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Cheap Dental Vacation Packages Abroad

Why are the Australians saying ‘Yes’ to Dental Tourism in India?

So, you are done with your research and finally planning for dental tourism in India, right? It means you have discovered that dental work, basic or complex, is much affordable in India than in Australia or the US. It’s not just about cheap dental holiday packages abroad, there are other things too that you must know, as they can make you feel that your decision to have dental holiday packages in India is just the right one.

Your Search For Cheap Dental Vacation Packages Abroad Ends Here

Dental tourism forms 10% of the entire medical tourism industry in India and is growing at a rate of 30% per annum attracting huge foreign investment as well as dental tourists. As per a report, in 2018, there were 300000 dentists in India with 50,000 specialists. The oral care infrastructure of the country is at par with any western nation, with 99% of the dental market operating in the private sector.

Stepping out of Australia for dental treatment implies that you are in the lookout of cheap dental vacation packages abroad and your filter, based on the quality of service and low full mouth dental implants cost abroad, brings India on top. Your purpose is to save money and get treated, which is quite reasonable.

However, it concerns your health and you need to know other things as well before making any final decision.

  • How is the location?
  • Are the dentists experienced and qualified?
  • Is the pricing really worth it?
  • How is the quality and professionalism of their dental work?
  • Is the dental clinic clean, equipped and follow FDA and ADA protocols?
  • Do they offer any guarantee on their work?

We believe that your decision is purely based on some well-researched facts. You would have definitely checked the patients’ reviews, the reputation of the clinic as a dental tourism attraction, cheap dental vacation packages abroad, and the details of dentists in India about their certification and qualification.

Here we are putting a little more information about which will equip you well before you plan for dental tourism Australia to India.

Quality Dental Services at Low Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Abroad

In Hyderabad, India, you would find all sort of dental clinics and implant centers offering a range of services including basic teeth cleaning to more specialized full mouth dental restoration or smile design. A few of them are listed below:

  • Smile design Dental Veneers
  • Full mouth dental implant
  • Single-piece basal implants
  • Full mouth dental restoration
  • Dental Zirconia bridges and Crowns
  • Root canal treatment

Based on the patient’s needs, one or more treatment types can be offered in combination to achieve the desired results.

Why Hyderabad is a Dental Holiday Packages Hub?

Surprisingly low cost, is definitely one of the leading factors. We mean a saving of at least 50 to 75% of what your will spend in Australia or the US.

For any kind of treatment, the cheap dental holiday packages abroad varies from $2,000 USD to a maximum of $18,000 USD for the dental tourists. If you are paying above this range, then you might not be saving huge on your treatment.

One dental implant costs $2000 USD in Australia, whereas it costs just $500 USD in India. From implants to bridges and crowns, you save a good margin on almost everything. Not only this, you can also escape the cost incurred on procedures like a bone graft or sinus life with single-piece basal implants used at Dr. Motiwala Clinic in Hyderabad.

Apart from the full mouth dental implants cost abroad on treatment, what you save is your precious time. Even after traveling to India from Australia, you get your dental restoration done in just one visit. With the technique, Permanent teeth in 3 daysTM immediate loading implants are placed and bridges/crowns are fixed within a few days in the same visit.
This saves your time of making revisits to the clinic; one for an implant and another after four to six months for crowning. This not only consumes your time but also drags you for months with a painful dental condition.

By now, it’s clear that your decision to visit Hyderabad for low dental work in India prices is not only driven to save money but also to save your time and get a comfortable, painless dental work experience.

Hyderabad Offers Cheap Dental Holiday Packages Abroad

Ideally, your cheap dental vacation packages abroad should include dental treatment plus dental vacation. Visiting India and leaving without a vacation experience can turn out to be a lifetime guilt.

So, when you would have decided to choose India as a place for your dental work, it might not be only because it offers an affordable smile makeover in India, but also because it offers plenty of tourism opportunities.

