparent that his clinic offered every think I needed with no bone grafting and sinus lift, which I was told I needed for my upper jaw. I then read all the reviews contacting those who provided their email addresses. I then contacted Tasneem International Co-ordinator and she provided me with email contacts and a talk with Dr. Motiwala. I was guided through how and when to apply for my visa and given instructions on what was needed and what will happen at the clinic. I was treated with such care and skill by both Dr. Motiwala and his staff. His manner is very gentle and skillful and the whole procedure was completed in days with 4 days to rest. I had a full month construction, root canal, implants, extractions, and a full bridge on my upper jaw and individual crowns on my bottom. After 2 days, I was back to normal, my jaw was somewhat sore but no pain. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is in need of complicated dental work. You will be totally cared for by a highly skillful Dentist and caring staff.

Maria Stubbs

Western Australia

My name is Maria Stubbs, I am a 49 year old mother of 7 from Western Australia. We found Dr. Motiwala online whilst looking for Dental Implants. We decided on Dr Motiwala because of his experience testimonials and reputation. As a no man travelling alone I had concerns to my delight there was nothing to worry about. The staff have made me feel welcome and safe Dr Motiwala is an incredibly talented, patient man who strives for perfection & achieves it every time. Every patient I met in the 2 weeks here have the same comments. This journey is not just about your teeth, it changes your confidence level, self esteem & smiling is now a part of your everyday life.

Thank you Dr Motiwala & your amazing team. You have all changed me & my life forever.

Kaedyn Hibberd

Freight Operator – Western Australia

Life changing experience!

I originally started getting quotes to fix my teeth within Australia and finding out it was simply not a viable option for everyday Australians. For me I was looking at over 70000 AUD.

Once I started researching abroad and spoke with people I knew who have dental work done at places it was the work that Dr. Motiwala had worked on my mother- in-law some 7 years ago and that impressed me the most . i then dove\deeper into Dr. Motiwala dental clinic & implant center in Hyderabad, India and found they has an impeccable reputation with the work they do from people all over the world specialising in full mouth restoration which is what I requires and their permanent teeth in 3 days technique with single piece basal implants followed with zirconia crowns (metal free) is much better process then i had come across anywhere in the world.

I ended up undergoing a full mouth restoration with no bone grafts and no sinus lift and I am blown away with my results. I highly recommend Dr. Motiwala and his team are high.

The professionalism and perfection they demand is reassuring that you will leave the clinic with nothing but a perfect smile.

Lillian Smithson


I came here for some major dental work. In U.S.A, I was told I would need implants, crowns, root canals and sinus lift. The cost was outrageous. I got on the internet and looked up medical tourism and I began a very thorough search in 6 different countries. It came down to India and CostaRica. After sending my Xrays to India, Dr. Motiwala, he called and said to me no sinus lifts or extractions or Implants, just root canals and crowns. I was elated. Then I did research on this clinic and found all positive and traveled all by myself. The staff here and at Hotel Radisson Blu were awesome. After my 1st consultation, I decided to get a full set of crowns and I had some root canals done. I love my teeth and to think no more dental work except for cleaning- yeah ! I wish I had done this sooner. I highly recommend this facility and the awesome staff,and give thanks for most of all my beautiful teeth.



I have heard of Dr. Motiwala by googling on the net. As I am from Hyderabad, I have tried to locate a specialist for implants in Hyderabad, Telangana. I had full mouth rehabilitation using pterygoid implants. When I found Dr. Motiwala’s website, I researched through videos and positive reviews & testimonials from various people across the world. I never imagined such a wonderful implant specialist Dr. Motiwala in Hyderabad. I should be mentioning about admin manager Mrs. Tasneem. She is very professional, who spoke very softly and never got irritated whenever I was asking her silly questions about the treatment as well as risks. She even organised a phone conversation with Dr. Motiwala to clear off my doubts regarding the treatment. What can I write about Dr. Irfan Motiwala? He is so wonderful, skillful, kind, gentle and caring and took so much care that I had minimal pain and discomfort during treatment. Though I was impressed with the permanent teeth looking nice after the trials, Dr. Motiwala never compromised and made further changes until excellent quality with an aesthetic look was achieved. Finally, I should thank Deepak, Soumya and other supporting staff for their professional approach in dealing with patients. I had full mouth rehabilitation using Pterygoid implants so no need of sinus lift/bone graft.

Thank you Dr. Irfan Motiwala. I would strongly recommend anyone needing dental either partial or full implants to approach Dr. Motiwala.


Melbourne, Australia

A big thank you to Dr. Motiwala and all the staff at the clinic for doing an amazing job with my full mouth implant. I arrived in India form Melbourne, Australia with my teeth in dive state. On my arrival in Hyderabad, I started to get a little anxious regarding the whole procedure I signed up for. As I arrived at the clinic and met the staff including Mrs. Tasneem and Ms Rabia, I started to feel a little more confident.

Then came the examination part to be carried out by Dr. Motiwala. After a few minutes, he told me what needed to be done and how and when the treatment would take pace. Afterwards, I turned around to my mother and mentioned that Mr. Motiwala was like the character from the US TV show HOUSE ¦ Dr.Motiwala being Dr. House minus the grumpiness. I felt extremely confident about my decision after my first meeting with Dr. Motiwala. My treatment was carried out over several days during which Dr. Motiwala and all other staff did a wonderful job restoring my smile. Dr. Motiwala was extremely patient and thorough during each stage of the procedure. The poor Dr. had to put up with all my whining while operating! Kudos to you Dr. Motiwala for managing that. During that trial period. Dr. Suhela and Dr. Motiwala ensured that I had the best outcome possible. And the result was amazing! I am extremely happy (ecstatic in fact) with the result and would definitely recommend Dr. Motiwala to anyone who may contemplate dental procedures. During my treatment, my sister also decided to have same dental procedures (crown,deep clean etc) and she was extremely happy with the work. Anyhow, a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Motiwala, Dr. Suhela, Mrs.Tasneem and Ms. Rabia and all the other wonderful members of the team for looking after me and giving me back my smile.

