Dental Implant Problems: Signs of Failure & Their Treatment

Dental implants have changed the field of dentistry by providing a lasting way to replace missing teeth and improving the look and function of the mouth. But, just like any other medical treatment, dental implants can have problems that need to be fixed. This blog post will talk about common signs of dental implant problems, how to treat them, and how Dr. Motiwala’s lifetime guarantee on dental implants can give you peace of mind.

Signs of Dental Implant Failure

Pain or Discomfort: Pain or discomfort that won’t go away around the implant site could mean that there is inflammation, an infection, or the implant has failed. It’s important to take care of any pain right away to avoid more problems.

Swelling or Redness: Swelling, redness, or warmth around the implant site could be signs of an infection or peri-implantitis, a disease that causes swelling and bone loss around the implant.

Loose or Wobbly Implant: An implant that is solid should feel like it is firmly rooted in the jawbone. If you notice that the implant is becoming loose or wobbly, it could mean that the implant failed or that you are losing bone.

Gum Recession or Bleeding: If your gums are pulling away from your teeth or bleeding around the implant site, it could mean you have gum disease or aren’t taking care of your teeth properly, which can make the implant less stable and less long-lasting.

Treatment for Dental Implant Problems

Professional Evaluation: If you think your dental implants might be giving you trouble, you should make an appointment with your dentist or an implant expert right away for a full evaluation. They will look at the implant site, and if needed, take diagnostic images to figure out what’s wrong.

Treatment Plan: Your dentist will make a personalized treatment plan to fix the root cause of the implant problem based on the results of the evaluation. Depending on how bad the problem is, treatment choices may include antibiotics, deep cleaning, implant repair or replacement, or surgery.

Follow-Up Care: After treatment, it’s important to carefully follow your dentist’s post-operative advice and keep your follow-up appointments so you can see how well the treatment worked and make sure it heals properly.

Dr. Motiwala’s Lifetime Warranty on Dental Implants

The fact that Dr. Motiwala guarantees his dental implants for life is one of the best reasons to choose him for your implant treatment. People who get dental implants from Dr. Motiwala can rest easy knowing that their investment is covered in case anything goes wrong or causes problems.

Other Positives of Choosing Dr. Motiwala

Expertise and Experience: Dr. Irfan Motiwala is a well-known implantologist who has worked in the field for many years and is very good at it. His skilled hands and precise methods make sure that his patients get the best results possible.

State-of-the-Art Technology: Dr. Motiwala’s clinic has the newest and best dental technology, which lets him offer cutting-edge treatments and excellent customer care.

Individualized Care: Dr. Motiwala focuses on the wants and goals of each patient when planning their dental care, making sure that each treatment plan is unique.

In conclusion, problems with dental implants can happen, but they need to be found and treated right away to make sure they last a long time. You can be sure that you’ll be in good hands during your dental implant process because Dr. Motiwala guarantees his work for life and is dedicated to providing the best care to his patients. Make an appointment with Dr. Motiwala to talk about your choices and take the first step toward a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime if you’re having problems with your dental implants or are thinking about getting them fixed.

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