In-depth Analysis of Basal Implants and Why You Need Them

teeth in an hour

Restoring a person’s esthetics with dental implants is easier said than done, particularly in the maxillary anterior region. One of the prerequisites for immediate dental implants is sufficient volume of both soft and hard tissues, and the presence of healthy interproximal papilla.

This is why immediate loading basal dental implants (or teeth in an hour procedures) have skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the almost instantaneous results. Contrast this with conventional implants such as bone augmentation and grafting procedures, the total treatment time for which varies from 6 months to about 1 year. Furthermore, affordable basal implants completely eliminated the need for interim dentures, provisions and the requirement of a second surgery that involves implant exposure to fix the abutment over the plant.

Below are a Few Advantages of Affordable Basal Implants:

One piece implants: The basal implants themselves are single piece implants in which both the abutment and implant are fused into a single piece. This drastically reduces the failure rate of implants that previously used to occur because of a problem that existed in conventional 2 and 3 piece implants.

Basal support to the bone: These implants are supported by the basal bone, which naturally resists resorption. This is in stark contrast to conventional implants which take support from the crestal bone. In fact, the basal cortical bone also tends to benefit with a much faster repairing capacity.

Surgery is minimally invasive: The since piece screw implants are installed without requiring complex surgical procedures. There is no need for extensive bone cutting to install the implants. The result is rapid healing at the procedure sites which eliminate additional surgical complications and risks, and also reducing costs.

There are solutions for people with low bone mass: The implants take advantage of the available bone in efficiently and effectively to avoid painful bone augmentation procedures. In conventional implants, changes are made to the available bone to accommodate the implants. Basal implants, by contrast, are selected to suit the patient’s mouth profile, with respect to both quantity and quality.

Better Distribution of Masticatory Forces: Since the highly affordable fixed dentures are secured over stable basal bone, it evens out the stress on the jaw due to biomechanical loads which are spread out to the cortical bone regions. The force is distributed away from bone areas that surround the implants, which is one of the reasons why the implants are good at surviving well in unfavorable conditions.

No Occurrence of Peri-implantitis: One of the most common reasons for the failure of conventional implants is peri-implantitis incidence, which happens because the implant surface is rough, causing conflict between the various parts of the implant. Basal implants employ a smooth surface which eliminates the occurrence of peri-implantitis by as much as 98 percent. Suitable For patients with Medical Problems: Teeth in an hour implants also work in patients suffering from diabetes, smoking, and destructive periodontitis.

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