Andrea S.

Ithaca, NY, USA

My name is Andrea S. I am from Ithaca, N.Y, USA. I had a mouthful of 13 root canal and crowns ( 2 of which were falling out ) and several undetected infection at the base of the old root canals. I knew all needed implants. I began my research on the different kinds of implants and narrowed down that I wanted immediate load or basal implants. We always spend the winter abroad so I began researching where we wanted this to be done. We checked, South and Central America, Thailand and India. I chose Dr. Motiwala for several reasons.# 1 : Located in India, my favorite country for travel, #2: He is performing the latest technology in implants. It was clear that his technique and skill is superior. #3: They have the whole package which includes his beautiful wife Suhela. She is the cosmetic artist aspect of the program. It was very clear to me that this dental clinic was the choice for me especially after reviewing countless reviews all positive and trying to search in vain for even one negative review.

I have not been disappointed in my decision. In fact I am totally delighted with my entire experience and would recommend to anyone. Thank You to the wonderful Doctors and all the staff here! Such a family atmosphere!

Wazir Khan


Wazir KhanI was having tooth problem for such a long time. The biggest problem I faced was I had a phobia of dentist. I did not take proper care of my tooth and am a heavy smoker as well.

After searching for a year for doing implants, I came across Dr. Motiwala’s website. My first choice was to have it done in Thailand initially as I was very familiar with the place. But it had All on 4 and All on 6. The best thing that attracted me was there was no requirement for bone grafting & sinus lift and it can be done in a period of a week.

When I went for the treatment I explained to Dr. Irfan about my fear and my tooth condition. He was very professional in his job, I can say maybe a perfectionist. He did my operation for almost 5-6 hours. I am very thankful to him.

The staff and the clinic was very nice especially the co-ordinator Tasneem. She can help you in anyway she could.

I had a great experience with the Dr. Motiwala’s Clinic and would gladly recommend it to any of my friends and family members.

Thanks lots.

Aye Thein

Yangon, Myanmar

My New Smile!

Because of the time taken and cost, I do not have to travel multiple times. I chose “Permanent Teeth in 3 Days” because it saved my time and cost. After coming here, Dr. Motiwala’s discussion with patients is extremely good. The treatment has been painless and there was no need of bone grafts/sinus lift which my previous dentist had recommended me. After doing my full mouth rehabilitation, I have regained my confidence and feel-good factor. Now I can smile enough. So thanks to Dr. Motiwala & the team. Everybody has been friendly and helpful including the driver.

Jerry and Patricia R.

Ontario, Canada

My wife and I wanted to have implants and crowns done, so I decided to check out a few dental places to get good feedback on cost and procedures. The first place I checked out was Cancun dental in Mexico – they were into bone grafts- I wrote them off. Then I checked with other North American facilities, found them very expensive with no guarantees. I also checked out the dental clinics in Mumbai and Delhi and was not impressed.

So here is the reason why I came to Dr. Motiwala’s clinic. After researching and checking the web for nine months, I was convinced that this clinic offers the best- No other clinic offers a lifetime warranty. So this speaks volumes for the very high standard and quality of Dr. Motiwala’s work. I also got excellent reviews from my friend Mr. Ram Jagessar of Toronto. He came here with his wife in December of 2016.

What I find very amazing was that neither my wife or I had any pain and discomfort issues to deal with. You may experience long wait times – This is so because when Dr. Motiwala is attending to you, it is like you are his only patient. This dentist is truly gifted and we are the beneficiaries of this gift, It is a blessing to have chosen his facility. My thanks to Dr. Motiwala and his entire staff for the excellent service.

Joe Bettencourt

Gatineau, Québec, Canada

Joe BettencourtHello, my name is Joe Bettencourt from Gatineau Québec (Canada) After several years of searching for a dentist who would be capable of providing me with all the answers to my questions I came upon the website of Dr. Motiwala.

One of my biggest concerns, while searching for a solution, was the time it would take to complete the procedure and the bone graft that entails such surgery.

I was very happy to find out that Dr. Motiwala’s technique does not require bone grafts and the whole process only takes a few days.I read several testimonials from former patients and relied upon the expert advice from Ms. Tasneem.I finally made the decision and decided to finally do it! The whole procedure was painless and done in a very short period of time. The result is fantastic and I feel like a new person!

I wish to relay my deep gratitude to Dr. Motiwala for his professionalism and his meticulous work. I also thank all his staff for their dedication and devotion.

Go ahead and book your trip and make your reservation, you will not regret it! If you would like more info feel free to contact me:joe.b@videotron.ca

Lee Yee

Centreville, VA

Lee YeeFor years, I have been searching for a viable solution for my whole mouth restoration. We all know the promises made in the United States or from abroad, from companies claiming All-on-4 or 6, or from your dentist, or from periodontists but CAN they offer an affordable solution. My search lead to a promising procedure All-on-4 or 6. After much research, an All-on-4- 6 will fail due to the lack of the required amount of implants to support the bridge and is obsolete. Any dental professional can install one, two, or three implants but what about a complete whole mouth restoration. Meaning will the implants be installed in the maximum position in your mouth and to treat the conditions, defects, injuries and esthetic aspects of your mouth, teeth, jaw, and face.

