Which is the Best Dental Implant?

Which is the best dental implant?

Dental implants have been game-changing in the dental industry because they allow patients to replace lost teeth in a way that is both long-lasting and cosmetically pleasing. Yet, not every dental implant is the same. It can be difficult to determine which variety of dental implants will serve your needs the best.

One of the most cutting-edge and promising methods for replacing missing teeth is the basal implant with zirconia bridges. What are basal implants, what makes them special, and why are zirconia bridges the best choice to go with them? These questions and more will be answered in this article.

What are Basal Implants?

Dental implants known as basal implants are a subset of implants that are positioned and placed differently than more common implants. Basal implants are put in the cortical bone, which is denser and less vulnerable to atrophy, as opposed to typical dental implants, which must have the sufficient bone density to anchor into the jaw. Because of this, a crown or bridge can be attached to the implant as soon as it is placed.

There are a number of benefits to using basal implants instead of standard dental implants. Patients who have had bone loss may be candidates because of the reduced height and width they require. In addition, patients can save both time and money because bone grafting is not necessary.

What are Zirconia Bridges?

A dental bridge is a prosthetic tooth used to replace one or more natural tooth gaps. Zirconia is a strong and biocompatible substance, and it is used to create a special kind of bridge called a zirconia bridge. Zirconia bridges are extremely durable and, with regular maintenance, can endure for decades.

Zirconia bridges provide various benefits over their more conventional counterparts. They’re more aesthetically beautiful and less likely to break or chip. They pose less risk of allergic responses and inflammation since they are more biocompatible.

Basal Implants with Zirconia Bridges are the Best

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, basal implants paired with zirconia bridges are without a peer. Some of the many advantages of basal implants with zirconia bridges are as follows:

Immediate loading

The ability to rapidly load basal implants is a major benefit of this type of implant. Because of this, patients don’t have to wait months for the implant to integrate with the bone before they can utilize the tooth (or teeth) normally again. Patients can get the advantages of fast loading and the strength and durability of zirconia bridges by combining basal implants with zirconia prosthetics.


Zirconia bridges are less prone to result in allergic responses or inflammation because of their high biocompatibility. Those with hypersensitive gums or metal sensitivities (such as nickel or titanium) can benefit greatly from this. Zirconia bridges are excellent dental prostheses because they are strong, long-lasting, and don’t cause allergic responses or inflammation in patients.


The cosmetic value of zirconia bridges lies in their ability to resemble the appearance of real teeth. Its resistance to discoloration over time also makes them a safer bet for those seeking a permanent replacement for lost teeth. Patients can have a dental prosthesis that looks and feels much like their real teeth thanks to the combination of basal implants and zirconia bridges.


Both zirconia bridges and basal implants have been shown to be extremely long-lasting. Patients experiencing bone loss can trust basal implants because they are positioned in the cortical bone, which is denser and less likely to atrophy. Zirconia bridges are extremely durable and, with regular maintenance, can endure for decades. Patients can get professional dental restoration by combining basal implants with zirconia bridges.

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