Common Misconceptions About Root Canals

Common Misconceptions About Root Canals

You’re at home relaxing when you notice that the slight tooth sensitivity you’ve had for a few months seems to be getting worse. You’ve been putting off going to the dentist for a while, but now your teeth hurt so much that you have to go. At first, you think it’s just a cavity, but when you go to the dentist, you hear those two dreaded words. It’s a root canal, and getting it fixed is going to hurt like hell — or is it?

Even though root canals are serious problems that can happen if you don’t take care of your teeth, there are many common misconceptions about them that couldn’t be more wrong.

Myth 1: Root Canals Are Painful

This is one of the most common lies about root canals. In the past, they might have been painful, just like a lot of other dental procedures. But thanks to modern medicine and good anesthesia, patients can go through a procedure with little or no pain.

Myth 2: Root Canals Take More Than One Visit

Even though the number of visits to the dentist depends on the condition of the tooth and how bad the infection is in the canals, most treatments can be done in just one session.

Myth 3: Root Canals Are Expensive

Root canals are usually expensive, but the treatment not only saves the tooth but also helps the person keep chewing normally. Also, it’s important to remember that a root canal still costs less than taking out the tooth and replacing it with a bridge or implant.

Myth 4: Root Canals Do Not Work

This is not true at all. When a root canal is done right by a skilled dentist, it can last a lifetime and never need to be fixed again.

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