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As the heat of summer gets stronger, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. When we spend time outside in these high temperatures and high humidity, we are more likely to sweat. We are also tempted by long, lazy days by the pool in the summer. If you drink a lot of alcohol during these days, you are much more likely to get dehydrated.

What Types of Drinks Dehydrate You?

There are many drinks that actually make you lose water. If you want to keep your body safe during the hot summer months, you should avoid these types of drinks.

Alcohol: We don’t want to ruin your good time. Read on to learn how you can enjoy some adult drinks while staying hydrated and protecting your teeth. You need to know that drinking alcohol makes your kidneys make more urine, which makes you lose more water. Alcohol takes water out of your body and makes you feel thirsty.

Caffeine: Caffeine is another thing that makes your body lose water. If soda, coffee, Red Bull, and other caffeinated drinks are your main source of fluids, you will become dehydrated.

High Amount of Sugar: When the kidneys filter the blood, they get rid of the sugar. The sugar pulls water along with it, which gets rid of it from your body. Drinks that have a lot of sugar will make you lose water.

Our cosmetic dentists want you to avoid drinks with a lot of sugar because they are likely to give you cavities. Many alcoholic drinks also raise the risk of getting cavities. If you choose a sugar-free option, the chance of getting cavities and becoming dehydrated will go down.

What Drinks Do Not Dehydrate You?

Pretty much anything that doesn’t have alcohol, caffeine, or sugar. This leaves you with water, sparkling water, and sports drinks without sugar, such as G2 (Gatorade) and Powerade Zero. There are a lot of other healthy drinks to choose from, like Vitamin Water, that you can drink in the summer.

Fruit juices are not a good choice because they have a lot of sugar, which can cause cavities and make you thirsty.

But These Good Drinks Might Be Bad for My Teeth, Too?

Yes. Why would we tell you not to drink some of these “healthier” drinks? Because they can also make it more likely that you will get cavities.

The pH is The Key

Almost all of the drinks on our list are acidic. It’s important to know the pH of your favorite drinks so you can avoid getting cavities, which are more likely to happen if you drink acidic drinks.

The worst thing that can happen to tooth enamel is to be exposed to acid. In fact, the bacteria that cause cavities use acid as a weapon to get inside a tooth and cause cavities.

A healthy mouth has a pH above 7, which is slightly basic and above neutral. By drinking acidic drinks all the time, we lower the pH in our mouths, which makes it easier for bacteria to cause cavities and makes a tooth more likely to be damaged by acid erosion. For example, the pH of lemon and lime-flavored sparkling waters is as low as that of most sodas. The pH of sports drinks is also very low.

Do not put lemons or limes in your drink, even if it’s just iced water or a Corona. We know that a splash of citrus in your drink is a nice way to cool off. But lemon juice and lime juice are very acidic and can damage your enamel very badly.

How Can I Stay Hydrated without Hurting My Teeth?

Drink water! The easiest and safest way to stay hydrated is to drink water. Some of the more expensive bottled waters have a pH that is above neutral. These basic waters will help protect your teeth from the effects of acid.

But in general, tap water is the best thing you can drink. We just found out that the way some bottled waters are filtered makes them a little bit acidic. Learn about water!

How Can I Stay Hydrated and Protect my Teeth and Enjoy a Fun Drink?

Make sure that water is the drink you drink the most of. If you’re drinking wine spritzers all day by the pool, drink eight ounces of water between each one to help your mouth get back to normal.

Eat something to eat while you drink. When you eat, you make saliva, which is a base that neutralizes the acid in your drinks.

Rinse your mouth with water after drinking something acidic to help it get back to a neutral pH as quickly as possible.

Learn about your teeth. Cavities are more likely to happen to some people because of who they are. If you have a high chance of getting cavities, these suggestions are even more important. And yes, some people have very strong enamel and a very low risk of getting cavities. They don’t have to watch out as much. We know that’s not right.

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