I am very vary of a team of specialists treating my whole mouth restoration as poor communications or poor relationships between the team members can have an adverse effect on your procedures. My goal was to find one individual who was qualified, passionate about his profession, and could do it all at an affordable price. I was looking for a Leonardo da Vinci who possessed the qualifications to sculptor a perfect smile for me. Dr. Motiwala has the credentials of a Certified Implantologist but more importantly to me an Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon. (Google – Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon and review the training and scope of practice they will accumulate/acquire/nurture after the demanding program).

Your CAT scan and Panoramic X-ray will determine what procedures and options will be available for your whole mouth restoration. In case, your dentist/periodontist has recommended a sinus lift to add bone height to your upper jaw there is an alternative procedure to avoid the time and costs factors by using Pterygoid implants and basal implants. Dr. Motiwala’s website offers a full explanation, pro and cons for this procedure.

In my case, I gave Dr. Motiwala free reign to design and implement his vision. My only request was that the size of my teeth should fit my mouth as I have seen many horrifying pictures when an incorrect tooth size had been chosen. After the surgery, I had little to no swelling from the extraction or from the installation of the implants. I was not disappointed by his creation, nothing short of extraordinary and have the perfect smile. I made the right choice to select Dr. Motiwala and highly recommend him to everyone.

From the consultation, to the surgery, to the fittings, to the final instructions, I was done in seven days. Usually, the procedures will take about 10 to 12 days but the holiday season more than likely affected my schedule.

As for the apprehensive people who advised you about not going to a foreign country (India) to have the implant procedures, or remarks such as you can’t believe the reviews on his website, or India is an unsafe country or whatever negative remarks they make – just remember – they are not living with your dental condition nor can they comprehend the issues we face every day. If you want to improve your quality of life, to smile again, and to regain your confidence – contact Dr. Motiwala’s office.

Arc Bassey Ndem

Architect – Nigeria

Dear Dr, Prior to my arrival in Hyderabad I had visited quite a number of Dentists in many other parts of the world. In most cases I have left with a sense of frustration and anxiety and not getting true value for money spent.

My experience here has been very pleasant and different. Your willingness to listen and explain in laymans terms sets you apart. More importantly, the fact that you were ready to adjust my treatment plan to accommodate my own fears and insecurities – but backed by common sense and logic further raises the profile of your professionalism in my mind.

I cannot finish this testimonial without also drawing your attention to the wonderful members of staff who support you. Their attitude and empathy was a further source of confidence and satisfaction. Thank you to all of you and I sincerely wish you all the very best.

Georgina Hodgson


Georgina HodgsonI came from France four days ago, tired depressed the few remaining teeth in my mouth seriously wobbling.

Today I’m happy, I have a smile of a ‘five star’!!!. It is amazing.

Dr.Irfan Ali is a magician, also extremely competent, kind, gentle. He immediately inspires confidence and trust.

I am just so glad that I took the decision to come here. It is just fantastic.

Thank you, Dr.Ali Irfan Motiwala

Marshall Stern

Chicago, Illinois

Marshall SternWhen I was seven years old my parents took me to a “child specialist “ dentist who was actually a very bad person. He tried to get me to open my mouth by holding my nose closed and not letting me breathe. I struggled eventually, kicked the dentist where it hurts and ran out. From that time, I was terrified of the dentist. As a result by the time, I was in my late 30’s my teeth were in terrible shape. I have had dentures for the past 20 years and slowly got more comfortable going to the dentist by practicing meditation. I spent over a decade and thousands of dollars trying to fix my teeth but could never seem to catch up. Then I heard about implants and in doing research concluded that Dr.Motiwala was far away the best option. Now having been here and gone through the procedure, I am so glad I made this choice. I love everyone in the clinic and would recommend this to everyone.

Cynthia A. Browning

Virginia, USA

Cynthia BrowningWow..What an experience at first. I was apprehensive about going to India for dental work. I had researched many other options. I had a long history of having to have root canals and bridges in the USA. I paid thousands and thousands of dollars only to have them break. Implants cost between 5000.00 to 7000.00 US dollars. Dr. Motiwala could do my whole mouth for a fraction of the cost! But still I was afraid at first of traveling to India. My brother was supposed to accompany me but at the last minute he could not. I almost backed out, a woman traveling alone from USA to India. Ms.Tasneem assured me she would make all of the arrangements and I would be safe. She was right, she took care of everything I never felt afraid. The staff accompanied me everywhere. The accommodations were nice. I had extensive work done but Dr. Motiwala was patient and kind, all his staff were very kind and attentive. Now I have a beautiful smile and am so HAPPY I did not let fear stop me from traveling to India. I will tell all my friends, Do it, don’t Hesitate! The price of the airfare is less than having one crown and root canal in the USA. I will be forever grateful.


New York, USA

I can’t sing and don’t usually praise anyone but I sing praises to this artist of a dental surgeon that is Dr. Irfan Motiwala. Say goodbye to sinus lift, bone graft and painful dental surgery. I never write testimonials or reviews for anyone or anything but I made an exception in this case because I want everyone to know there is not only hope but that this is someone who can really fix your dental problems.

I have had dental problems for quite a number of years and the treatment in the USA is very expensive with the insurance paying not much of anything. I finally decided to look into international dentistry (Mexico, Philippines, China etc.). My search led me to Dr. Motiwala’s website which I found to be the most informative on the internet. After speaking to the very efficient International Coordinator Tasneem and Dr. Motiwala all my doubts were laid to rest. Two months later I was in his office completing his “Permanent Teeth In 3 Days” procedure with lifetime warranty.

The procedure was quite painless (on a scale of 1 to 10, I would say it was less than 1) from beginning to present. I had implants and new crowns done. My greatest concern was a missing tooth that had a lot of bone loss which doctors in the USA said I would have to do bone grafting and a sinus lift. Thanks to Dr. Motiwala I did not have to go through any of that. I am now very happy with the way my teeth look and feel. In my opinion he is the best dental surgeon I have ever met, very professional, gentle and with a great sense of humor.

