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Basal vs Crestal – Which dental implant system is best?

To choose the Best Dental Implant System, Dr. Motiwala explains the difference between Single-Piece basal dental implants and multi-piece crestal implants. Dental implants for replacing missing teeth have become one of the most promising mode of restoring the form, function and aesthetics. There are however different techniques of placing them. Patients are usually concerned about

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Zygomatic implants cost

What Are Zygomatic Implants?

It is common to become uncomfortable at the thought of dental surgeries. People dislike when their teeth are operated. However, sometimes, a surgery is your best shot of getting a healthy set of teeth. A few years back, dental implants were not possible for patients who did not have sufficient bone in their upper jaw.

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Teeth in an hour in India

Getting Teeth in an Hour

Did you recently lose your teeth? Do you wish to replace your teeth? Are you frustrated by the long waiting period of dental implants? One of the major reasons people avoid getting dental implants is how lengthy it can result into. Often, patients don’t have the luxury of time to wait for months and make

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Single Piece Implants cost

How Do Single Piece Implants in India Work?

Dental surgeons recommend single piece implants to those patients who have either one or more missing teeth. They surgically place an implant in a jawbone’s opening. When the implant is fused, it plays the role of a root to the cap (crown) that can replace the missing tooth. The cap is created to appear similar

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full mouth rehabilitation

Why Go for Full Mouth Rehabilitation in India?

Patients with damaged, uneven, or missing teeth always struggle whether it is chewing food, wearing a cautious smile, or merely engaging in verbal communication. With full mouth rehabilitation, they can recreate a completely fresh set of teeth for restoring their oral foundation. In this way, they can enhance their quality of life, appearance, and most

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dental treatment overseas

Sedation Dentistry Can Help With Your Dental Fears

Does the prospect of visiting a dentist unsettle you? Would you rather keep up with the pain of a toothache than letting a dentist operate on you? If the answer is yes, then you are not the first one with dentophobia. The thought of receiving dental treatment frightens many people. As a result, such people

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