Zygomatic Implants & Their Benefits

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Patients with severe loss of bone require complex surgeries such as long grafting procedures before their jaw is ready to accept new implants. A convenient alternative is to make use of zygomatic implants. The zygomatic bone is targeted in this procedure to make way for the immediate loading of implants.

This procedure slashes the time it takes for patients to receive their implants, which significantly improves client satisfaction and provides almost immediate relief to patients who have suffered severe bone loss.

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants in India

Zygomatic implants facilitate restorative procedures such as instant loading. Patients with severe bone loss get a chance at receiving provisional prosthesis instantly after surgery. They no longer have to go through endless surgeries and arduous time periods, which is common place for grafting procedures.

Furthermore, it is proven that provisional prosthesis has advantages for all parties involved. Since the post operative sofa tissue is not compressed to a far enough extent, the procedure is less invasive for patients. This is possible because the prosthesis is anchored over the implants instead of the traditional gum tissues.

The result is an improvement in the patient’s self-esteem and confidence since they’re able to benefit from immediate prosthesis that isn’t fragile enough to be jolted out of position. Their social lives are also significantly improved because they are no longer limited by speech impediments due to lack of adequate palatal coverage.

It is common for the majority of zygomatic implants in India to be done within just a few visits to the clinic while still being less invasive surgically. Furthermore, when probing pocket depths are analyzed to study for clinical outcomes, the bleeding and plaque are similar to traditional dental implants.

Patients like the fact that zygomatic implants cost significantly less in India than in their home countries. Since many insurance companies do not cover this treatment, zygomatic implants cost has to be paid by patients.

The side effects of zygomatic implants are virtually the same as normal dental implants. It is common for patients to experience a little tenderness in their mouth, especially in those areas where the dental implants were installed.

It isn’t uncommon for patients to experience swelling immediately after the procedure. But this is a sign that they are undergoing the healing process. The swelling is only contained within the gum tissue, which is subject to minor swelling.

An effective way to mitigate these side effects is by placing a cold pack onto the site of operation. This provides some relief to patients.

Why You Should Get Zygomatic Implants in India

Our dental clinic has India’s most experienced and qualified team for zygomatic implants and comprises of talented clinicians with advanced qualifications and trainings. The best part is that our team offers excellent results with incredible success rates. Zygomatic implants in India are only a fraction of the cost in Australia, the UK, USA, and Canada. The drop in cost is what pulls many foreigners to Indian soil for the treatment. Not only is treatment cheaper, but it comes at a significant cost saving. Who wouldn’t want that?


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