How Do Single Piece Implants in India Work?

Single Piece Implants cost

Dental surgeons recommend single piece implants to those patients who have either one or more missing teeth. They surgically place an implant in a jawbone’s opening. When the implant is fused, it plays the role of a root to the cap (crown) that can replace the missing tooth. The cap is created to appear similar to a real tooth. It is integrated with the implant and thus occupies the missing area of the tooth.

To ensure the effectiveness of single piece plants, dentists make sure that there is sufficient bone in the jaw area. This bone must be stable enough for serving as the foundation of the implant. In case there is not sufficient bone, the surgeon can attempt certain treatments to address the issue. A dentist also makes sure that the region where the implant will be incorporated, maintains strong health.

How Do Single Piece Implants Work?

A single piece implant consists of the following three components.


The implant is composed of titanium, which is added into the lower or upper jawbone.


The abutment is composed of several materials, depending upon the cost and requirements of the implants. These materials include porcelain, gold, and titanium. The abutment uses a screw to connect itself with an implant. It links the implant with the crown. Looks-wise, it bears the same shape as a natural tooth, which was cut so it could get a crown.


The restoration is the component that is similar to the tooth. It is the cap (crown). Typically, it is composed of porcelain that is integrated with a metal. The restoration can be either completely made of porcelain or it maybe entirely designed from metal. The dentist cements or screws the crown into the abutment. After this integration of the crown, tooth-colored filling material and other restorative materials are used to cover the screw hole.

Single Piece Implants Cost

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