Benefits of Zygomatic Implants

zygomatic implants in India,

Grafting procedures can stretch for long periods of time, especially in patients who have extreme cases of maxillary resorption. A good alternative to traditional grafting is to use zygomatic implants instead. This involves securing the zygomatic bone to prepare it for an instant loading protocol. The end result is that it significantly reduces the time-to-teeth for better patient satisfaction and provides relief to patients who are going through extensive maxillary loss.

Benefits of Zygomatic Implants in India

Zygomatic implants can provide support to other restorative procedures to enable instant loading. This helps the patients become eligible and receive a provisional prosthesis right after surgery. They won’t have to wait long periods of time or go through multiple surgeries, which are commonly required with grafting.

Experts claim that provisional prosthesis contains benefits for both clinicians and patients. The procedure is more comfortable for patients because the post-operative tissue is not subjected to undue compression. This is because the prosthesis is held together by implants, and not the gum tissue near the surgical site.

This also improves a patient’s self-esteem because they can get immediate prosthesis that doesn’t move or shake. The procedure also removes their speech impediments because of the initial lack of palatal coverage.

Zygomatic Implants in India

Zygomatic implants in India require very few visits to the clinic and are comparatively less invasive. Studies have shown that the clinical outcomes for zygomatic implants in terms of probing pocket depths, plaque index, and bleeding index are better as compared to other traditional dental implants.

Affordable zygomatic implants are increasingly being preferred by patients, particularly in cases that involve extreme resorption of the maxilla. The alternative to affordable zygomatic implants would require patients to undergo surgically invasive grafting procedures in order to compensate for inadequate bone volume.

Furthermore, zygomatic implants significantly reduce treatment time and help in avoiding grafting.

Patients who previously had dentures will notice a significant improvement in their quality of life. All the problems they were forced to deal with because of dentures will be completely eliminated by their new zygomatic implants.

Traditional dentures have the characteristic trait of being easily removable. This is not a problem with zygomatic implants because in this case, the new teeth are installed directly onto the dental implants. The end results are vastly superior aesthetics and functionality.

Affordable Zygomatic Implants

Affordable zygomatic implants have the same side effects as normal dental implant treatments. Patients will still experience a slight tenderness in their mouth, especially areas where the dental implants were installed.

In rare cases, some patients might experience swelling right after the dental procedure. This is part of the healing process and commonly occurs with most surgical treatments. The swelling is usually contained within the gum tissue, although there might be a little minor swelling.

These side effects of zygomatic plants can be mitigated by applying a cold pack over the site of operation.


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