Fixed Dentures: Things you should know before getting started

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Are you considering getting fixed dentures? Then, there are certain things you need to be conversant with before getting started. This will make things be clearer before coming to our Clinic. You might have some questions or things that seem to be making you pussyfoot and not consider going for Fixed Denture. In this article, we will try to answer some of the questions and share some light on what this is all about. We hope this will be of great help. we previously talked about Basal Implants cost in our previous piece, here, we will share more information about fixed dentures.

Fixed Denture 101

To understand what it is about, you need to know what it means. So, without trying to take you all to a lecture room. Denture simply refers to artificial teeth and gums which are formed and inserted in your mouth. They are designed by Dentists to help replace missing natural teeth in patients. They (Dentures) can be partial or fill. You can have the denture replace some missing gum lines, it could be the bottom or top gum line, depending on what needs to be done. They are usually custom designed, that way, they fit your mouth perfectly, they also match with the existing natural teeth you currently have in your mouth.

Why do you need one?

Obviously, not everyone needs the Fixed Denture. But that doesn’t mean some other persons out there don’t need one. Dentures are known to help enhance our smile. Giving one a good reason to smile always. If one has missing teeth, it will always be difficult to pull off a smile. Basically, anyone that has missing teeth needs a denture. Not having a complete set of teeth can also make eating pretty difficult. Dentures are your best bet. It is absolutely crucial for those who have damaged their teeth or rotted roots. You can now say goodbye to damaged teeth giving you trouble, thanks to a new and strong set of teeth.

What are partial Dentures?

Partial and full dentures are both options to consider when coming for Fixed Dentures. So, what exactly is Partial Denture? They are placed on the part of the gum line which they will sit on, fasten close to a natural tooth to make sure that it doesn’t fall off or out of place). Even though they are not permanently fixed, they can easily be taken off in case they need to go through maintenance.

What Full Dentures are?

Full dentures, unlike partial dentures, are complete dentures. They are used to replace all of one’s natural teeth. But just like the partial dentures, they can be fixed to either the top or bottom part of one’s gum line. They are then held in place by what is called a “suction” coupled with the use of an oral adhesive.

Dental Implant Cost

If you’ve got questions on dental implant cost, you can contact us. We will provide you with needed answers to get you started. But be rest assured that our fixed dentures cost is affordable.


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