Cost of Smile Makeover in India

Smile Makeover Cost in India, Save 80% Now

A beautiful smile makeover has become just a dream for many patients as it might cost you a lot of money and a very long time, but if you opt for Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, you can easily save up to 80% on your smile makeover cost in India. Cosmetic alterations of just a single tooth might cost you hundreds of dollars and so getting a complete smile makeover might seem to be out of your budget. If you are one among them, then getting your smile makeover in India would be an excellent decision.

With more than 20,000 happy patients, who underwent smile makeover in Hyderabad at our clinic, you can huge sum of your hard-earned money on the total smile makeover cost in India. This will not only save you a ton of your total expense but will also give you the best and immediate results. With our trademark treatment protocol of “Permanent Teeth In 3 daysTM”, we always strive to give the best treatment in the minimum number of appointments.

A quick trip of 5-8 working days to Dr. Motiwala’s clinic in India is all you need to get your complete smile makeover done. Not just the time, this will also save you around 80% of your smile makeover cost in India, along with an amazing trip to India, a very decent stay, and the best dental treatment.

Most of the patients generally have teeth that are compromised in some way or the other in terms of function. But in a few instances, patients with spaces between their teeth might want to go for crowns or veneers for properly aligned teeth with no gaps. In such cases, we might advise you to go for orthodontic correction with aligners rather than crowns. This will not alter the general health of your teeth and will give you a permanent solution for the gaps in your teeth.

But with this advancing technology and differing lifestyles, everyone wants to get instant results. They are very much time-restricted and are willing to get good results in a very short duration of time. In such circumstances, we can go for crowning the front few teeth, which are visible when we smile. As already said, every smile is unique and so is the shape and size of the teeth. So few patients with a narrow smile require changes in only the front six teeth, few of them who have a broader smile might require changing the front ten teeth in each jaw.

So a smile makeover usually involves correcting only teeth that are visible while smiling.

  • Upper and lower front six teeth
  • Upper and lower front eight teeth
  • Upper and lower front ten teeth

Smile Makeover Cost in India

The average expense on a smile makeover ranges from $3000 to $15000 around the world. However, since a smile makeover is a combination of treatments, an exact estimate of smile makeover cost in India can be provided only after having a quick consultation.

Most of our patients who come to India to get a smile makeover usually get 20 crowns (front ten teeth in each jaw). Some of them, however, have severely worn-out teeth, which causes sensitivity and reduced height of back teeth, causing the reduced vertical height of the lower face. In such cases, we recommend getting “Bite Raise” done. Wherein, all of your 28 teeth are crowned (14 teeth in each jaw). This will help to restore the height of your back teeth and also protect them from further wear and tear.

In general, a smile makeover at Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center is achieved through highly esthetic zirconia crowns might cost you around $2400 to $4000. Certain instances, like very forwardly placed front teeth require root canal treatments to acquire the desired final position of your teeth, or, maybe an additional implant restoration for a missing tooth. These additional procedures will add up to the above-mentioned expenses.

How much do I save on the Smile Makeover Cost in India?

Getting your smile makeover done here will save you around 80% of your total smile makeover cost in India, including the trip to India, hotel, your complete food, and travel expenses. Here’s how…

This extreme difference in smile makeover cost in India compared to that of US, UK, Australia, or any other country is mainly attributed to the expense of the Zirconia crown. A single Zirconia crown in the US will cost you around $1600 while the same Zirconia crown in India costs you only $200 despite, us using NexxZr, the best zirconia material for crowns as rated by the dental advisor. This major cut-off in the price of a single Zirconia crown will only save you a lot of money. Even after the additional travel expenses to India, you are still going to save around three quarters of your estimated expenses when getting it done anywhere else.

Smile Makeover Cost in India

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Savings on Full mouth smile makeover cost in India (USD $)

Cost of Zirconia crowns, Implants and Root canal in India

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