Is It Too Late to Straighten My Teeth?

Even though it’s never too late to get your teeth straightened, there are many reasons to do it as soon as possible.

It’s never too late, well, almost never!

So, technically, there are times when it is “too late” to get your teeth straightened. But even if one of these things is true for you, there are other ways to get a beautiful smile. Just give us a call to set up a meeting and talk about your options.

Situations Not Ideal for Teeth Straightening:

  • Severe gum disease and loose teeth
  • Large cavities on several teeth all over the mouth
  • Multiple missing teeth

You can still have the smile of your dreams even if these things happen. They just need different kinds of dental work than straightening the teeth. At Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center, we focus on making each patient’s smile beautiful and unique, no matter how their teeth look now. Dr. Motiwala and his team will talk to you about all the ways you can get the smile you want.

If none of these things describe you, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign or braces to straighten your teeth.

Why Sooner Rather than Later?

As we’ve already said, it’s better to get your teeth straightened sooner rather than later. Here are a few of the reasons why this is the case.

The younger you are, the easier it is to move your teeth: In general, cells that are younger are healthier and can make more babies. This affects straightening teeth because to move teeth, you need healthy, active cells in the bone and ligaments around each tooth.  When we move a tooth, one of the most important things to think about is the health of the jawbone, ligaments, and gum tissues that hold it in place.   The process of moving teeth is called bone remodeling.

Let’s say you want to move a tooth to the front of your mouth. When you push forward on a tooth, the cells that break down bone on the front side of the tooth’s root should be activated.  The bone that was “in the way” is now gone.

The bone-making cells on the back of the tooth’s root are just as important, if not more so, because they must make new bone to fill the empty space left when the tooth moves. As we get older, these cells get slower and slower, making it harder to move our teeth.  The younger you are, the faster and safer it is to straighten your teeth.

The earlier you straighten your teeth, the more time you have to enjoy your beautiful smile: In spite of what most people think, there is no age when we stop caring about how we look. Straight teeth make you look younger, so if you straighten your teeth when you’re younger, you can keep looking young.  The money you spend on a nice smile will never go down in value.  Getting it done early just gives you more time to enjoy it.

Straight teeth are better for your health: This is the most important reason to get your teeth straightened. When you straighten your teeth, you make your mouth a healthier place. The sooner you straighten them, the better for their long-term health. 

Straight teeth have less gum disease. Researchers have found that the bacteria that live on crooked teeth are more dangerous and cause more diseases than the bacteria that live on straight teeth. It’s a completely different kind of bacteria. 

Plaque and bacteria have less places to hide in straight teeth, which makes it harder to keep your teeth clean. People who have a lot of teeth often say that flossing is hard and hurts.  When your teeth are straight, it’s much easier to clean them.

Straight teeth develop fewer cavities. As with gum disease, teeth that are very crooked are more likely to get cavities. This is also because of the types of bacteria that build up, the fact that there are more places for them to gather, and how hard it is to clean the teeth. Even spaces between teeth can cause cavities because food can get stuck between them.

Straight teeth make professional teeth cleanings easier. If the thought of getting your teeth cleaned makes you cringe, you might want to straighten your teeth. It makes it easier and faster for a dentist to clean your teeth. Because straight teeth collect less plaque, there is less for the dental hygienist to scrape off (remove).

When your teeth are straight, a dentist can get rid of all the plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth much faster. Because gum disease is less likely if your teeth are straight, your gums are less likely to hurt, bleed, or swell. When your gums are inflamed, it hurts to get your teeth cleaned. Bad bacteria on crooked teeth make toxins that make the gums swell up (gingivitis). When your teeth are straight, you are less likely to get gingivitis. This means that a professional teeth cleaning is less likely to hurt.

Really? But I’m Too Old to Get My Teeth Straightened.

No, you are not. Doesn’t 60 replace 40?   You are never too old to want straight teeth. With Invisalign, we have a lot of clients in their 60s and 70s who are straightening their teeth. You can always get the smile you’ve always wanted.  We don’t think that the teeth will move as fast, but we do think that they will move. There are even more ways to help teeth move.

It’s Still Possible! Are You All Set?

Contact the Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center right away to set up an appointment with Dr. Motiwala to talk about straightening your teeth. They can answer any question you have about straightening your teeth and address any worries you have.

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