Invisalign Tips

During a time when so many things are being forced to stop, one thing does not have to: your Invisalign treatment! With your aligners, you can keep moving forward in the process of straightening your teeth even if you have been told to avoid socializing and stay at home. In fact, you might be able to do it more effectively!

If you are getting Invisalign right now, you can look at this strange time as a chance to make a lot of progress in your orthodontic movements. Just think: You can’t go out to dinner with friends, so you don’t have to worry about taking out and putting in your aligners in a sneaky way. Your mouthwash, toothbrush, and floss are always in your bathroom, so you can always take good care of your teeth. Most webcams have low-resolution sound and pictures, so you can leave your aligners in for important meetings.

Just Always Wear The Aligners

Seriously. Put them on as often as you can. You can leave them in to eat and clean them up later. Some studies have shown that the force of chewing helps the teeth move faster. You should only take them out when you drink something high in sugar or acidic. Don’t leave them in for happy hour (s). But if you don’t keep the aligners on your teeth, your teeth will move faster the less you wear them.

Straighten While You Whiten

You can use your aligners to put teeth-whitening gel on your teeth if you have syringes of the gel. Since you already have to wear the aligners all the time, you might as well put the whitening gel in them. If you don’t have any gel, you can call the office and buy some, or you can buy an over-the-counter gel that works a little less well.

Keep The Case And Aligners Clean

Since aligners are always in and out of your mouth, they can’t be “cleaned.” But you shouldn’t worry about coronavirus contamination if they only touch the inside of your mouth and the inside of the case. If you think the cases might be dirty, put them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Since you may have to wear an aligner for more than two weeks, it may start to look dirty or stained. You can clean and sterilize the aligners by letting them soak in a bleach solution that is diluted 1:10 and then rinsing them well in cold water.

Don’t ever use hot water on your aligners, because they will bend or change shape.

Clean Your Teeth!

We know that a lot of people’s daily lives are changing, which could make bedtime and the rituals that go with it a bit more flexible. This means that it will be tempting to stay up all night drinking wine and watching Tiger King without thinking about your aligners or whatever else we use. . . . Floss? Yeah. Floss.

Try not to get into the bad habit of falling asleep on the couch without brushing, flossing, and putting your aligners in. Try to stick to a regular oral hygiene routine that will keep your teeth healthy while you can’t get any preventive dental care.

Never, ever, ever go to bed without flossing, especially if you wear aligners. When you floss, you get rid of harmful plaque between your teeth. Actually, aligners make cavities more likely because they keep saliva from getting to the teeth, which is one of the best ways to fight cavities. You don’t want to put your aligners on top of a bunch of plaque and keep it there all night.

You May Have Lost or Broken An Aligner

If you lose or break your current aligner, it is important to keep your teeth in the same place. You have to go back to the trays you wore most recently and wear them all the time. If you don’t do this, your teeth will move around.

People often think, wrongly, that if they stop wearing the aligners, their teeth will just go back to where they were before the treatment. This doesn’t always happen. The teeth may move into a different place, making it impossible to keep using your current aligners. They simply won’t fit. If they don’t fit, they won’t move the teeth the way the dentist says they should.

It is important that you always wear a new set of aligners and let us know if you lose or break any.

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