Many visiting India for dental treatments spend their savings by visiting the scenic locations of Kerala, historical monuments of Hyderabad or the sandy beaches of Goa. They carry back a lot of beautiful memories along with a wide Hollywood smile.

To talk about Hyderabad in particular, the clients or patients get to explore more of Hyderabad, its food, culture, regional mementoes, clothing, and more. From hotels to resorts, everything falls in just the right budget giving ample opportunity to continue with a long vacation.

However, it is strongly suggested to take complete rest and post-surgical precautions for at least 72 hours to heal better and recover faster.

Your expert dentist would explain all these points to you.

Dental Holiday Packages + Certified Dentist in Hyderabad

Visiting a dentist in Hyderabad can be a wonderful experience of your life… or else a nightmare too.

Just because a dentist is licensed, you cannot trust him/her to get all your critical procedures done. Like you don’t trust any repair mechanic for your car and visit only the branded service centers, for your teeth also, you can’t just go ahead with any dentist. It can be like taking a chance with your precious smile.

Get it clear, a general dentist can never offer you an implant surgery. So, you need to find a specialist.

The first place to gather basic information about available dentists is definitely Google. You need to make searches based on your specific requirements like “dental implant center in Hyderabad” or “Hollywood smile makeover cost in Hyderabad”. This will give you specific results. Based on the search results, you can check the reviews of other patients.

What you need to check specifically when looking for cheap dental vacation packages abroad is how efficient a dentist is in handling the cases of dental tourism. How many dental tourists has he/she attended? What is the percentage of dental tourism patients from Australia to India who have been to his clinic? How is the infrastructure of the clinic? Also, remember to stick to the expertise of the dentist first and then his team and staff. It will ensure that you are taken care of by the experts and not just any regular dentist.

For example, Dr. Motiwala in Hyderabad has an impeccable experience of 17 years in dealing with international patients coming from US, Australia, Europe and Middle East countries with a proven track record. He runs one of the best dental implant clinics in India.

His success stories are not only popular in India but have also been covered in the media abroad.

At Dr. Motiwala Dental Implant Clinic offering Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM, there are many real-life stories showcasing the trust and preference of Aussies on cheap dental vacation packages abroad in India and other complex dental treatments.

Have a look at one of those success stories which helped an Australian man save as much as $85,000 on his dental work.

One of Our Many Success Stories!

Neil McLean found out would have to spend close to $100,000 if he wanted his teeth fixed in Australia. He instead flew to India for his treatment.

The decision made by this Australian to land in India got covered by Australian media. The details of his medical tourism journey to Hyderabad’s Dr. Motiwala clinic got published on in February 2019 exposing the huge difference between the Hollywood smile makeover cost in India and Australia and other western countries.

Neil, a man past 60 years of age, was postponing his dental treatment owing to a lot of financial liabilities on his shoulders. With two growing children, he was left with limited finances to spend on himself which led to further deterioration of his dental condition. When he finally decided to go for a treatment and still didn’t research about cheap dental vacation packages abroad, he kept exploring Australian options and was startled to get a quotation of $100,000 for a total dental renovation in Australia. He ignored his treatment once more.

However, as an avid traveler and media professional, he was aware of the growing popularity of dental tourism and the surprisingly low cost of dental tourism in the developing nations. He started enquiring about dental work in India prices and came across Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM in Hyderabad. He got answered in the form of a surprisingly low full mouth dental implants cost abroad in India.

February 2018 was a month of satisfaction and regained confidence for Neil McLean. He received 8 root canals, 9 implants, two extractions and 24 Zirconia caps resulting in a complete transformation of his smile. He compared his procedures to that of a “ground-up restoration” and “complete rebuild” of a car. The dental and cosmetic issues in his mouth met a beautiful renovation indeed.

He considers settling on the expertise of Dr.Motiwala as one of the best decisions as the doctor was very organized and professional while the cost of dental work he provided was staggeringly low. There was a time when he used to get embarrassed due to his teeth, but now he had that perfect “Tom Cruise killer smile”, in his words.

