What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Are you planning to get dental implants?

One of the most common reasons for bad oral health is the loss of teeth. The average adult in the United States has 25 of 32 teeth. Consider getting dental implants if you are missing teeth and want to keep your full set of teeth.

Before you spend money on dental implants, you should find out more about what will be put into your body. We’ll talk about the materials used to make dental implants in the next section. We also talk about why pure titanium isn’t a good material for dental implants.

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What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

For tooth replacement, all dental implants must have a stable base. Without it, the implant could come loose or cause problems with the bone. Today, dental implants are made from a wide range of alloys.

Titanium is the metal that is most often used for dental implants. But it’s not as easy as just getting a titanium implant. Like granite and steel, there are different grades of titanium.

Pure titanium grades I, II, III, and IV are the ones you can buy on the market. Alloys are used to make the titanium that is used in medical and dental implants. alloy-23, to be exact.

Commercially pure (CP) grade titanium is not used in medicine because it is weaker than grade-23 alloy. It doesn’t matter if the grade of the CP titanium is 1 or 4. It is much weaker than alloy-23, which is used in medicine.

Why Does Strong Titanium Alloy Get Used in Implants?

Why don’t dentists and doctors use CP grade I titanium to make implants? Remember that the masseter is your body’s strongest muscle. The masseter is so strong that you can close your teeth with as much as 200 pounds of force on your back teeth.

If your molars can handle this force every day, from the root to the enamel, so should your dental implants. If you use grade-23 titanium, you can do it. If the dentist used a softer metal for the implant, it might break or stop working after a while.

Compared to other alloys, it’s the strongest metal that can stand up to the stresses that our bones often go through. Grade-23 alloy is safe as well. We’ll talk about this in more depth further down.

Is It Safe To Use Grade-23 Titanium Implants?

Grade-23 titanium alloy is a good choice for a tooth replacement. But now you might wonder if grade-23 titanium is safe for dental implants. Since it is a medical-grade alloy that has been approved by the FDA, it is safe.

Don’t forget that this alloy can be used for more than just dental implants. It is also used to make pins and screws that are used to fix broken bones and joints. It’s also great for making surgical staples and artificial joints.

Because it is strong, the metal can look like bones and teeth. Plus, using grade-23 alloy won’t have any bad effects. Even though it might feel strange to have metal in your body, you can be sure that grade-23 titanium is safe.

Why Get Grade-23 Titanium Implants?

Aside from being strong and safe, the grade-23 alloy is also good for living things. It lets the process of osseointegration happen, in which the bone grows around the implant and bonds to it.

When this happens, the implant can work like a real tooth. It holds the implant in place so that it stays in place. The jawbone also grows because of osseointegration.

Remember that the titanium post or screw that is implanted is very thin. If you eat a lot of hard foods, it can put too much stress on the post. Without osseointegration, it’s probably going to break soon.

Your dentist also waits for the implant to heal because of osseointegration. Before they can put in the new tooth or teeth, they have to wait for your surgery wounds to heal. As your wounds heal, osseointegration takes place, which makes the metal and bone stick together even more.

This happens in other parts of the body besides just the jawbone. When they put metal plates and screws in their patients, most doctors look for it. Some patients say it feels more natural and is easier to get used to.

Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants

Now you know that dental implants are made of safe materials that help the bone to grow into the implant. If you aren’t sure what the benefits of getting dental implants are, here are a few. First, let’s talk about how dental implants make you look.

When you’re missing teeth, your face will look different. For example, if you are missing a row of molars on one side, you may notice that your cheek is sunken. When you get implants to replace missing teeth, you can make your face look a little bit rounder.

If you don’t replace missing teeth, the teeth that are still there will grow farther apart. It makes teeth fall out. This affects not only how you look and feel, but also how you eat.

Dental implants can also be used for many different purposes. They will make it easier and faster for you to chew your food. They will also keep hard foods like nuts or chips from making your gums sore.

If you chew more quickly, you won’t have as many digestive problems, like bloating and acid reflux. The rest of your digestive system will be able to break down your food just fine. When you chew your food well, you’ll also get more nutrients from it.

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We hope this guide to the materials used in dental implants made it easier for you to understand how they work. Now that you know dental implants are safe and work, you can rest easy.

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