The Benefits of Basal Implants Over Conventional Implants

basal implants in Hyderabad

Basal implants have slowly and gradually become the face of modern implantology. Dental implants have been around for many years, but no innovation has been able to boost their success like basal implants have.

Dental implantology has seen numerous advances over the years, and the advent of basal implants is perhaps the most popular one of these innovations. While there are different implantology techniques for different patients, basal implants can be used in numerous cases.

For those who haven’t heard of them before, basal implants are a form of implantology technique performed on your basal bones, as these bones are not susceptible to bone resorption.

Basal implants are a big step forward for dental implantology, and they are definitely an improved method over the conventional methods.

Here we look at some of the benefits of basal implants and how these benefits rank them above conventional methods of the days gone by.

Shorter Treatment

The treatment for basal implants is way shorter than what we have for other conventional methods. Since conventional methods require the implants to be placed upon a soft/spongy bone, the treatment takes around 3 to 6 months for completion. Not only are conventional treatment options more time consuming than basal implants, but they are also really complex.

Affordable basal implants are placed within the cortical bone, which is strong and isn’t as complex to reach or manage. Additionally, dental surgeons don’t have to wait for the implant to become integrated within the bone, as the implants are anchored within the strongest part of the bone.

No Need for Bone Replacements

Two-part implants require a certain amount of bone volume in the targeted bone area. This means that if the required bone volume is not present, the dentist will have to look for other methods of increasing bone volume and then working on the implant.

Basal implants do not require any such volume checks as the cortical bone is sufficient for implants, without the need for running expensive tests to find out the suitability of the implant surgery.

Affordable Basal Implants

Basal implants in Hyderabad are highly affordable and come without the exuberant costs associated with them in foreign countries. Dentists in Hyderabad charge less for running the same surgical and implantation methods used by dentists elsewhere. This affordability is what pulls thousands of foreigners towards the city to look for affordable basal implants.

The dentists in India also use the best material for dental implantology to lure people towards them. The implants are made out of the best material that ensures the efficiency and longevity of the dental treatment for the time to come.


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