New Dental Technologies

Exciting New Dental Technologies

Technology has a significant role in most aspects of our day-to-day life. It would appear that fresh developments are being created on an almost constant basis, and the benefits that these developments bring to our society are widespread. The field of dental technology is not an exception. Recent developments in a wide variety of fields have made it possible to provide patients with shorter, more comfortable, and more precise dental care. We can only hope that these kinds of enhancements will encourage patients to visit their dentists more frequently, whether for routine checkups or to deal with more serious tooth problems.

3D Printing

Printing in three dimensions (3D printing) is one of the newest technologies that can assist dentistry. Even if new methods are currently being investigated, the fact that improved models can be constructed means that dental problems can be diagnosed more precisely by medical professionals. Because of the enormous progress that has been made in the materials used for 3D printing, it is possible that in the near future we may be able to 3D print dental implants that are nearly indistinguishable from genuine teeth. It is also possible for doctors to now build certain types of prosthetics in the office, which eliminates the need for patients to wait for extended periods of time.


Additionally, there have been developments made in the utilization of robotics, namely in dentistry offices and medical clinics. Even the most delicate surgeries can now benefit from the assistance of robots, and oral surgery is not an exception to this rule. Utilizing these technological advancements enables medical professionals to more easily navigate the confined places found within the mouth. This results in a greater degree of accuracy and causes less damage to the body’s healthy tissues. Additionally, robotics can help with preoperative planning, which can cut down on operating hours and help patients feel more comfortable during dental treatments.


Laser dentistry is just one of the many applications where lasers may be helpful. Lasers have been utilized in medical settings for many years now, and this is just one of the many areas where lasers can be useful. Powerful lasers can now be used instead of a drill for certain treatments, which has the dual benefit of lowering the amount of time spent under anesthesia and speeding up the healing process. Lasers are also being utilized for the diagnosis of dental problems. In comparison to x-rays or painful dental impression trays, lasers provide a considerably more accurate and significantly less invasive method of examination.

3D Ultrasound

It’s possible that you’ve seen three-dimensional ultrasound images of your own children or the children of other people you know. In comparison to the ultrasound scans of the past, the images that they produce have an incredible level of detail. However, were you aware that dental problems can also be diagnosed using three-dimensional ultrasound? The images obtained through the use of ultrasonography can provide a significantly improved visual of problems such as dental caries (also known as cavities), cracks, and fractures. Because of this, fixing the issues is made simpler, and the utilization of 3D ultrasounds reduces any radiation exposure that may have been present.

No matter what kind of dental issues you have, there is always a better way to address them thanks to technological improvements that are constantly being produced. To schedule a consultation, please get in touch with us today by calling or filling out our online form.

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