Should You Go for Basal Implants in India?

Basal Implants in Hyderabad

Basal implants are modern dental implants that have gained prominence for their innovative and convenient technology. In this treatment, the basal-cortical region in the jawbones is utilized to retain dental implants. A dental surgeon designs the implants such that they are easily fitted into the bone region of the basal-cortical area. This treatment is also known as cortical implantology. The dense nature of the basal bone ensures that the implants receive stable foundation.

Many experts refer to basal implants as they are a breakthrough in dental implantology. This is because unlike other implants, patients don’t have to wait for a defined period that is reserved so the implants can settle down. They offer the following advantages.

  • These implants can be incorporated into the highly atrophied maxilla and mandible.
  • The treatment requires a single visit, which is why it consumes a lot lesser time than conventional implants.
  • Since it is a single entity, so there is no danger of peri-implantitis.
  • It is recommended for smokers, hypertensive, and diabetic patients.
  • They are ideal if a patient has significant jaw atrophy issue or when a patient needs urgent rehabilitation of masticatory forces.
  • Usually, the post-operative care that follows the surgery is not grievous, thanks to the solid basal bone that is healthy due to the presence of minerals.
  • Perhaps, one of their strongest suits is their lack of dependence on traumatic and costly sinus lift surgeries.
  • Patients who have contracted osteoporosis are advised to get basal implants.
  • A lifetime warranty accompanies basal implants.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, basal implants have become popular for their suitability to patients who struggle from periodontal conditions. Earlier, dental surgeons did not advise dental implants to those patients who suffered severe periodontal diseases as the procedure then carried a higher risk of failure. However, basal implants have ensured that these complications are removed and patients no longer have to rely on bone grafting or sinus lift procedures.

Basal Implants in Hyderabad

Basal implants cost an arm and a leg. To save up your expenses, consider basal implants in India, especially Hyderabad. After you have booked your flight, you can head over to Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center for getting basal implants in Hyderabad. Dr. Motiwala will make sure that your basal implants cost does not exceed alarmingly, benefiting you with top-quality and affordable treatment.


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