Many thanks to Tasneem who made all the arrangements so that things went flawlessly i.e. transportation from airport to hotel, hotel to office and vice versa. She even made arrangements for sightseeing on appointment free days to Hyderabad’s famous landmarks. Tasneem was my go to person for anything and she never failed once. Thanks also to his very efficient, caring and capable team.

Feel free to contact me by email :- fsmith321@yahoo.com

Safwat Zawaeidi

Alaska, USA

Safwat ZawaediI am Safwat Zawaeidi acknowledging regarding my full mouth reconstruction and implantation. All the thanks to Dr.Motiwala and his group who worked very hard toward providing the comfort and pleasant atmosphere during my treatment. To tell the truth I went over the net checking many countries which do dental implantation say Brazil, El-Salvador, Poland, Turkey, Spain. No one matches the technique with which Dr.Motiwala does. I am really very happy for the end results of remarkable job done by him and his team. I can now get back my smile thankfully to Dr.Motiwala.

By the way I come from way too far from Alaska, USA to India. It was long journey but it was worth each minute of it.Thanks for all of you who make my treatment easy and comforting.

My email-id : zawasafwat@hotmail.com


New Zealand – Residing in Brisbane, Australia

Genevieve HoneyHi, my name is Genevieve Moreto-Begg. I was searching the internet for dental implants as my denture was causing me distress. Like most of as my search started in Thailand with the All on four procedures. As time went on, I was still not satisfied and by chance, I came across Dr. Motiwala’s site.

The first thing that caught my eye was dental implant in three days. This appealed to me and as I became more informed about the flapless procedure. I was hooked. Like most people, I was hesitant as this dental procedure is in India. This soon left me as I started reading the many testimonials other patient have left on the site. I made up my mind to have my dental implants done by Dr. Motiwala.

The treatment I received was excellent, I have total confidence that I would walk out a happy and contented dental patient and you know what I did. God bless you and your endearing team Dr. Motiwala. You have created a place for a true smile on my face.

Zoya Bhan

Washington, USA

I came to Dr. Motiwala’s clinic with many problems (leaking crowns, failing fillings, root canal needing to be redone, and implants). The quotes I received in the States for the cost and process to repair my dental health was shocking. An average of $20,000 plus and months if not a year and half of multiple invasive treatments (sinus lifts, bone grafts, extractions etc).

I decided to look into possibilities for treatment abroad and compared Costa Rica, Thailand, India and Mexico as potential providers. I chose India because of the ease in communication (answered all of my questions), access to advanced technology, and positive client reviews. I chose Dr. Motiwala’s clinic after conducting several interviews with clinics in Delhi and Chandigarh. Dr. Motiwala offers the least invasive and cost effective process for treating missing teeth with implants.

The treatment I received was nothing short of extraordinary. Dr. Motiwala is as other reviewers have stated – a man who takes exceptional pride in his work and is a perfectionist! He refused to accept anything less than the best case scenario, even if it cost him more time. I also applaud Dr. Motiwala’s integrity. I came wanting many aesthetic things addressed. He educated me about why they weren’t necessary and what would best for my long term dental health.

All of the staff members are very efficient and compassionate. A huge thanks to Dr. Irfan Motiwala, Dr Siva Srinivas for his gentle hand and redoing a faulty root canal, Rabia for always offering a smile and a calming presence, Deepak and Samad for taking care of me and all of the prep work, and last but definitely not least wonderful Tasneem for coordinating everything and making this a possibility. I also need to thank several past patients: Pania, Dwight, and Sonia. Thank you for taking time to ease my fears, answer my questions, and convince me this was the place that would help me. You were right!

June Bristow

England, UK

June BristowMy name is June Bristow and I am from England.

For a while I had been very disheartened at the state of my teeth, in fact my whole mouth in general, Ugly crowns exposed at root level by receding gums, or broken altogether, loose and lost teeth with shrinkage and lack of bone density. My clip plate which had started with two front teeth had grown to five and become unstable and dysfunctional. All my back molars , but for one, were loose ,I did however have a very few healthy teeth in my lower jaw ,but they were discoloured and uneven so were never shown when I smiled, the effect being, that between holding my top lip down ,and my bottom lip up ,my smile had become rather stinted .

At this point I started making tentative enquiries about implants ,I received a verbal quote which was to rectify my entire mouth ,and would take up to a year to complete ,subject to bone density.

The amount was so beyond my pocket as to be quite ludicrous . I then made other enquiries about a row of false teeth on a narrow plate fitted to implanted posts in the gum ,that looked good but was still unaffordable.

It was at this point that I was introduced to a woman who had beautiful teeth ,she told me how she had researched and found Dr.Motiwala in Hyderabad India, and she decided go,at that stage her mouth had been in very much the same state as mine ,but within just over a week ,her entire mouth had been rectified,the surgeon had performed root canal treatment on those he could save and removed those he could not, implanting those that needed , and crowning or veneering the rest. She has had them for a year.

I was very encouraged, this was now within my reach. I did my research ,contacted the clinic, and put myself in the capable hands of the International Co-ordinator Tasneem who arranged everything, all I had to do was get a visa , and organise myself from London to Hyderabad airport,where I would be met and taken to the prearranged hotel of my choice.

I was treated at the clinic with with great warmth and courtesy. Dr.Motiwala was highly knowledgable, and very gentle. Tasneem organised my life from the time I got there ,until the time I left ,from finance ,transport ,clinic and X-ray appoints , through to what food to have, and even helping me with what to tip the hotel staff,she is a complete gem. And the efficient Rabia assisted both Tasneem and Dr.Motiwala.

It was an excellent team, and I am now, ten days later, the proud possessor of a beautiful smile, with all my own natural looking, well planted teeth, for which I am extremely grateful.

