Signs You Need Fixed Dentures

fixed dentures in hyderabad

Signs You Need Fixed Dentures

Did you know that over 50 percent of denture wearers feel that their dentures impact their professional, social and private lives? They are forced to avoid eating certain foods as a result. Most patients live unhappy and unfulfilled lives because they are held back by the state of their dentures. But thanks to advancements in dentistry, you can opt for full mouth rehabilitation in India!

Enter Fixed Dentures

Denture implants or fixed are faux teeth that are anchored to the bone in the jaw. As a result, these dentures are not removable. This means they function exactly like natural teeth with no risk of them shifting or slipping out of place. It is not possible to accidentally knock them out of place either!

Fixed dentures are placed installed where required. Even if it’s just one tooth that is missing.

Who Qualifies for Denture Implants?

Fixed denture implants are only possible for people who have enough bone mass in their jaws to support implants. The ideal patient should have good physical health as well. Patients who have lost out on a single tooth are good candidates for fixed dentures.

Get in touch with Dr. Motiwala and his team of consultants who specialize in fixed dentures in Hyderabad and explore your options!

Advantages of Fixed Dentures

People have been using removable dentures since time immemorial. And while the materials used to manufacture removable dentures have evolved over time, the rudimentary solution itself hasn’t changed much. Fixed dentures however, are a revolutionary, modern day solution that completely eliminates the need for removable dentures. As a result, there are a slew of advantages that implant dentures present over removable dentures.

No More Pain

One of the most reported complaints with removable dentures is the pain. Since most of them are not a proper fit, it can be quite painful to forcefully secure them over the jaw.

Better Support to the Facial Structure

Removable dentures fail to address the most significant problem threatening patients with missing teeth: bone resorption. The result is marionette lines, wrinkles, witches chin, and the jaw looking gold.

Easier to Eat Food

Fixed dentures in Hyderabad make it possible to chew food with ease. Since the teeth are permanent, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Imagine not having to reach for your removable dentures every time you want to chew something solid or crunchy. Don’t worry your fixed dentures won’t come undone. They mimic permanent teeth to allow you to eat without worry.

What you can Expect after the Procedure

The dental procedure depends entirely on the state of your jaw bone. If sufficient jaw bone is present, your dentist will have no difficulty in placing artificial teeth over the bone. In some cases, a bone graft may be required for full mouth rehabilitation in India.

For further details related to your specific case, get in touch with our team of highly trained consultants at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center.


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