Solution for avoiding bone graft for dental implants

Not enough bone?

If you have been told that you may not have enough bone for dental implants, then Basal implants is the solution!

Implant dentistry has evolved and come to a full circle regarding the need of bone grafting. In the early years of implant dentistry, bone grafting was extensively used for any bone volume deficiency. Today with the highly successful basal implants and pterygoid implants the indications for bone augmentation are no more. For these techniques native or original cortical bone is more than enough. It is not only enough for implant placement but also for immediate loading.

Bone grafting is almost extinct!

Bone grafts have also been used to restore bone contour for esthetic purposes which have now been replaced with very good results with less the invasive connective tissue grafts.

As such Block Grafts, Sinus Grafting, and Guided Bone Augmentation are not being used by experts. Techniques have been devised to avoid the expensive and aggressive bone grafting by placing just 4 or 6 implants in the front part of the jaw and placing a set of just 10 or 12 cantilevered teeth. Permanent Teeth in 3 daysTM technique allows a set of 14 teeth, because of placement of the pterygoid implant (upper jaw) and Basal implant (lower jaw) in the posterior jaw. Permanent Teeth in 3 daysTM safely prevents cantilevers and also bone grafting while at the same time allowing immediate loading.

  • Bone grafts are unpredictable in healing- there is always some percentage of volume shrinkage.
  • Can get infected while healing.
  • Are not as strong as original native bone.
  • Are expensive.
  • Are an unnecessary surgical procedure.
  • Cause increase in treatment time, the patient may have to wait for 6 to 12 months for their teeth after sinus lift or block grafts.

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