Dentists Are Doctors Too!

There are many different kinds of doctors, like Doctors of Medicine, Doctors of English, and Doctors of Philosophy.

Most of the time, when we say “doctor,” we mean “physician” or “doctor of medicine.” Did you know, though, that dentists are also doctors? Every doctor has an area of expertise, and the area of expertise of a dentist is mouth health.

Dr. Motiwala talks about how dentistry is a specific branch of medicine and what that means for the link between oral health and general health.

Dentists Too Are Doctors

Dentists are just as learned and trained as doctors. Before they learn how to do dentistry in the real world, they get the same general science schooling as doctors. This background knowledge helps dentists take care of your teeth by looking at you as a whole person.

Dentists are experts in the science and mechanics of oral health, which includes your head, face, and neck (the craniofacial area). These are all important parts of your body! Your oral health is very important to your general health and wellness, and dentists are just as important to your body’s health as any other doctor.

The Oral-Systemic Link

Have you ever had your whole printer jam because one small piece of paper wasn’t in the right place? It’s always annoying and takes a lot of time. It’s also a good lesson that machines need all of their parts, big and small, to be in good shape for them to work.

You are not a printer, but you are made up of many cells, organs, muscles, and bones that all work together to make you human and help you stay alive and healthy.

Dentists look at your mouth, gums, and teeth, but they also look at your jaw (TMJ), face, head, and neck, looking for signs of problems like swelling, redness, and more. Dentists often do tissue biopsies, identify illnesses, and look for signs of high blood pressure and oral cancer. Just by looking at your mouth, dentists can tell if you might have other health problems, like worry, chronic inflammation, or bad sleep.

Doctors, dentists, and scholars always get together to find important areas where medicine and dentistry overlap. We call these connections “the oral-systemic link.” There have already been a lot of studies about the links between mouth health and diabetes and heart problems.

It’s important to go to the doctor regularly so that he or she can figure out how likely you are to get sick anywhere in your body. For example, the well-known family doctor Bradley Bale says, “Periodontal disease is a medical problem with a dental solution.”

Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease that has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other long-term and short-term illnesses. The best dentists and doctors will insist on working together to make sure you are in the best health possible.

Taking care of your teeth and going to the dentist regularly does a lot more than just make your teeth shine. A good smile is important for everything, from eating and sleeping to working and having fun. The healthier and happy your whole life will be, the better your mouth will be.

Choose a doctor who asks you questions about your life and health goals. Ask them what they think about dentistry that treats the whole body as one big machine that works for your health. Make an appointment with us today if you’re ready to take care of your health from head to toe.

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