Thank you.

Pania Watling

Western Australia

Pania WatlingDr.Motiwala is to Dentistry what Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket – an absolute master!!

His professionalism is beyond expectation and above all a very kind and generous man.

Having researched dental implants both available and affordable on the internet, my search took me all around the world. Currently a New Zealander living in Australia, the cost involved excluded implants as an option. Thailand , a popular destination was also ruled out, more of a personal choice in regards to reviews I had read. By a stroke of luck I came across Dr.Motiwala’s website – Permanent teeth in 3 Days!! Unheard of. Unbelievable. No Bone Graft, No Sinus Lift?? This goes against everything I’d read about. I read the international patients reviews –other Aussies, Kiwis among many nationalities had visited his clinic in Hyderabad,India and left very positive reviews.

The most surprising is the cost involved. Looking back now I’m amazed that Dentists worldwide charge their current prices for the ‘Archaic ‘ methods they use. On contacting Tasneem, International Co-ordinator, I was assured of the treatments & well advised on visa, accommodation, travel arrangements. Date was set and my partner Charlie was also keen to have Veneers done.

Tasneem kindly arranged his treatment to be done at the same time. I have finished treatment & am now the proud owner of a ‘Hollywood Smile’. The procedure was painless though at times uncomfortable but this is a dental procedure and was quite acceptable. Dr.Motiwala, his highly trained staff and outstanding dental technician will ensure you receive the highest quality implants/veneers as you desire. I would only recommend Dr.Motiwala, he is an absolute perfectionist, not only do you get to visit a beautiful part of the world, you have the smile to prove it. Should you wish to contact me, I am available on email : pania.watling@hotmail.com Come with an open heart & mind and you will have an experience of a lifetime.

Dr.Motiwala : Thank you.

Tasneem : You truly are a beautiful soul Staff

Many thanks for your kindness

Charlie Stephens

Perth, Australia

Many thanks Dr. & staff for giving me Veneers. More than I had ever expected. Dr. made me feel very comfortable and with his experience was able to give me a great set of teeth & the best smile.

No regrets in coming, it’s the real deal – don’t bother going anywhere else.

Tena Koutou Tena Koutou

Tena Koutou Katoa

Martyn Poole


Martyn PooleLife for me had become intolerable, you can’t function properly or interact with other people on a daily basis without teeth or enough teeth in your mouth. I had been to top dentists in London and was told I could not have implants at back of top jaw as there was not enough bone. I did get offered All on 4 technique, but having worked in engineering time served apprentice and City Guilds was not convinced with supporting 12 teeth and the cost of approx. pounds 15000+. I researched on the net and came across Dr.Motiwala and his technique without the need of sinus lift /bone grafting. I sent a digital scan to Dr.Motiwala although he did say a panoramic Xray would have been sufficient. He assured me he could perform his technique on me. So off to India. Within 10 mins of meeting Dr.Motiwala, he had put me at ease. I was booked in for treatment 9.30 next day, extractions plus implants plus crowns preps on bottom + wisdom out on bottom jaw all carried out in one sitting. No Pain!!! Was back at hotel poolside by 3 o’clock. Having teeth cleaned in UK has been more painful!!.

No one asked my wife or myself to write these testimonials we asked them. We were so impressed with the treatment and the results and NO PAIN.

I cannot thank Dr.Motiwala and Rabia and the rest of the team enough. Also, Tasneem for all the email and co-ordination.

Do yourself a favour don’t suffer any more go and do it.



Time to smile again!

Upgraded to NexxZr Zirconia bridge (metal free). I would fully recommend this treatment.

Lee Poole


Dental Implant TestimonialsI came to India to support my husband with his implant treatment by Dr. Motiwala.I thought perhaps I would see the hygienist and may be do couple of fillings while I was there, having not had a good experience in England and had a huge fear of the dentist. Well, I was so impressed with my husband’’s treatment and the result and how dedicated Dr. Motiwala and his treatment (time has no meaning when they are with their patients doing treatment and trials for fittings, they are like artist not allowing paint to dry until 100 % perfect).

I then had my own consultation and was booked to have implants and replacement caps plus some additional caps and root canal treatment. I was so nervous on the day of my treatment, I cried in the dentist chair. Dr. Motiwala and his team were so kind and reassuring telling me we are here to do something nice for you, I could not believe I had no pain whilst in the chair and after treatment. My third appointment, I went in smiling and with no fear. My treatment has been 1st class with the results amazing.

The downside will be I only wish to have treatment from Dr. Motiwala and his team in the future. So my husband will need to get saving for my yearly checkups – Ha Ha!



Time to smile again!

I came to see Dr. Motiwala as my husband had one piece basal implants with amazing results and completely was pain free. I decided to have a smile makeover with Nexxzr zirconia crowns(metalfree) and a few basal implants. The service provided to me and finishing work looks incredible. I was made to feel completely at ease by nerves and reassure me as he carried out my dental treatment. I would fully recommend this treatment.

Joao Mendez

Florida, USA

Joao MendezHi! My name is Joao Mendes. I come from USA to Hyderabad. The reason of my visit is to have dental implants done by Dr.Motiwala. I am really happy what I got here.

Dr.Motiwala is the best, he knows everything about implants. I want to say thank you for Dr.Motiwala and your staff.

I will recommend him for friends and family, one more time.

Thank you so much Dr. Motiwala.


Ontario, Canada

YousufMy existing teeth were very complicated and extremely crooked. Since they had deep roots. I had come with the intention of removing them all and replace them implants. But Dr.Irfan chose the difficult way and less profitable for him, which was to grind all the teeth and place crowns. He and his team handled my mouth meticulously and painlessly through the whole process. I now have a million dollar smile and I look more handsome. Thanks Dr.Irfan for the wonderful amazing work on my mouth. You have transformed my life.

