Causes for Sensitive Teeth

Causes for Sensitive Teeth

In order to avoid having sensitive teeth, it is essential to take care to protect the outermost layers of your teeth as well as the tissue that surrounds them. Sensitive teeth are teeth that are quickly irritated and can be quite painful when exposed to specific elements, such as heat and cold, that easily send nerve signals to the center of your teeth. Sensitive teeth are often referred to as hypersensitive teeth or hypersensitive gums.

The following disorders and substances can cause sensitivity in your teeth because they erode away the protective coverings of your teeth, exposing the dentin and roots beneath.

Receding Gums

The roots of the teeth are protected by gum tissue; nevertheless, periodontal disease and other disorders can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth, exposing the roots of the teeth. This leaves the roots open to irritation, which can cause tooth discomfort as well as sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Acidic Foods and Drinks

The enamel on your teeth can be worn away by very acidic foods and drinks, such as citrus fruits, lentils, olives, tomatoes, fruit juice, and soda. This exposes the dentin that lies underlying the enamel, which can make your teeth sensitive. Because the dentin contains very small holes, it is possible for the dental nerves to be stimulated, which results in a painful sensation.

After consuming acidic food or drink, it is important to neutralize the acids in the body by consuming or drinking neutral items such as cheese or milk. This will help prevent the acid from having an adverse effect on the teeth.

Whitening Products

It’s possible that tooth sensitivity could be caused by certain whiteners that use peroxide-based bleaching solutions. It is highly suggested that anyone who is interested in whitening their teeth consult with their dentist about the product that would work best for them individually. Dr. Sands provides patients with a number of options for teeth whitening procedures and is able to assist in determining which one will work best for each individual patient.

Excessive Use of Mouthwash The acids that are included in most mouthwashes can make teeth sensitive or irritate teeth that are already sensitive. If you use mouthwash too frequently, this problem could become worse.

Even while it would be great to have minty fresh breath after each meal, you should limit your use of mouthwash to no more than once or twice a day in order to protect your teeth from becoming sensitive.

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