Save Time and Money with Immediate Dental Implants

immediate dental implants

Have you lost one or more tooth recently? Are you worried that it will take some time to get a newer set of teeth? Do you know that you can get permanent teeth in 3 days?

Immediate implants are a type of dental treatment during which a dental surgeon places the replacement tooth and its implant simultaneously—at the same time. This procedure is a huge improvement over the conventional procedure in which, on average, prospective patients were made to wait for as long as six months.

Can Anyone Get Permanent Teeth in 3 Days?

Some patients may have an existing oral infection while others may have lower jawbone density. Such patients are not recommended to use immediate dental implants. However, refrain from making this judgment yourself. Only an experienced doctor such as Dr. Irfan Motiwala can make this assessment.

Since immediate dental implants reduce a semi-yearly procedure into a 3-day treatment, therefore there is significant demand for the procedure, especially high profile figures like sportsmen, models or professionals who don’t have the luxury of time to wait and replace a tooth after months.

Single Piece Implants

Now that you know that you can get immediate dental plants in less than half a week, let’s get familiarize with another modern and effective dental service: single piece implants. Single piece implant can mimic natural teeth better than other types of implants; regardless of the fact, whether you need it for one or more teeth.

A titanium bar is used to manufacture single piece implants. This implant integrates a fixed abutment and the implant body—hence the name, single piece implants. So, how can it benefit you?

  • One piece implants are mechanically more durable due to its sturdy cross-section.
  • There is no microgap that exists between the abutment and the implant. As a result, it is less likely to inflict damage to the bone. This is because since the alveolar bone surrounding these implants is shortened which in turns limits the formation of bacteria, thereby putting a lid on the complications of a wide range of oral disease.
  • Single piece implants do not need several surgical procedures, making them ideal for getting permanent teeth in 3 days.
  • The abutment screw in the implant is not prone to fracture or loosening.
  • They offer a painless and quick replacement for the missing teeth.
  • It improves the apposition of soft tissues.
Final Thoughts

Gone are the old times when patients used to visit dental clinics and spend the better half of their year to receive dental implants. Modern dental advancements have ensured that you can get replacement teeth in the span of three days.

However, if you live in the UK, USA, or Canada, then such treatments are going to cost you an arm and leg. Therefore, it is recommended to book a flight for Hyderabad, India and visit Dr. Motiwala Dental Clinic & Implant Center: a hub of modern and affordable dental implants.


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