Yelena Schantz

Boston, USA

Yelena SchantzI am very happy with this clinic and satisfied with the result. I love the people who work here, so helpful, so nice, so great. I would recommend this clinic to everybody who is interested about implants. I will remember this so beautiful, helpful people and especially so professional doctor.

Thank you so very much!

Love You!

Andres Bonet

Massachusetts, USA

I’ve had crowns and implants done by Dr. Motiwala and his staff. I was very cautious about coming to India to get work done on me especially being American and really not knowing what to expect, but upon talking to someone from his staff, I was made comfortable enough to book a flight and make my move and thank God I did.

I’ve suffered from crooked and missing teeth for about 16 years and I can’t tell you how good it feels to have straight teeth for once in my life. Dr. Motiwala worked very hard on my case and didn’t settle until I was satisfied and that I respect more than anything. It’s a shame that I had to leave my country and hometown of Boston, Massachusetts to get work done for a price that wouldn’t kill me. I just wanna say thank you to Dr. Motiwala for giving me my life back. God bless!


Captain (Retd.), Canadian Airforce – Ontario, Canada

Richard MorinAfter exploring the local options in Canada for a full mouth Rehabilitation . I began exploring medical tourism. I made inquiries in Peru, Israel, Singapore,Costa Rica, Mexico and India.

After evaluating, both cost and procedure, the choice was obvious. Dr.Motiwala and his team provide exceptional service at a very reasonable cost. Other locations, required bone grafts and numerous visits lasting a year. I’m in one week and am leaving India with a perfect set a teeth. Excellent!

Lynda Ward

Oxford, UK

Lynda WardMy friend and I both wanted to get our teeth fixed but after consulting a dentist in the U.K, Poland and a visiting Hungarian cosmetic dentist, we were not feeling encouraged with the prospect of the time it would take, bone grafts and the not inconsiderable expense. Further research on the internet bought up Dr. Motiwala’s website offering implants in three days without the need for bone graft, surely advertising hype. It was too good to be true, besides he was in India! so we continued our hunt for a solution without success, eventually deciding there was no harm in sending an enquiry.

The reply was prompt, they could do a full mouth reconstruction without bone graft in the stated time at an affordable cost, even taking into account airfares, hotel etc. We sent our X-Ray expecting to be told our case was indeed more than they realized, imagine our delight when they confirmed all was as they had first claimed. Still wary, we then found a clip of Dr. Motiwala on ‘You Tube’ and all our fears disappeared & we booked our flights.

9 months later, we were picked up at the airport taken to the hotel and next morning, we met Dr. Motiwala and his delightful team.

The wonderful Tasneem explained everything twice, we were in the chair being put at ease by Dr. Motiwala, the most gentle and diligent dentist we had ever met. The standard of hygiene was incredible. At one point I almost fell asleep!

Dr. Motiwala had put the top implants in without me even knowing! We had painkillers but it was like having a toot hout, the worst part was having to keep your mouth open so long. We were kept informed of the process, constantly checked that there was no discomfort or if you needed a break his calm assistant would give a knowing nod of confirmation that all is well. Even at the final fitting, when I insisted that all my new teeth were perfect Dr. Motiwala made tiny adjustments that a master craftsman would make, such was the high standard he sets. We had to remember how to smile again without the need to hide behind our hands. The transformation is incredible, we are grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

My heartfelt thanks to you all!


Oxford, UK

Having read the testimony of others, I was confident I would be in the best hands with Dr. Motiwala. I was not disappointed, a true expert in his field, professional, charming and kind (even arranged strawberry yogurts to be brought to my room at hotel!)

All his team were lovely especially the beautiful helpful Tasneem who went out of her way to help.

I thank to his wife for her input on the cosmetic side, to the technician that made my teeth. I am over the moon with the results and will love them all forever. I now have to learn to smile again. Thank you so much it is just perfection!

Craig Rudder & Jacqueline

Melbourne, Australia

Craig RudderIt is a week ago (August, 2012) that we left Hyderabad. My wife Jacqueline and myself with implants and all ‘new’ teeth. I now have 28 teeth, a combination of crowns and bridges. We are extremely happy with the outcome.

I have re-read the testimonials on Dr Motiwala’s website of those who went before us and from first hand experience whole heartedly agree with everything that has been written.

If you are reading this you are probably asking yourself 2 questions.

1. Is it ‘safe’ to have major tooth work done in India?
2. Is Dr.Motiwala the ‘best’ dentist in India to carry out the work?
I hope our experience will help to answer these questions.

We live in Melbourne Australia. Before ‘discovering’ Dr. Motiwala on the web I had researched for 18 months different implant technologies in a wide range of countries from Iceland to the Philippines. I saw 2 dental surgeons in Malaysia and paid for 2 consultations with Australian dentists to be clear what I should be doing. Although I became more informed I became more confused, as they all suggested different approaches with various options.

I sent my full mouth X ray to Dr.Motiwala and promptly received a recommended program that impressed me. Subsequent questions were answered and I made contact and had phone conversations with an earlier patient who had had similar work done. He was full of praise and re-assurance. The decision was made and the tickets booked for Hyderabad.

From being met at the Airport to our departure 2 weeks later, we were very well looked after by Tasneem, who is Dr.Motiwala’s International Co-ordinator. We accepted her recommendations as to where to stay and left it all to her to make the necessary arrangements.

I appreciate that everyone’s needs will be different, so in summary I will make the following points.

1. From the first moment of meeting Dr.Motiwala, we were impressed with his friendly calm professional approach.
2. He is much more than a dentist who does implants; he is a passionate gifted, talented dental surgeon.
3. What impressed us the most was his attitude that he wanted to be the best dental surgeon that any dentist could be and to do the very best for his patients.
4. The level of pain and discomfort was minimal, much less than we have experienced in Australia for far less work.