The success of Neil McLean dental work and the surprising Hollywood smile makeover cost in Hyderabad made top headings across a number of healthcare and general websites in Australia. Read on a few of them here.

Dr. Motiwala in International Press

Please click on the NEWS site’s logo below to visit the article.

dental work in india prices dental holiday packages cheap dental vacation packages abroad

Dental Tourism in Hyderabad, Dental Work in India Prices

You caught it right! If you are looking for cheap dental holiday packages abroad, the dental work in India prices including implants and cosmetic procedures in Hyderabad are too low and highly affordable than any western countries or other states.

Moreover, you cannot travel to an altogether new country without estimating the cost incurred in travel, stay and the treatment. Many websites clearly mention the price list on their website for all the types of treatment they give. Many others even give a comparison list so that you clearly understand how much you would be saving by travelling to India for your dental work.

For any queries, you can choose to make a call in the clinic and get every minute detail that can help you plan better. In some cases, you can also explore some deals on dental work or some promotional discount on the treatment services to further save your money.

A number of patients from Australia visit India for dental tourism and looking at their success stories, many others also plan to visit.

Dr. Motiwala, one of the best dental implant clinics in India, specializes in dental tourism, and has a huge list of happy patients from Australia.

For the convenience of patients and help them make informed decisions, below is a cost comparison chart of various dental implant procedures in India and Australia.

Also you can have a look at the table below to compare the costs of treatment in Thailand against our dental work in India prices.

Is the treatment quality good in Hyderabad?

Yes! Highly reliable enjoying accolades from patients across the world.

Hyderabad is a preferred location for dental treatment, not only from Australia but also from US, Dubai, Germany, France, UK, Italy and more.

The full mouth dental implants cost abroad in India is less but the quality is at par to the best clinics across the world in adherence to the international standards.

The dentists are certified and highly experienced. The clinic staffs are well trained and highly cooperative with dental tourism patients. The technologies used are the latest and up-to-date to avoid any delay in the treatment delivery.

There is a high use of CEREC technology that can develop Zirconia crowns in a few hours. This eliminates the need for multiple visits to the clinic to get the crowns developed.

In one visit, you can get your full mouth restoration or smile designing in Hyderabad including the placement of implants, bridges, and crowns. After a few months of precautions, your dental structure would be fully functional to make you eat anything or give a wide smile anywhere. You would not require a second visit to the clinic, once you leave the country.

So, your search for cheap dental vacation packages abroad should end right here…

Trust the trust of many others like you who chose Dr.Motiwala Dental Implant Clinic in Hyderabad for their dental work and saved huge amount of money while being on a dental vacation to Hyderabad. You would also get lifetime guarantee on the dental implants.


How much can I save on full mouth dental implants by traveling from Australia to India?

You can save about $47,190 on your full mouth dental implant procedure in India and finish the treatment in a single trip!

How much can I save on smile makeover by traveling from Australia to India?


  • For missing tooth – Basal implant cost: AUD $750
  • Root Canal treatment for missing tooth (if required): AUD $115
  • Extraction: AUD $70

As you can see in the above table, you can make a huge saving on the Smile Makeover treatment as well.


Deals and discounts always seem lucrative. You can try to discover some deals on dental holiday packages in India online but they might not be available always. In some cases, specific dental clinics run their temporary discount offers on the full mouth dental implants cost abroad in India.

Our Exclusive Smile Makeover Package Deal

  • Total Cost: AUD $9,690
  • Procedure: Smile-Makeover
  • Dental Holiday Destination: Hyderabad, India
  • Dentist: Dr. Irfan Motiwala, BDS, MDS, Fellow (I.S.O.I.), Diplomate (ICOI – USA), Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, Certified Implantologist
Dental Holiday Package Inclusions:
  • Consultation
  • 3D CT Scan
  • Blood Test and Medical Checkup
  • 10 Nexx Zr. Zirconia Crowns in Upper Jaw
  • 10 Nexx Zr. Zirconia Crowns in Lower Jaw
  • Hyderabad Airport Pickup and Drop-off
  • Local Transportation

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