Dental Implants & Sinus Lift: Restoring Upper Jaw Function

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When it comes to using dental implants to fix the upper jaw, people often hear that they need sinus lift surgery or a bone graft. But there’s a new way of doing things that gets rid of the need for these steps. Dr. Irfan Motiwala is a top expert in implant dentistry in India. He offers a revolutionary solution: dental implants with basal implants and Zirconia crowns. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how Dr. Motiwala’s new methods make it possible to fix the function of the upper jaw without complicated sinus lift surgery or bone grafts.

Understanding the Upper Jaw and Its Challenges

When it comes to dental implants, the top jaw, or maxilla, is different from the other jaws. The maxillary sinuses, which are air-filled holes above the upper teeth, are one of the most difficult things to deal with. These sinuses can get in the way of the bone, making it harder to put in standard dental implants. When there isn’t enough bone to support implants, sinus lift surgery or bone grafting is often suggested to build up the bone structure.

Sinus Lift & Bone Grafting: Traditional Approaches

Sinus augmentation, which is another name for sinus lift surgery, includes lifting the sinus membrane and putting bone graft material under it. This treatment makes the bone bigger so that it can hold dental implants. Even though nasal lift surgery works, it can be painful and take several months to heal before implants can be put in.

In bone grafting, bone tissue is moved to the area of the mouth where there isn’t enough. This operation can also take a long time because the bone graft has to fuse with the existing bone before the implant can be put in.

Dr. Motiwala’s Innovative Approach

Dr. Irfan Motiwala came up with a new way to fix broken teeth in the upper jaw, especially when the sinuses are close and there isn’t much bone. He uses basal implants, which are shorter and are made to fit into the denser bone at the bottom of the mouth. There are a few benefits to these implants:

Minimally Invasive: Basal implants are slightly invasive and don’t need a lot of bone grafting or sinus lift surgery. This means less pain, faster healing, and less work for the doctor.

Immediate Loading: Because of Dr. Motiwala’s skill, basal implants can be used right away. This means that patients can get temporary crowns a few days after their implants are put in, improving both function and appearance.

High Rate of Success: Basal implants have a high rate of success, even in difficult situations with little bone. These implants work because Dr. Motiwala has a lot of knowledge and uses precise techniques.

Zirconia Crowns for Aesthetics and Durability: Dr. Motiwala uses Zirconia crowns because they are very strong, last a long time, and look like real teeth. Zirconia crowns are safe for the body and look just like real teeth.

The Motiwala Difference: Experience and Expertise

Dr. Motiwala is a leader in the area of implant dentistry because of how well he knows how to do it. With more than 20 years of experience, he has helped people with a wide range of dental problems, including those who needed upper jaw restorations. Dr. Motiwala wants to stay on the cutting edge of implantology, so he uses new techniques like basal implants to help his patients find answers that work well and last.

His focus on the patient makes sure that each person gets care that is unique and fits their wants and goals. Dr. Motiwala and his hardworking team produce a warm environment where patients can feel at ease and confident as they go through the process of getting implants.

Conclusion: Restoring Smile with Confidence

Using basal implants and Zirconia crowns, Dr. Motiwala’s new way of putting dental implants in the upper jaw removes the need for sinus lift surgery or a lot of bone grafting. This new method gives patients a faster, more comfortable, and more reliable way to restore the function and appearance of the upper jaw.

If you want dental implants for your upper jaw and have been told you need sinus lift surgery or bone grafts, talk to Dr. Motiwala about this advanced option. With his help, you can get your smile and ability to chew back quickly and with confidence. Don’t let problems with your upper jaw hold you back. Find out how Dr. Motiwala’s new method to dental implantology can change your life.

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