In summary the outcome has surpassed our hopes and expectations.

What did surprise us was that we left feeling that we have made friends with Dr.Motiwala and his family. We hope one day that they will accept our invitation to visit us in Australia.

Would we recommend Dr.Motiwala to our friends and family? – Definitely. I am happy for prospective patients to contact me for more information. My email address is craigrudder@gmail.com.

William Preece

Auckland, New Zealand

William PreeceFor 20 years, my wife and I have suffered with severe tooth problem due to the cost of dental treatment in our home country of New Zealand. We did our research and there was only one place to go to. Dr. Motiwala’s experience with dental implants lest could not be compared to back home, once we were put in touch with the International Co-Ordinator Tasneem & were made to feel very comfortable about our decision to come .

We have been taken care of in every way possible by the team at Dr. Motiwala. On our first meeting with Dr. Motiwala, I knew we were dealing with an ARTIST of his craft, if you like. Just, by the way he stood back and looked at my smile on the first consultation, something only an artist would do, he was preparing his canvas for the picture he was about to create.

Dr. Motiwala has given my wife a smile even I did not know she had and did not think she could be more beautiful than she is already but Dr.Motiwala has created a beautiful smile for her that even I can enjoy. Dr.Motiwala is a gentle thoughtful man with a great sense of humour which is something I have not seen back home. We highly recommend Dr. Motiwala and his team, even down to the driver who has picked us up daily from our hotel. Dr. Motiwala has changed the way we think and smile and we feel blessed to have discovered him. He certainly is a legend in our eyes and we wish him and his team ALL THE BEST!

Thank you, Thank you , Thank you.

Eliana Preece

Auckland, New Zealand

Dr. Motiwala worked on my teeth as part of a large week-long program. There was no discomfort. Each experience was a joy. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Motiwala more. I hope to see you again even if for a checkup. Couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Motiwala played a large role in the cosmetic appearance of my new teeth. God Bless. Dr. Motiwala, what can I say, you have given both William and me a second chance. I am so grateful that you worked so hard to learn all you could so the impossible could be possible for both ourselves & others. We came to you because we believed you were the best in your field. We weren’t disappointed, you are the best.

Dr. Siva who performed 13 root canals on me, was so gentle and patient. I couldn’t feel a thing. He made having a root canal, a joyful experience and many times, I even had to stop myself falling asleep. Thank you Dr. Motiwala and all staff at your clinic, you have all made this an awesome experience.

P.S. Thanks to your drivers, experts in the Hyderabad traffic, good work.

Neil G.

BSP Ltd., Papua New Guinea

Many people think of India as a third world country with the third world everything. But you have to get past that; it’s the only hurdle you have to overcome to be treated here. All testimonies on this page provide assurance that you will receive excellent treatment. When I was evaluating my options I expected I would go to Thailand but after doing some research I decided to come to India specifically for Dr. Motiwala. He is 100 % focused on the best outcome for YOU — he is a true professional and has a great team working with him. The facilities in his suburban practice are excellent and better than you’ll find in most first world practices. You will receive individually tailored treatment.

If you come for extensive treatment then at some point in your visit you will probably spend most of one entire day in the dental chair. But you won’t see Dr Motiwala all the time; that means you will spend some time in the waiting room and doing other activities – probably sightseeing and shopping. I met many other patients in the waiting room, both foreigners and Indian citizens. Everyone was happy with their service and outcome.

If you spend some time shopping you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the prices. I mostly shop in Asia for its value for money. The items I bought in Hyderabad were 20 % -40 % less expensive than other places in Asia. For example, premium brand business shirts in the GVK One mall were half the price of HK. I came to Hyderabad after spending a week in Bangkok and prices in Hyderabad were noticeably cheaper. Food is also very inexpensive. Shopping in India has to be one of the best-kept secrets.

If you’re coming with a partner stay at one of the Taj hotels for their ambiance and facilities – it’s a treat to stay in such wonderful accommodation and it would cost 3 times as much for an equivalent hotel in Europe. If you’re coming alone or on a budget the Minerva Grand is a simple hotel with a comfortable room at a modest cost.

But the main event is the reconstruction of your teeth. Overcome your bias, come to India and select Dr. Motiwala for your tooth/smile restoration. I did and it was a good decision. Many other testimonies describe the work they had done. For the record I had root canals; implants; teeth extracted; bridges & multiple old crowns removed; and all remaining teeth were ground down to have custom designed crowns placed on them. I left India with a totally remade smile.

Zale Town

BC, Canada

My name is Zale Town. I live in Richmond, BC, Canada. I have suffered from a medical ailment which has systematically destroyed my teeth. Intervention became necessary and I began searching the Internet for a cost-effective way to solve the problem without sacrificing expertise. The Doctor Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center quickly became the front-runner for the following reasons:

1. They offered a procedure which didn’t require a bone graft.
2. The entire procedure could be done in 1 week.
3. They (Tasneem) were the 1st to respond and she was extremely helpful from start to finish.
4. Tasneem took care of all the details at her end including hotel and transportation.

I came to Hyderabad and I am happy to have done so. The entire procedure went off exactly as promised and 1 week after meeting Dr.Motiwala & his staff I am leaving with new teeth, a new attitude and a profound sense of gratitude. By coming here I saved a lot of money & met some wonderful people. Dr.Motiwala’s staff are all fantastic & the doctor is an artist.

Beatrix & Peter Bayer

Tasmania, Australia

Peter Bayer & Beatrix BayerI had problems with my teeth all my life and therefore had a lot to do with dentists – in Germany and in Australia. When I lost a front tooth a few months ago, this was the last straw for me – and we (my husband Peter & I) started exploring other possibilities.

