Dentist: Your Partner in Excellent Oral Health

The many parts that make up a mouth work together to carry out essential functions. This priceless orifice is a very busy area, which, regrettably, makes it prone to technical difficulties and the odd stroke of bad luck.

Treatment is provided for a diverse range of conditions at the office of Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. We place the same value that you do on maintaining the health of your mouth here at our office. Every single one of our patients receives the amount of time and focus that they want from us.

The following is a list of dental disorders and conditions in which the assistance of a dentist can be of significant use.

There are a number of potential causes for tooth pain, some of which are more significant than others. But while you wait to see a dentist, you should use dental floss to rule out the possibility that the discomfort is caused by a piece of food that is lodged in your tooth. If it’s required, reach for an over-the-counter pain medication. An abscess may be present if the gum tissue that surrounds the tooth is inflamed or if pus is oozing from the area. Make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible. It’s possible that you’ll need antibiotics and more extensive treatment.

Cavities are quite destructive. If you let these holes in your teeth caused by decay go untreated, you could end up having trouble eating and speaking, as well as developing gum disease and losing teeth. Cavities can be filled by a dentist, and going for exams twice a year can help prevent more serious repercussions of cavities.

The most common type of dental damage is a broken or chipped tooth. The severity of the condition determines how it is handled. A bonding substance can be used to fill in a little chip, but a crown might be necessary for a bigger chunk of the broken tooth. Fragmentations that extend into the pulp will almost certainly require a root canal procedure.

Plaque, which is made up of bacteria and is sticky, can accumulate under the gumline, which can lead to gingivitis, which causes irritated gums that bleed easily and tear away from teeth. Ignoring it can lead to decreased bone density, displaced teeth, and even the loss of teeth. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a fantastic oral routine that you follow every day in addition to biannual dental cleanings.

Some people are self-conscious about the space that exists between their two front teeth, whilst other people, especially celebrities, flaunt that space with pride. However, if you aren’t crazy about your gap, you should consider getting the hole closed. You can accomplish the same result with the assistance of a dentist by utilizing veneers or bonding material.

The dental care professionals at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre are dedicated to improving the quality of your oral health. Please give us a call as soon as possible to schedule an appointment.

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