Sinus Lift Complications

You Can Totally Avoid Sinus Lift Complications & Still Get Implants

Sinus Lift Complications
Deborah from Phoenix, USA, got full mouth dental implants in India and totally avoid a sinus lift surgery saving herself from sinus lift complications.

Many people experience adult tooth loss at some time in their life. If this has occurred to you, you may rest assured that you are not alone in your suffering.

While losing a tooth can be distressing and have a significant impact on your self-esteem, most missing teeth can be replaced easily using a number of dental treatments. A dental implant is the most popular of these surgeries. However, a basic dental implant will not be able to replace all of your missing teeth.

There are situations when a patient loses an upper tooth and there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw to support a traditional dental implant. A specialized dental surgery called a sinus lift is commonly utilized in circumstances like these.

A sinus lift is a small dental procedure that adds more bone to the upper jaw in order to provide enough support for a dental implant, and there are sinus lift complications associated with the surgery. The additional bone is generally placed between the upper jawbone and the maxillary sinuses in the region of the jaw where the premolars or molars are positioned. The sinus membrane of the maxillary sinuses must be raised properly in order for the additional bone to be placed during this treatment. This is where the term “Sinus Lift” comes from.

Even though the sinus lift technique is quite common these days, it has sinus lift complications associated with this. Every medical procedure will unavoidably have some drawbacks. If you have been advised to get a sinus lift in order to replace a lost tooth, we can help. You can totally avoid a sinus lift surgery and still get dental implants.


Sinus Lift Complications/Symptoms Post Surgery

If you have recently gone through a sinus lift surgery and are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below, please contact your dentist immediately. The symptoms are as follows:

  • After the sinus lift procedure, you may have pain, sensitivity, bleeding, and/or edema that lasts longer than two days
  • When you blow your nose or sneeze, you may notice bone or bone-like debris sliding around in your sinuses
  • Experiencing a fever or other infection symptoms
  • Steady bleeding of bright red blood from the affected site

These signs and symptoms may suggest that you are suffering from possible sinus lift complications. The following are the most prevalent complications:

A Sinus Infection: A sinus infection is one of the most common sinus lift complications. It occurs as a result of a lack of sufficient post-surgery care or a lack of proper sanitation during the procedure.

A Puncture in the Sinus: Another one of the common sinus lift complications associated with a sinus lift is a puncture in the sinus. It is usually repaired during surgery, but if the hole is not repairable immediately, the dentist will have to halt the procedure and postpone it.

Dental Implant Failure: When the dental implant that is meant to be fastened to the sinus lift fails to link correctly with the newly inserted bone, this occurs.

Excessive Drainage: This happens when bright red blood or pus drains from the affected region on a frequent basis. Antibiotic treatments and other irrigation procedures are typically effective in resolving this problem.

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Disadvantages of Sinus Lift

Patients who want upper jaw or full mouth dental implants must undergo sinus lift treatments, which delays and complicates the patient’s quest for immediate fixed teeth. Sinus lift treatments are being phased out in favor of pterygoid and basal implants for a variety of reasons. Immediate loading is possible with pterygoid and basal implants, which means the patient can have crowns within three days of implant placement. The following are some of the downsides of sinus lift surgery or sinus lift complications:

Time Factor: Patients who want dental implants in their upper jaw must wait 6 to 12 months for the bone graft to mature into bone. On the sinus lift dental implant, crowns are inserted only after that. When the bone height is less than 3 mm, simply a bone graft is performed and the implant is inserted after 6 months. After another 6 months, the crown is inserted. So, one year following the sinus lift, the patient receives a crown.

Cost of Sinus Lift: Sinus lift not only delays treatment but also increases the overall cost of dental implant surgery. As a result, we haven’t done a sinus lift in 5 years at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Centre. Our treatment is fast-paced using pterygoid implants and basal implants, and the patient gets Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM at a low cost.

Sinus Lift Requires Surgeries:

  • Surgical removal of a bone from the hip or another appropriate location.
  • The bone transplant is implanted during surgery.
  • The implant is placed during surgery.
  • The implant is exposed by surgery.

Bone Graft Failure is One of the Common Sinus Lift Complications:

  • Sinus Membrane Tear: One of the most serious sinus lift complications is that the sinus membrane will be pierced or torn. If the membrane tears during the surgery, the surgeon will either sew it or cover it with a patch. If the repair fails, your surgeon may decide to halt the treatment and allow the rip to heal on its own. Once the membrane has healed, the sinus lift is performed again. It normally takes a few months for this to happen.
  • If the bone transplant becomes infected, it may fail.
  • The existing bone may not integrate with the bone graft material, and the grafted region may not generate a blood supply in rare cases. Any implants implanted in this area will fail if this happens since there will be no active bone for them to adhere to.

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