The best one – we felt- was Dr.Motiwala-so we booked and came here and it turned out to be the best in every respect!!! We are both overwhelmed by the expertise and kindness and by the gentle treatment we received here. And my new teeth are so beautiful!!

Many heartfelt thanks to Dr.Motiwala and his team.


Melbourne, Australia

SamuelMy name is Sam. I am from Australia. I arrived here for lower dental treatment (implants). I am very satisfied with the procedure that Dr. I.Motiwala has fared on my implants.

I would recommend to anyone who needs implants that you would be in good hand in the surgery of Dr.I. Motiwala.


Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Motiwala and his team provided me with outstanding care. My case, full mouth restoration, was challenging and Dr. Motiwala, who is a consummate professional, dedicated himself to both the health/physical requirements and the aesthetic appeal of an attractive smile. He and his staff put in extra time to ensure that all my needs were fulfilled in the time I had allowed. I am absolutely delighted with the results and am eager to show my teeth when I smile. Aside from having a superb bedside manner and excellent surgical skills and knowledge, Dr. Motiwala is something of a wizard when it comes to understanding bone structure and facial aesthetics.

Navatha Vankayalapti

Director – Miami, Florida

As a kid, I was always afraid of two things- a needle or syringe and a dentist. I guess fear stems from experiences you either try to forget or forgo but always have at the back of your mind. With that said, I came home for a visit and with a couple of things to be fixed as far as my dental work was concerned. Dr. Motiwala was recommended by a family friend. Obviously, he had his whole family come to Dr. Motiwala.

My fear of seeing a dentist surfaced the day I walked into the clinic. I was waiting for my appointment and got to meet a gentleman with an absolute beautiful smile. He was from New Zealand and he was waiting for his wife who was getting treated. He then mentioned that his smile was so because of Dr. Motiwala. Hearing this, took a load of my mind. He proceeded to show the “before” & I could see the “after”.

So, here I am thinking maybe it won’t be so bad. I just have to get a couple bridges & in I go to fight my demons. After the consultation to Dr. Motiwala, I was still calm which is an unusual feeling, this and the service aspect combined, helped me to go thru a whole lot of enhancements. After the total transformation in my smile resulting in a confidence that only comes from a “Beautiful Smile”

Thanks to Dr. Irfan Motiwala and Dr. Shrivastav for all their help. Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to all the office staff. It was a pleasure. I will always come back here if there is anything to be done.

Punam Walia

United Kingdom

My experience at Dr.Motiwala has been very wonderful. Although I’m always nervous to visit the dentist, the condition of my teeth was so bad the visit was inevitable. I live in the U.K and always thought about getting my teeth fixed. Dr. Motiwala was very highly recommended by all my family and extended family. Within a week Dr. Motiwala spent a lot of time and patience and did not compromise on anything and gave me a look I have wanted for years for my teeth and smile.

Dr. Motiwala’s perfectionism is admirable and I am very very satisfied and happy with the work.

Thank you so much to Dr. Motiwala and all staff.

Anju Poddar

Author of many well received books, Board member of various educational and social organizations and prestigious business enterprises

When I sit on the dental chair with Dr.Irfan looking after me he instills a lot of confidence in me. I am relaxed that I am in capable hands that he will only do what is the best for me. His hands are very light, the place is very hygienic and he keeps to his timings. I am so relaxed with him, that I laugh and tell my friends that I can easily go to sleep getting my dental work done with Dr. Irfan treating me.

Atchyuta (Achut) Kumar Bommakanti

Fmr. MD & CEO, ANZ Grindlays, London & Chief General Manager, ANZ Bank, Australia

At the first meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to see a clean and well-appointed clinic, and an organized reception/appointment system.

Dr. Motiwala was a revelation as he clearly and very concisely explained required procedures, namely extraction and replacement implants for molars which had been infected or removed some years ago. A decade earlier, I had implant surgery in Australia, a different process no doubt, which ahd covered some 12 months of visits to dentists, surgeons and a short hospitalization. I was however amazed at Dr. Motiwala’s assertion that the present process of extraction of teeth and insertion of implants would be completed in 3 days!! I assented to the procedure with great trepidation.

After 7 weeks, I can now state that (a) the procedure was carried out in the promised time, (b) it was much less painful than I had anticipated, and (c) I feel I am on the road to full and proper use of my teeth for the purpose intended, namely to properly chew my food (and enjoy it too!!).

I am tempted to undergo further implant surgery on my next visit to Hyderabad, which may even be for this sole purpose. I am sure there are many more cases of happy clients who can vouch for similar experiences at Dr. Motiwala’s clinic. I wish him Godspeed in his continuing endeavours to improve dental health for all of us.

Nayyar Rabbani

I was using two-teeth denture ever since I lost two front teeth in an accident. Though I was fed up of wearing a removable denture but scared of getting implants of the lost teeth.

I got encouraged by complete teeth restoration job which Dr. Motiwala did to my aunt. Though I hardly know Dr. Motiwala, I took a change and booked for implantation. Initially I was scared, but the implantation procedure was very short with a painless drilling technique under local anesthesia, made it unbelievably very simple. Within four days, I walked out with two implants and a grand smile.

Dr. Motiwala is an incredibly skilled and talented as well as very friendly dentist. I was amazed by his standardized teeth-implantation techniques which is highly satisfactory, simple and painless.

I could figure out from our discussions that he was trained by world renowned implantologist Dr. Ihde and his record shows that he has already implanted many difficult cases. He enjoys his work and loves to discuss about it.

What I am most impressed with is his commitment to continued education that will always keep him “Ahead of the Curve.” Thanks for performing such an excellent job and taking care of me.